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Commercial vehicle accident. HELP PLEASE!!! ?0EXCLAM 2012-08-03 15:03:03
i got in an accident with a company truck. we were on private property so there was no police involvement. we traded insurance info. I went back to work and gave my copies to my manager. i got fired 1-2 weeks later from this company. now the person that hit me insurance company is calling me asking for the trucks insurance info. i told them i dont work for them anymore and to call my old company for the info. they told me they tried but the company wouldnt give it to them. so now the insurance company is saying i have to pay for the damages if i dont get the info. can the insurance company charge me for the damages? can the company i used to work for withhold info from the insurance company? what can i do?
Commercial vehicle insurance vs. private: do I count as a commercial driver?1Thailand2012-06-30 19:41:47
I work as a case manager for a nonprofit agency , most of my job to get clients to appointments, the grocery store , etc. On my insurance policy , he asks if I use my vehicle for the "use trade "which the following are examples of such as delivering pizza , taxi / limousine services, etc. Now, I know I have to consult my company to see if they offer liability coverage through the agency ( probably not) , but I have to ask: - In the opinion of people anyway YA, you consider my work to be covered by the term " commercial ? " - What is the difference, in general, insurance, commercial and private vehicles ? Trade is more expensive? I can not pay more, this is ridiculous.
If i obtain general liability insurance for snow plowing does the vehicle have to be a commercial vehicle plates and insurance1Cherry2012-03-20 04:04:36
If I can get liability insurance to plow the snow makes the vehicle must be a commercial vehicle registrations and insurance
My friend used my commercial vehicle and hit it?1skd2012-09-06 21:15:02
I let my friend borrow my commercial vehicle that I use in a city car for transportation, the person hit was owed about $ 11,000. He took responsibility for the accident and wanted to claim on your insurance because you would have a bigger effect on my insurance because it was a commercial vehicle. Your insurance company refused to pay , and my insurance agency was notified after the action was and took it as their responsibility. So basically my insurance company ended up paying for the accident, which led later to cancel my policy with them and caused a chain reaction .
Commercial Vehicle Insurance in the UK?0DET 2012-05-13 11:53:14
A company starts a delivery service and employs several pilots. Now, every driver has their own personal insurance policy , but this does not cover commercial purposes. What are the options for the business owner ? Is the business of buying a policy to cover employees and their private vehicles ? or have to buy a car solely for business purposes for drivers to use? Also, what is it that companies that offer commercial vehicle insurance for purposes of delivery and what would be an estimate of that policy? additional credit in depth responses . Thank you !
Commercial vehicle loan?0Alder2012-05-18 13:06:44
What if the commercial loan borrowers car dies and the family is not able to repay the loan amount. there is no insurance of loan taken . Anyone can buy the car? If someone wants to transfer the loan in your name (Part 3 ) is possible?
Do I need Commercial Vehicle Insurance or not?1Michelle B 2012-05-01 17:29:08
There is a job I'm thinking of applying that requires me to drive my own car. The work is driving around my local area by changing the presentation of goods in the shops of this company . I need to have commercial insurance coverage on my vehicle as I drive by my employer or my current personal policy cover me ?
At What Weight Does A Commercial Vehicle Have To Have a DOT Inspection?1June2012-04-16 13:39:51
In What weight does have a commercial vehicle for an inspection of DOT?
Is this a commercial vehicle in the state of Connecticut?0grass_snake2012-03-23 10:58:04
will transport disabled ... raised roof , modifications to the wheelchair lift a company owned and driven by its employee I'm not sure how many people feel Connecticut commercial vehicle is defined as : Vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more Vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver Vehicle designed to transport 11 passengers or more, including the driver, and is used to transport students under twenty-one years of age to school and Any vehicle transporting hazardous materials required to be placarded . extract / view.asp ? a = 805
Is any Truck with a Flatbed consider a "Commercial Vehicle" in CA / NV?0Azn Princesst 2012-06-17 23:03:18
How important is the gross weight or does it simply because of having a flat surface that its truck a " commercial vehicle " and therefore subject to motor carrier rates , charges and requirements weigh that stop at the scale, need for commercial insurance and a trail of trash from others? < Br > Please respond by CA and NV separately because I believe that laws can be different. Thank you.
Is commercial vehicle insurance cheaper than passenger vehicle insurance0moose 2012-03-23 14:44:32
This insurance commercial vehicle insurance cheaper than passenger vehicles
What is required to operate my private vehicle for commercial use?0buffalo2012-05-24 06:42:23
I use my truck and trailer to transport loads for customers across state borders ( uShip ) what do I have to do to make it legal? I know I need a USDOT number , but have no idea how to go about getting one? Also what other record numbers and I have to get ? I live in Montana.

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