What's a good job with good health insurance not needing a degree or experience? related questions

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What's a good job with good health insurance not needing a degree or experience?0chetna2012-08-01 22:48:02
I am a college student looking to find a good job you have affordable health insurance in which all I can find an affordable place to live. Most of the factory they have these benefits start with a low wage rate does not seem worth it ( after the gas is extracted ). Any ideas ?
Whats a good cheap health insurance for a college student needing ADD medicine with a min wage job?2lizard2012-09-20 07:43:03
As I said I have only a minimum wage job , and I fully support myself. I desperately need ADD medication, but I have no health insurance. I have to be able to afford health insurance as well. I am a college student . I make about 300 every two weeks. any suggestions on what to do ?
Anyone who has had a good experience with your personal health insurance company, tell us your experience?0Marcos2012-07-23 14:29:05
Unless the costs of health care providers to lower average people can afford the procedures and medications , we will all have to rely on our private insurers. I would listen to those who have had good experiences with their companies (give names of companies, please!)
Whats a good health insurance company?0DL2012-10-23 14:45:02
I'm sure my father until I have 25 years . Now I'm pregnant and my insurance does not cover the baby . What is a decent health insurance , which is reasonably priced and good for me and for my baby ?
Whats a really good health insurance for college students?1Frederick2012-06-23 06:09:55
I wondered what is a good insurance company to make a plan . I am a college student and I'm in nursing school so they want us to have health insurance if they are injured or exposed to anything in any of the hospitals we work on . I am not required to have, but I would look around and see if there is a good plan I could afford. So, in case something would happen and do not want to be paying for the required treatment completely out of my pocket . Thanks for the help.
Whats a good health insurance company for when the baby is born.?1Orvill2012-10-09 05:06:07
Is there any insurance companys inexpensive. I am not financialy offer the best, but atleast I have health insurance in the baby . I'm looking at affordable prices . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in northern Louisiana .
Whats a good life insurance company that doesnt check your health history?1dormouse2012-10-26 05:49:02
my mom wants me to find one , I searched Google for it, but I was not sure which pages are really reliable , as many out there could be spoofed pages I thank anyone who sees this :)
In Texas, options for elderly needing assisted healthcare, but has no good insurance or close family to help?1Phillip2012-10-18 10:45:03
This 86 year old woman I know is in a bad situation . Almost two weeks ago he had suffered a hip fracture . She lay on the floor of his home for almost two days before his 75 years. old step - brother found . On June 26, underwent surgery and was sent to a service center on June 27 for physical therapy . Your mind is sharp , but his body is still fragile , can not hear and get vertigo dizziness existing condition . Two days ago they said it would be released on July 8 . He has been widowed for over 15 years. , Never had children, and his brother did not help when actually acts like a teenager trapped in the body of an old man. The flow rate is not clear , but it has to do with insurance , Secure Horizons . My colleagues and I have been unable to provide all the help we work and we have to take care of our own families . Now is the opportunity I have to ask for advice first . What kind of options are there for the elderly without family and without insurance?
Is Geico car insurance good or bad? What's your experience?0Page2012-09-09 11:05:02
I've had Allstate for 11 years , but now I have to cut costs and Geico is much cheaper than Allstate . The thing is there is no local agent or office. Maybe that's why they are so cheap . Anyway , I'd like to know your experience with Geico , good or bad ?
Cannot get health insurance through company I work for. What is a good provider for good coverage and price??2Modesty2012-11-02 17:45:02
I need to get health insurance at a decent monthly cost and good coverage . I can not find a supplier of isurance will cover me with a pre-existing condition (the tubes in the ears , ENT ) at a reasonable cost and decent co -payments for visits and scripts . Any recommendations ?
Have you had a good or bad experience with Geico Auto Insurance?0Blayke2012-09-20 05:37:01
Have you had a good or bad experience with Geico Auto Insurance ?
Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with NAA Mortgage Insurance.as an agent?0porpoise2012-05-03 15:52:58
Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with NAA Mortgage Insurance.as an agent?

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