Auto Insurance Company seem to have disappeared what should I do?

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Jason L
Asked at 2012-08-04 04:32:50
This question can be tricky because I for one am stumped so here goes ... I recently received an auto insurance policy for 2 cars was a small, but good Spanish insurance were cheap , so you have 2 cars insured after the deposit and first month of the second month they sent me a bill that I paid in the office there is no problem. So a few days later that I loved my brother a SR 22 and added to the policy that called their phone number several times to get a quote, but no answer . I went to their offices during the day seemed empty but again , it was empty when it was first there, but neway that was closed with a brief note on the door inconsiderately written in Spanish, but there were 2 phone numbers I tried to call both repeatedly, but no answer . I went there for two days after that and it shows still looked empty , as in the door , the numbers were still calling a voice mailbox. (now full) I am very concerned because I have a policy of 6 months to pay monthly no way I'll pay through my mind that do not trust them so how am I suppose to pay my policy if your office seem to be closed without notice ? If you do not pay I'm pretty sure I will send to collections. What happens to my payment? Not to mention that I have my family and me is the personal information .. What should I do when no one is in contact with ? ?

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