Does using duct tape on a plantar wart work to kill it? related questions

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Does using duct tape on a plantar wart work to kill it?1Janet2012-08-08 11:46:03
I have a few warts on my foot and I'm so sick of them. I don't have health insurance to go get them burnt/frozen off and I don't want to blow money on those things you buy at RiteAid and other places. So, does the duct tape method work to suffocate the virus? Please only answer if you've tried the technique. If it doesn't, what home remedy will work? Thanks.
Will over the counter wart removal work for a cluster of plantar warts?0mervat2012-07-26 11:41:03
Hi all, I have had a pea sized single plantar wart on my foot for about 2 years, however, due to not having any health insurance, I never got it removed and said I would eventually do the over the counter treatment to get rid of it. In the last 6 weeks though, it recently has spread to about 8-10 more tiny warts around the main one (in a small cluster). I was definitely surprised since they seemed to come out of no where! Will the over the counter medication still work? or am I forced to go to a dermatologist now?
Plantar wart home treatment?1Sanca2012-09-04 08:15:03
Hello , I have a plantar wart on each toe , and some of the folds of my feet. they are small, but my doctor told me that they are super super deep, and would have to come back to burn treatments at least 5 times. I really do not have the money to keep going because I have insurance terrible. Are there any home remedies that really work ? I've done over the counter dr band of helpers and do nothing for me, the apple cider vinegar , and the banana peel . These things really started to hurt to the point where he can barely walk on my feet. In addition , I have to be cleaning the shoes with anything ? I would think that I would have to lysol them or something so that the virus has gone, but does that work? NEED HELP ASAP! THANKS .
Are there any home remedies to take out a plantar wart?0Kristcha2012-07-22 11:14:03
I've had one before, and went to a podiatrist. I have no health insurance and can't afford to go to him again. I've tried corn removers, and tried digging it out. I did put an aspirin on it to prohibit growth, but it's still there on my heel. Anyone know anything at home, or something OTC that is inexpensive?
I have a wart "down there", and I don't know what it is?!?0breana2012-09-15 18:11:03
I have 17 years and am still a virgin . I have this wart down there and sometimes I'll have two. I showed my older sisters and was told that is a blow -dryer. However, still appearing and disappearing . I want to get it checked out , but I have a medical card and my parents did not have insurance on me to go to see a doctor ..... so what I can do?
Ripping off a wart, how to?0Raheem2012-10-17 00:15:02
I had a wart on the wrist for about 8 months , and still there . I have tried to freeze at least 8 times and has not left . So my next idea is to get a pair of needle nose pliers and rip the bastard . I want to steal versus cut because I think if I cut the roots will remain and that will only grow. How do I go about doing this? And I have health insurance now, so I can not get it removed by a doctor .
Where would I look for a videographer to tape my home's contents?0Jacytiopa (i know its weird but my mom picked it)2012-07-28 06:33:59
I wish I had my house videotaped for insurance purposes, but I'm having trouble finding someone to do it . What search should I use? I tried to " homeowner insurance video" and similar words, but can not find a real person come and do it . Is there a business there? If not, do not you think I should have ? Insurance companies love it if you have tapes of their belongings in case of fire or theft. Any suggestions where to look ? I live in the Financial Times. Worth , Texas area . Thank you !
Process to get wart removed by a professional?0MattsRiceBowl2012-08-29 08:45:04
I have a very large wart on my left armpit and looks to be way to big for any over the counter methods to work. Can I set up an appointment with a dermotologist or do i need to see my general doctor first? Reason I ask is because I do not have insurance and would like to avoid the fee for the general doctor. Also, does anyone know what i would be looking at cost wise for the whole procedure?
Tape water based adhesive Reviews0annexdecker2021-02-26 05:47:48
Tape Water Based Adhesive  As of now referenced, most bundling tapes are self glue and this cement will in general be pressure touchy. This implies that to accomplish the tape makers' proposed execution the tape should be applied with some type of instrument or gadget. Albeit apparently evident unfortunately a great many people don't appear to know that this is perhaps the most widely recognized reasons that tapes neglect to perform. By applying strain to the tape, the cement is initiated, holding appropriately with the surface to be followed as well and is more averse to come up short at a later point. Firm, steady pressing factor ought to be applied for best outcomes. While applying the edges of the tape to a surface, care ought to be taken to guarantee that pressing factor is applied solidly to these regions. The finishes of the tape, when sliced will in general be lopsided and are consequently the most vunerable. In the event that these zones are not connected effectively, the tape is at risk to lift away as the glue doesn't have greatest buy on the material
bopp adhesive packing tape Reviews0charlexgong2021-02-18 05:26:15
Bopp Adhesive Packing Tape It is a pressing factor delicate tape utilized for shutting or fixing folded boxes or for transportation and stock administration. It comprises of a pressing factor touchy cement covered onto a sponsorship material i.e: polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer (making it flexible over a specific temperature, <a href="">bopp adhesive packing tape</a>   and returning it to the strong state in the wake of cooling). Frequently the Packing tapes are bi-pivotally arranged which is a PP movie extended to the machine and cross heading which builds the strength just as the clearness of the film. The construction additionally makes the robotized and manual utilization of the pressing tape simpler. Because of it being a thermoplastic polymer, it could likewise work in higher and lower temperatures. Not all makers give rigidity insights but rather mechanical evaluation pressing tape ought to have the option to bear longitudinal pressing factor of around 27 pounds for every inch and 44 lbs. per inch, transverse. Its structure being rough and high ductile makes it an ideal material for bundling and naming. It is additionally impervious to scraped area, dampness and different substance solvents. It is not difficult to cover, print and even to overlay, which makes it ideal for the production of custom bundling tape.
Are digital tape recordings thrown away in court?0J.2012-07-08 08:36:02
When a past (now ) ex - employe filed for unemployment. My employer never lied to them about saying that the former employee quit, and lie had a current employee to verify his story. Four other employees know about it. Just to be protected from situations of this kind in the case I am laid off or fired, I would buy a tape recorder , so we may have evidence of myself in the event that a similar situation happen to me . Should I buy a digital or analog ? My father tells me that digital tape recorders do not hold up as evidence in court and obtain an analog one. Is it correct my father in his thinking ? Furthermore, when the time comes and my boss or bosses (I have 3 bosses) asked me to enter his office. Do I have to report on the tape of one , two, or all I will be recording the session and asked if they agree with it, or it may be smart and do not tell anyone. Do I have to do more to make this valid in court if I have to go that far? My employer has other things also illegal , as if a co-worker co - workes 10 hours overtime , they are told to go home 10 hours next week and pay them as if they came home, still missing in 0.5 hours * to be overtime . 3 + co-workers can testify to this . Another example is the owner's wife is listed as an employee on health insurance and receive a weekly paycheck with taxes taken out like the other employees, except that she has never worked here that I know and if and has not always done since I started working two years ago. 3 + co-workers can attest to this.
If your driver's permit is ripped up in a few pieces, is it okay to just tape it back together?1que-3席 ≥2012-07-31 04:28:55
Long story short - my father was angry and I pulled my driving license. I've heard you can only get it renewed for $ 5, but I've also heard that I have to take the permit test all the whole and wait another 6 months to take the driving test . What is it?

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