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What is the best treatment for hormonal acne?0Sweet1_2luv 2012-08-02 21:11:52
I know that going to a dermatologist would be the ideal answer but I dont have insurance and I can not afford to pay for treatment without insurance. Im 35 and I cant stand the fact that I get these dreadful breakouts just when my face slowly starts to clear up. Its quite embarrassing and it brings my self esteem down. What can I do? Is there any home remedy treatments or any product recommended. I have tried so many and Im at a loss here. Please help!
Vitex Agnus-Castus to help with hormonal acne issues?0HM2012-08-02 15:04:03
looking for a little bit of clarifications as i delve into more research... i have a hormonal issue that i believe is setting off phase II & III acne. i have no medical insurance to pay for treatment, but also refuse to use man-made nasty chemicals in & on my body any longer. i know it is hormonal because i was on a progestrone pill for potential PCOS symptoms and irregular period for 3 years awhile back. with the help of proactive it cleared up all but the occassional acne spot. i could of been a cliche proactive before and after face model at that time. but after i dropped the pill, proactive did not work as well at all and i was sick of it bleaching my towels, sheets, and clothing. i ended up dropping it from my regimen. i don't want to cover or treat with a short term fix (neutrogena, proactive, clean & clear, non-comodegenic make-up etc). i want to take care of this the PROPER way. permanently. I've read that Vitex Agnus Castor can help with PCOS and hormone imbalance as well with luteal defects.... i am currently tracking my cycle also to help me become more aware of my body & it's signals and have noticed i have a projected ovulation 3 days from beginning of luteal, which is only 5 days in length. here's my current specs health-wise: - 28 year young female, overweight, no major health concerns, no medications taken - face has been breaking out in Phase I - III acne; i look like a high school student - progestrone-based birth control helped with acne issue when mixed with proactive; was on pill for potential PCOS (was symptommatic, but never tested) and irregular cycles - improvement in eating habits helps, but result is minor improvement - i have been off said pill for well over a year. cycles have been normal. have minor PCOS symptoms, but regular cycle (~32 days) and 5 day luteal. -treating face externally with mix of 25ml pure aloe vera gel and couple drops tea tree oil (this mixture lasts about 1 week); oil production has lessened by 2nd day, face looks freshly washed all day. prior to use, i used to end up looking oily 1/2 was through day with just soap (Dr. Bronners baby mild is used). i have read VItex Agnus-Castus can affect the body differently depending on dosage; that is where i am looking for guidance. any information is helpful, a big thanks in advance.
Biosoothe Pro Best Acne Scar Treatment0nevillepierce2020-05-25 01:49:32
The key is to change the ones that you can change, and learn to cope with the ones that you can't change. All of these things are good for dealing with short term stresses like skiing all day or running a marathon. There are about 400 different viruses that cause the common cold. Lifegreens contains adaptogenic herbs like Echinacea, white willow bark and olive leaf, which have well documented immune supporting abilities. This includes keeping our military strong, our elderly and disabled cared for and our constitutional laws enforced. Beachbody works out biosoothe pro great for new moms because they can workout at home when they can fit it into their schedule. Keep a journal of how you feel over the next year or so to see what improvements you experience. Fix your gut, change your diet, and start taking your anti-inflammatory supplements. I like the energy levels, the feeling of well being, the sexual appetite. If you are hcl deficient, take betaine HCL as a supplement until stomach acid levels normalize. The first thing I had to do was get Jenna to understand that she needed to fully recover from having the baby and nursing.  https://www.facebook.com/BioSoothe-Pro-USA-114882836887871/ 
Best Acne Treatment & Scar Removal in Delhi02018-08-23 07:15:26
Acne scars can be removed giving your skin a new glow and polish it needs. Many times various cosmetics too cannot remove such scars then you have to take the help of plastic surgeon Dr. Hema Pant. For More Info : https://hemapant.com/removing-acne-scars-professional-treatment-enjoy-perfect-skin
Acne/pimples?! whats the difference, and will a doctor treat either, or just acne?1physical change2012-09-10 20:31:02
I have black heads, white heads, etc. Is that acne, or just pimples? It's obviously hormonal due to my age, but I don't want my doctor to look at me, laugh, and say he's seen worse. (my insurance requires my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist if needed, and he's not the kinda doctor that will just refer me..) so what'd ya say? What's he probably going to prescribe or do..? o.o really confused
Okay my acne is getting progressively worse. Acne problems. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Help.?1rayne2012-08-14 10:27:03
Okay so I used to have PERFECT skin that just glowed, with no acne or anything, and as soon as this summer hit my face just went downhill. I don't have insurance, so a dermatologist is a much avoided option for me right now. i've tried using h20+ products (cleanser and moisturizer and an overnight perfecting peel) didn't help anything at all. I started going outside and tanning which started to clear up my face super nice and give it a nice glow, but I live in las vegas and am super sensitive to the heat and now it's 108 degrees out all week, so that's ruled out. But my skin is just absolutely awful and I'm borderline on my way into a salon and asking the aesthetician to fix me lol. I still have a left over product from when i was like 14-15 called derma doctor ain't misbehavin from sephora, that cleared up my acne and some cera ve moisturizer from my dermatologist (when I had insurance). I started using that. My skin is just awful, there is acne everywhere. I may be freaking out, but I do realize that there is a solution and a way to fix it and I want to know and thought why not try this first. I realize it takes time. There's acne all over my chin and forehead and now starting to go all over my cheeks. I'm 18 years old, and also a model and I have to be in a Paul Mitchell hair show this month and i'd rather not worsen it with foundation and concealer, I exercise about 3 times a week, vegetarian, I eat super healthy (only drink water, eat salad, take a multi vitamin, eat cereal, vegetables, drink v8, eat salmon and nuts, grains). So it's just super un natural to me, being super healthy and seeing that is difficult. So if someone could recommend something that would be absolutely awesome! Also my skin type is sensitive, not dry or oily, just normal but sensitive, I do have a lot of allergies. Also I am on doxycycline hyclate right now, because I have epididymitis, a medicine that is used to clear up acne and my acne is getting worse on it. So anything is much appreciated, thanks for reading.
AndroCharge :Hormonal balance0xajehag2020-12-31 07:28:31
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AndroCharge :Hormonal balance0fadopi2020-12-21 01:44:26
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AndroCharge :Hormonal balance0xajehag2020-12-31 07:44:46
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https://naturalketodiets.com/hb5-hormonal-harmony/0JessyKermen2020-06-04 05:00:39
p { }a:link { } HB5 Hormonal Harmony The more elevated levels of your thyroid and lower creation of cortisol may prompt diminished digestion, which means you'll not be consuming fat without any problem. Official Website:- https://naturalketodiets.com/hb5-hormonal-harmony/  
Doctors advice on hormonal imbalance, how to fix it naturally?0Diane2012-09-25 15:40:03
I want to know how they are treated where I can go and see if I have a hormonal imbalance ... what a doctor recommended I read about vitamins but what kind of vitamins ? its making me gain weight , and not have my period I've gone a year without my period and after my misscarriage not had my period for 5 months until I started taking vitamin iron, vitamin A and C , I can not get pregnant and have been trying misscarry when I do my life is a mess right now and I need an answer , I'm so tired 24? 7 no matter how many hours of sleep and have a lot of stress and even some small im growing hair on my chin helps ! ! ! DOCTORS ONLY PLEASE! No I have health insurance
Share hormonal medication for closed vagina in babies?0brit brat2012-07-18 04:45:02
Hello ! My doaghter is 7 months and was diagnosed with obstruction of the vagina - the fusion of the labia minora as a result of labial fusion . The doctor prescribed a topical hormone that costs $ 170 at Walgreens , the insurance will not cover it . What happens is that I should only use the cream once or twice a week for 2-3 weeks, and I have no use for it . That's why I split with someone who has the same problem as me. I have also a question whether I should use the cream or not, because it is hormone based and I'm a little concerned when it comes to hormone treatments. Thank you.

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