I have an iPhone 4 and my button is going out!? related questions

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I have an iPhone 4 and my button is going out!?0Sherri2012-07-31 02:43:56
I have an iPhone 4 I don't have insurance on it but the button that brings you back to the home screen is not working correctly. Is there a way I can get this button replaced?
Home button on iphone 4 not working?0Kinnari2012-07-23 09:17:03
yesterday the home button on my iphone 4 stopped working, i took it to the orange shop & they have said i can get it replaced as i have their insurance but i don't really want to change my phone if i don't have to, has anybody else had this problem & resolved it? i was wondering about resetting the phone? the trouble is if i change the phone or reset it i need to keep some of the text messages on there as evidence in my divorce hearing is there anyway i can do this? can anybody help?
IPhone 4 lock button jammed need help.?0Sara Pleaseee2012-07-08 04:15:01
I have my phone last September I've never fallen, has always taken care of it, but I noticed the usual lock button press down so I can not close it or disable it. I have insurance for your right to give me a new one? And I think my start button is not working because sometimes does not respond to the thrust of an application.
Iphone 4 home button problem?0Lynda2012-08-01 20:43:02
i usually have my phone locked, and when i double tap the home button the 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons pop up. but when i try to hit play, nothing happens. Or if a song is playing, and i double tap the home button, it will say that nothing is playing. and it wont allow me to skip a song or replay a song without unlocking my phone and going into the music app. Also if my phone is unlocked, and i double tap the home button, the app selection scroll menu comes up, and those 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons do not work either. Am i having a settings issue here? or is there something wrong with my phone? I do have insurance and a warrante. (The phone is brand new, hasn't been used for more then a month, and the buttons used to work)
Home button not working properly on iPhone 4?0sowmya2012-07-27 18:21:00
Recently the start button on my iPhone did not respond when you click first, always I have to click on it more than once , which is quite annoying. And it's not my fault, I have not been dropped or is near water , so my question is that the apple fix it if they took me to his shop ? It is in the first year warranty + additional insurance that I have opted for . Thank you.
Iphone home button not working from water damage!?!?0edeline2012-10-22 17:57:30
I was watering the plants , the other day and was so surprised by the neighbors dog that part of the pore water for me , in my pocket where my clothes and got into where my phone : | Google Groups MedlinePlus So, long story . My phone in general " seems " well .. but the start button , the most important button on the phone no longer works. I have made an insurance claim , but I do not want to pay
If you have a iPhone 4 and you have insurance on it and it breaks can you get a iPhone 4s ?1Hira2012-09-29 22:22:01
If you have an iPhone 4 and have insurance on it and it breaks you can get an iPhone 4?
Iphone 3G questions and future of iphone?1ayisha2012-08-04 15:45:02
Do you think Apple will release a new iPhone every summer ? What do you think the next few years will have ? I want the 3G, but for sure ? ¿ I can really use a home insurance in any way? ? I want to buy the iPhone has a better camera next year ... : (
How to heal belly button piercing?0daysi2012-09-27 18:51:02
I do not suppose that is infected because it is not pussing or anything. I had done since January and was healing well , but when I was at work I ended up snagging a lot about it by accident . After engaging as many times as hard , I started noticing a red handkerchief hanging out of the bottom hole . These would scab over and heal , but because my belly button stays moist crust end just out of the shower , etc. So the fabric is what you are doing piercing damage, not exactly an infection safely . MedlinePlus Has anyone else had this problem ? If so , how I can get this cure . Home remedies are preferred because they currently do not have health insurance .
How do I fix my ipod touch 4th generation home button?0Baybee Cintia2012-10-26 01:51:35
Well , my ipods home button just stopped working out of nowhere . A second was perfectly fine and then the next second just stopped working . I could push the button, but it just does not respond , I have to press really hard just to make it work . Be on the touch button accsessive home , I have it right now, but it just gets annoying sometimes because accidentally pressed when you do not want too much or it takes a while to respond , sometimes when I press the start button . Well anyway , I do not know if it's water damage or if some trash or something is stuck in there. Now if I press the button of my house where barley hear a click but wont respond unless you press too hard . I would like some suggestions that may help fix my start button . Oh and.by the way, I have no insurance on it for himself haha. Thank you. I await your response here :)
I have a black thing inside my belly button?0Lizette2012-08-06 19:38:03
Over the past years I have had pain in and around my navel , I thought it was because I was gaining weight , eating too much, or I shall too . This week my belly has been hurting a lot. not to the point where I 'm like omg I can not move I have to go to the emergency room . i also been urinating a lot. mean a lot. n his cousin's very rare that I have not gone before. pain comes and goes, usually when I have finished eating hurts. I worry about his cousin inside my belly hurts. Sometimes I have back pain or pain in my lower stomach like cramps. I decided to look inside my belly button and found a small lump. like part of my navel was popping out , is a small black ball that was , I was scared because I do not want to be serious . I remember before when I was younger are not usually a lot of brown stuff around my navel , I told my mom and she said it was the land that I have to clean it , this happened a lot, but when I cleaned it realized he had a bad smell to it and thought it was water that was caught in a rain or after , now that I'm older I'm looking back and it's weird , I'm stressing and Don "do not know what is. does anyone have ne idea what may be , I would go to the doctor, but I have no insurance and can afford . want to hear what might be for you to seek additional help. gets worse , of course, ill be going to the doctors office to make sure
I have an infected belly button and no insurance, how can i cure it at home?0Jr.2012-09-23 19:24:02
I scratched my navel over a year and cut and now is infected and I just now thought it was an infection due to long I thought it was a cut that was trying to heal but I kept interrupting by cleaning out and then I googled the symptoms and people saying that their infection , how I can cure it ? I have no insurance . Also, is there any way it can spread because recently I had an infected tooth that said it was due to not flossing , but I have the feeling of being connected.

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