Does using duct tape on a plantar wart work to kill it?

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Asked at 2012-08-02 00:45:01
I have a few warts on my foot and I'm so sick of them. I don't have health insurance to go get them burnt/frozen off and I don't want to blow money on those things you buy at RiteAid and other places.

So, does the duct tape method work to suffocate the virus? Please only answer if you've tried the technique.

If it doesn't, what home remedy will work? Thanks.
Answer1John HenryAnswered at 2012-08-08 11:46:03
castor oil and baking of carbohydrate every two!
get a needle and scratch off the top of the wart so its ur slightly ebrassed , mix the 2 solutions together to massage the paste on the wart then ur aplly a small amount, then with the help of plaster on the band , the whole tape, repeat this step 3 times the first day , then just use castor oil after the process of carbohydrate every two initial and the cover and re-apply up to 3 times daily mat take a week or so, but this prevents the wart of breathing.
this process has worked me in different types of warts , originally a method for genital warts , warts , but a wart. good luck
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