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Iphone 4 home button problem?0Lynda2012-08-01 20:43:02
i usually have my phone locked, and when i double tap the home button the 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons pop up. but when i try to hit play, nothing happens. Or if a song is playing, and i double tap the home button, it will say that nothing is playing. and it wont allow me to skip a song or replay a song without unlocking my phone and going into the music app. Also if my phone is unlocked, and i double tap the home button, the app selection scroll menu comes up, and those 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons do not work either. Am i having a settings issue here? or is there something wrong with my phone? I do have insurance and a warrante. (The phone is brand new, hasn't been used for more then a month, and the buttons used to work)
Home button on iphone 4 not working?0Kinnari2012-07-23 09:17:03
yesterday the home button on my iphone 4 stopped working, i took it to the orange shop & they have said i can get it replaced as i have their insurance but i don't really want to change my phone if i don't have to, has anybody else had this problem & resolved it? i was wondering about resetting the phone? the trouble is if i change the phone or reset it i need to keep some of the text messages on there as evidence in my divorce hearing is there anyway i can do this? can anybody help?
Home button not working properly on iPhone 4?0sowmya2012-07-27 18:21:00
Recently the start button on my iPhone did not respond when you click first, always I have to click on it more than once , which is quite annoying. And it's not my fault, I have not been dropped or is near water , so my question is that the apple fix it if they took me to his shop ? It is in the first year warranty + additional insurance that I have opted for . Thank you.
Iphone home button not working from water damage!?!?0edeline2012-10-22 17:57:30
I was watering the plants , the other day and was so surprised by the neighbors dog that part of the pore water for me , in my pocket where my clothes and got into where my phone : | Google Groups MedlinePlus So, long story . My phone in general " seems " well .. but the start button , the most important button on the phone no longer works. I have made an insurance claim , but I do not want to pay
I have an iPhone 4 and my button is going out!?0Sherri2012-07-31 02:43:56
I have an iPhone 4 I don't have insurance on it but the button that brings you back to the home screen is not working correctly. Is there a way I can get this button replaced?
IPhone 4 lock button jammed need help.?0Sara Pleaseee2012-07-08 04:15:01
I have my phone last September I've never fallen, has always taken care of it, but I noticed the usual lock button press down so I can not close it or disable it. I have insurance for your right to give me a new one? And I think my start button is not working because sometimes does not respond to the thrust of an application.
Is it a problem with my iPhone?1boartavis2012-07-24 12:00:03
Please help me I have got a problem with my iPhone! I had left my iPhone on the bed and when I was drying my hair the hair dryer hit my iPhone. After some days I noticed that when I tap the camera at the back part of my iPhone it makes a noise like something inside is broken or it moves and believe me is not only the noise of my finger tap. From the outside there is no sign of anything broken. Is it a problem that I should worry about? I have an insurance and there is only a month left. Should I go to an apple store and ask about it? Please help because I'm really upset I only have 1 month that I have bought my iPhone 4s
IPhone 4 question/problem?0Adraian2012-07-16 17:30:02
So I'm getting my cousin's iPhone 4 but he told me three things: 1.) Only one headphone has sound when you plug it in 2.) The back is cracked 3.) You can only hear the person you're calling on speaker I have insurance for phones, would Verizon replace it?
How do I fix my ipod touch 4th generation home button?0Baybee Cintia2012-10-26 01:51:35
Well , my ipods home button just stopped working out of nowhere . A second was perfectly fine and then the next second just stopped working . I could push the button, but it just does not respond , I have to press really hard just to make it work . Be on the touch button accsessive home , I have it right now, but it just gets annoying sometimes because accidentally pressed when you do not want too much or it takes a while to respond , sometimes when I press the start button . Well anyway , I do not know if it's water damage or if some trash or something is stuck in there. Now if I press the button of my house where barley hear a click but wont respond unless you press too hard . I would like some suggestions that may help fix my start button . Oh and.by the way, I have no insurance on it for himself haha. Thank you. I await your response here :)
I have an infected belly button and no insurance, how can i cure it at home?0Jr.2012-09-23 19:24:02
I scratched my navel over a year and cut and now is infected and I just now thought it was an infection due to long I thought it was a cut that was trying to heal but I kept interrupting by cleaning out and then I googled the symptoms and people saying that their infection , how I can cure it ? I have no insurance . Also, is there any way it can spread because recently I had an infected tooth that said it was due to not flossing , but I have the feeling of being connected.
My iPod Touch 4G home button got stuck and now it wont work so how can i fix it?0Rocket902012-09-02 05:16:02
So now I have to restart the iPod to go to the home screen ! I have the bestbuy sure they were going to change the ipod for a new one ? Because I do not want to go to Northpark in Dallas only to the Apple store !
IPhone 4S 16GB - Problem with internal speaker, wont respond to volume control and no sound is recieved?0LINK 2012-09-16 01:24:04
I have a problem with my iPhone 4S speaker. I played through speakers via the headphone jack and then the music was very quiet at full volume when removed from the external speaker , which sounded sometimes the quality is not as good or i wouldnt be able to see the icon sample volume when the volume is changed . This is sometimes pauses during playback of a song . I have not dropped or hit the iPhone , has defenately occurred after using external speakers . I can hear the calls ok . MedlinePlus There is nothing I can do, because it is an internal problem with the iPhone speaker . I can hear the calls right, but the overall sound of the iPhone is affected and sometimes i cant turn up the volume and the symbol does

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