Probability problem. im not sure whether my answer correct or not. i got 0.09. is it correct? related questions

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Probability problem. im not sure whether my answer correct or not. i got 0.09. is it correct?2Dara2017-01-04 23:09:19
An insurance company is in its auto insurance customers and believes that (a ) any guarantee at least one car , ( B ) 85 % said more than one car , ( C ) 23% say a sports car , ( D ) 17 % said more than one car , including a sports car. Find the probability that a randomly selected customer insures exactly one car and is not a sports car.
Can anyone give me a correct answer about social security?0male-gina 2012-05-31 11:43:37
My husband of 24 years died of cancer last week . We had no life insurance. He was able to continue making our house payments until last month. August. '07. I work full time and I can not make the mortgage on my income , but the intention of getting a job second. My children aged 20 and 21 who are full-time college students are against me do the job second. I was told by social security can not get survivors benefits until age 60 . I have 49. Husband was 51 and unsure of your work and social security disability during the latter part of his illness. My son age 21 have epilepsy , Tourette syndrome and OCD. He has been a lot of medical debt for me though is in my insurance plan at work. ¿ I can get help from other than the death benefit of $ 255 SS? Thank you.
What are the correct ways to report an in-ground pool problem to your home repair insurance co? And -?0Aayush2012-07-29 15:36:03
what would be considered incorrect ways to report a pool pump or motor problem?
Is this correct 15-b16-c17-a and 18 is b?0cayman2012-08-08 07:15:02
15 . Which of the following best describes term life insurance ? A. The insured is covered for their entire lifetime. B. The insured pays the premium until his death. C. The insured pays a premium for a given number of years. D. The insured can borrow or collect the cash value of the policy. 16 . All insurance is based on a principle called A. premium income . B. investment premiums . Division C of risk. D. Cash value hedge . 17 . In a health insurance policy , a statement that the applicant will not be covered by some pre-existing condition is called a / an A. exclusion. B. supplement. C. waiting period. D. Major medical coverage . 18 . Coverage includes an auto insurance policy that covers property damage is _______ insurance . A. supplementary B. responsibility C. Major Medical D. term
Is "on here" correct?0goldfinch2012-05-14 01:02:59
It is " here " correct ?
Which is correct She came by car? or She came by her car?5Blythe2012-09-29 19:45:03
Which is correct came by car? He or she approached his car?
Was I correct calling the cop on these teenagers?3ra2012-10-04 11:15:02
The teenagers were playing on the road in front of my house . I was on the Internet. All was quiet only coqui frogs were making lots of noise . These teens were getting more vocal noisy due to play a little football on the road and in front of a business area. I could not take it anymore , especially when the ball went to my property and the 2nd time the ball hit my son 's car , the alarm went on . My son came and went. At that point I called the non-emergency to report the incident . A policeman came to talk to me. I told them not want to cause conflict, but I could not take it anymore , especially when they come to retrieve his ball on my property that is considered private property. I felt bad calling the police , but I had to report if any damage was done . At least this way if I had any damage that could bring harm to my insurance. Sometimes , calling the police relieves the situation. The police spoke with adolescents. So far so good !
Driving without correct insurance?7count noun2012-03-21 13:29:34
I have my own business and the use of vans for this purpose, a friend of mine borrowed a truck to move some furniture from her house to her daughters and collect some wood from the ship that was building i have insurance for insurance business their cover will lead him to any other vehicle, who was late for what he was doing, so he asked on the way home to pick up a guy who works for me and drop him off in his house that he did, after he did this to me was in the vehicle itself on its way back to my house to return the truck and was stopped by a traffic cop 1.30 am and asked what had been doing that night with the van, said nothing to hide and that when I got the phone call asking me to walk to the place he had been arrested as the PC wanted to have a word with me, then said he was not insured to drive the vehicle he was using for business and has been charged with driving without insurance with a three-page statement and then said he could not drive the vehicle away also because I have two cans in the house he could not drive well, also said it could have the truck lifted under section 164, but said he would not, but the truck already left on the road half a mile from my house with a value of more than 6 Major of the arts within it was only to stay in the truck, but not accused of being responsible for a motor vehicle under the influence, I do not see what the problem is the PC while the vehicle was returned to me with him at that time only if I had shot while leaving my job fair enough, but that's not the case. I think you need to get started and get the real criminals and stop messing with people trying to make a living necklace to get there any advice would be of great help and I get shallbe contact your insurance to see what they say and I will do the same with mine
Accounting Help please?.... I need to see if iv gotten the correct answers.?1derrica2016-11-19 18:49:07
Identify each of the following expenditures from a Land ) , B ) land improvements , C ) , D ) Machinery and equipment Buildings or E ) represents another MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) The cost of paving parking for employees and customers 2) Insurance during construction of the building from MedlinePlus 3) intrest loan incurred during construction of building MedlinePlus 4) Fee paid for the installation of MedlinePlus 5) special foundation for new equipment purchased MedlinePlus 6) Security of new equipment while in transit MedlinePlus 7) Transport costs in new equipment MedlinePlus 8) cost of repairing damage to equipment during installation vandalism MedlinePlus 9) sales tax on new equipment MedlinePlus 10) Costs incurred in repairing the damage caused by the installation of new equipment MedlinePlus 11) the purchase of land for the construction of filling MedlinePlus site 12) cost of lubricating oil purchased for regular oil changes for equipment MedlinePlus 13) parking light MedlinePlus 14) Installing a fence around parking MedlinePlus 15) repaint the trim on a building MedlinePlus 16) Evaluation attention to the city for the extension of water main on property MedlinePlus 17) cost of the demolition and removal of the old building on the property acquired by a work MedlinePlus 18) delinquent real estate taxes paid by the buyer of the property acquired by a work MedlinePlus 19) Lawyers fee for title search MedlinePlus 20) Archtiects payment for building plans and construction supervision
Was the information correct or incorrect from SS?1Chopsticks 2012-05-28 11:40:38
I did it my SSDI first hearing on January 13 this year, since the application and denial letters back to April 2009. The judge was very nice and careful in their questions - on the other hand was a complete disaster (because one of my severe psychiatric disorders ). My lawyer told me he learned that day just before the hearing that the SSDA appointed psychiatrist sent me back up in the fall of 2010 is recommended to receive the benefits due to my state ( s). I received my rejection letter shortly after seeing the psychiatrist , therefore , the hearing in January. The judge raised the last two questions to the expert professional and each question was the answer
Can you please tell me which is correct?iI took out an insurance medical?0Patrick2012-05-13 10:50:14
and had to have a medical before I accepted , luckily I was ok.Now my friend wants to take out a policy and the agent said he does not have some medical tests or blood 30years old? She is very healthy, but it sounds strange
Can someone help me correct this i'll give 10pts?0Mona2012-10-10 21:45:02
This is for a police report I have to write about safety racist harrased me . and my cousin on my property . The fix will begin under the stars for . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus *********************************** MedlinePlus My mother had told her she needed assitance hudson as there was a car parked in our own parking spot . He never approached him as he took at least three hours, and three attempts to come im calling all I'm going to say is " I'll be there in a second." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Security tihngs Hudson said following : "I beat the **** out a Mexican to crash into my truck the other for not having insurance ," and my cousin asked if security hudson was taking pictures of him since he was taking photographs of the damage to the car and Hudson replied, " no, I am not of the gang task force ," and when I asked my cousin how he got his unmarked car registration in California , said my cousin because I was not born here , then, hudson river then he replied : " Yes there is no way that my mom is the head chief in Hayward DMV that a Mexican would search the car without a CA identifier " . Then minutes later I called my mom to come see what it was racist , and as soon as my mom went to the garage and asked hudson wat is wrong , replied in a loud " What do you mean what is wrong " and then he said take it wiith police and left. Hudson Minutes later , two police officers came into our apartment and told Hudson out and he will not come out until I was really upset about it and then went our condo and once my mom asked if it was true im on adjustments racist , he said, and he replied "no" , and looked as if he knows nothing about it .

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