Insurance problem, auto?

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Asked at 2012-08-02 17:56:02
recently took a new job in Canada as a social worker and tried to add business coverage on my vehicle. I was told by my insurance company that this would be commercial because there is some risk I would have kids in the car.
I called another company who told me it is just business.
The initial company is cancelling my policy as they do not offer commercial insurance which they claim I require. They are not cancelling it for any negative reasons but will this cancellation show up and effect my rates even though it is not my fault.
I tried to add the correct insurance but they did not have it so they are cancelling me.
Other companies say I do not need commericial coverage so I should be ok with business but because there is a this cancellation I worry.

I know if you have a cancellation for things like non payment or tickets it will impact you but what about this?

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