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HSA or FSA? Any Health Insurance savvy people?0Maureen Koogle2012-07-31 10:45:02
I " m enroll in health benefits at work. A little backround - Type 1 diabetes , looking back to the pump , I have a lot of recipes every month when the pump. Also see a specialist every 3 months. My deductible is of 4800 and I'm adding to my son . I will meet my deductible quickly. I would save 60 / a month to put into my HSA that my company meets at 5:01 , it's incredible that have $ 300 a month. But I was told by another diabetic to make the FSA gives $ 2500 right off the bat , then I guess get $ 200 a month (which is more than I wanted but I would have to pay anyway for my payment prescription drug coverage until I met my deductible ) Anyway what should I do ? HSA or FSA?
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Which indian govt general insurance co. is best in service, tech savvy premium wise competitive?1Warren2012-06-25 02:27:45
What coinsurance Indian government in general. is the best in service, premium wise competitive tech savvy ?
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Why do Republicans not allow sick people to commit suicide but not require people to buy health insurance?0Jane-Ellen2012-07-11 20:19:03
Why do Republicans not allow sick people to commit suicide but not require people to buy health insurance?
Some people say employers are required to PAY for employees health insurance under Obamacare and some people?1Flabby sausage2012-10-14 09:27:02
Say employers are only required to make it available to employees under Obamacare and can make employees pay for it. Does anyone know which way it really is? Why has the Obama administration done such a poor job of educating the public about this law that has been forced on to us by Democrats that had to bribe each other with our money to pass it?
Is it true people with medicaid get less medical help than people with HMO's or other private health insurance?2Yvonne2012-10-08 20:15:03
I have now 20 and on Medicaid. I use to have health insurance as HIP and I feel like it, because I have Medicaid I am getting less medical care physicians that if he had other health insurance company . I dropped my health insurance from the mother, who works in a hospital, because I was a part- time student to some problems I was going on. I feel like doctors are lax , and are half A $ $ of your work , because of my health insurance. When I show my health insurance card to the receptionist I feel like I'm being looked at weird. I just wanna know if I'm paranoid or am I doing the same medical care much more than someone with a non- Medicaid health insurance ?
Would the Russian people rise up in angry protest if Vladimir Putin forced his people to buy Health Insurance?0shawnace2012-07-20 01:06:02
As the famous saying language , '' Fool me once, shame on you , fool me twice, shame on me '' . The Russians have suffered under the socialist ideology that has failed for decades. If this policy was put back , not the Russians try to put a stop to it ?
How much should I fine people who don't buy my health insurance, or people who have really good plans?2NaVar2012-09-17 09:15:05
Those who do not participate lessen our ability to spread the wealth around, which, as I have made clear, is a good thing. Those who have really good, "Cadillac" plans...well...they should contribute more through penalties.
Do you think people over value having health insurance? How did people live for thousands of years without it?0Abbyy2012-09-26 13:43:03
I realize that it is important for families but for ages 18to 55 healthy people , why pay for something every month that almost never use ? Why not just pay out of pocket when you need something ? I also think that people in general are so soft that currently run to the doctor for every little thing.
When the issue of the govt. forcing people to purchase health care arises, why do people always?2Finch2012-09-07 19:25:02
try to compare car insurance

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