Lent vehicle to a friend now I cant get it back how can I find them and vehicle? related questions

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Lent vehicle to a friend now I cant get it back how can I find them and vehicle?0katy2012-07-31 17:28:02
When I got reall sick and lost job ,friend offered to make payments and use it till I got better ,but Im not going to get better so we verbaly agreed that they could keep it and continue paying it ,till jan. she was 5 payments behind ,now Santander wants to file charges on me.I explained and gave permission to repo ,but can't find her or the vehicle .why doesn't anyone help me ,I know her old address ,cell ohone,drivers lic 2and new insurance co she puchased a policy for in her name .They siad is privte and can't tell me where the vehicle parks at.Police says can't file auto theft ,what can I do? legally
If i have full coverage on my vehicle and my car was lent to uninsured driver and has accident while operating?1Dominica2012-06-22 17:38:49
If my boyfriend had an accident related to the snow , but is not listed as reserve driver insurance covers damage to my vehicle in the state of Ohio
Loaned my vehicle to a friend how do i find out if it was involved in an accident ?0Conra2012-06-02 12:23:12
Lent my car to a friend How I can know if he was involved in an accident?
If I am financing a used vehicle through a bank for my friend, can he purchase the insurance on the vehicle?1Vientiane2012-05-20 19:52:08
If I am financing a used car through a bank for my friend , can buy insurance on the vehicle?
My vehicle was repossessed, I got the vehicle back, and there is fresh body damage. Who is resondsible?0ミ ミ Weinidanrui 2012-03-20 10:30:18
I have taken great care of my car, which was seized, I paid all amounts owed , collected the vehicle from the storage yard . Noticed new damage to the vehicle body. Who is responsible for the damage.
Can you find the insurance company of a vehicle in hit and run accident if you have the license plate number name and address of the vehicle's owner2Eldred2012-02-09 05:05:39
Can you find the insurance company of a vehicle in hit and run accident , if you have the plate number name and address of vehicle owner
If you vehicle is hit by a stolen vehicle when parked can who pays for my vehicle?14Wyman2012-05-08 22:35:47
If your vehicle is beaten by a stolen vehicle parked when can you pay for my vehicle?
My friend used my commercial vehicle and hit it?1skd2012-09-06 21:15:02
I let my friend borrow my commercial vehicle that I use in a city car for transportation, the person hit was owed about $ 11,000. He took responsibility for the accident and wanted to claim on your insurance because you would have a bigger effect on my insurance because it was a commercial vehicle. Your insurance company refused to pay , and my insurance agency was notified after the action was and took it as their responsibility. So basically my insurance company ended up paying for the accident, which led later to cancel my policy with them and caused a chain reaction .
I put a vehicle in my name for a friend that had a cancelled licence now I want the car out of my name ?3Hermosa2012-04-22 19:19:29
I put a car in my name for a friend who had a canceled license now I want the car out of my name?
Will your insurance go up if your friend get a ticket in your vehicle?2Hug2012-01-12 22:19:03
my friend got a speeding in my car, my insurance to go in my car since I drove or if it goes to the driver (insurance ).
My friend was insured and keeper of my vehicle?0Adam丶2012-06-16 06:58:56
What I can make my car insurance is in the name of my friend who recently died How I can change this?
Forms needed for purchasing a vehicle in the state of NY from a friend.?0Roland2012-07-29 06:44:58
I am currently in the process of purchasing a vehicle from a coworker in the state of NY i don't have a lot of time and i know the DMV now has the option of being able to print out certain forms over the internet and just brining them in. My question is what forms do i need exactly to have filled out before i walk in there. I am already a licensed driver and have never previously owned a vehicle and i do have insurance on the vehicle already

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