I co-signed on my ex's car but she disappeared so how can I get my name off of the car without her? related questions

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I co-signed on my ex's car but she disappeared so how can I get my name off of the car without her?2- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2012-08-16 06:11:02
I tried to get in touch with her, but as soon as I mentioned my name to get the car of his disappearance, I really need my name was or will soon start a chain reaction that will take my life in the street, so any help is appreciated
Auto Insurance Company seem to have disappeared what should I do?0Jason L2012-08-04 04:32:50
This question can be tricky because I for one am stumped so here goes ... I recently received an auto insurance policy for 2 cars was a small, but good Spanish insurance were cheap , so you have 2 cars insured after the deposit and first month of the second month they sent me a bill that I paid in the office there is no problem. So a few days later that I loved my brother a SR 22 and added to the policy that called their phone number several times to get a quote, but no answer . I went to their offices during the day seemed empty but again , it was empty when it was first there, but neway that was closed with a brief note on the door inconsiderately written in Spanish, but there were 2 phone numbers I tried to call both repeatedly, but no answer . I went there for two days after that and it shows still looked empty , as in the door , the numbers were still calling a voice mailbox. (now full) I am very concerned because I have a policy of 6 months to pay monthly no way I'll pay through my mind that do not trust them so how am I suppose to pay my policy if your office seem to be closed without notice ? If you do not pay I'm pretty sure I will send to collections. What happens to my payment? Not to mention that I have my family and me is the personal information .. What should I do when no one is in contact with ? ?
Lady hit my parked car, has no insurance, agreed to pay and now disappeared. What can I do?7Binga2017-12-31 13:02:20
Ok so while I was at work one night to a client of mine hit my car in the parking lot. She did not know it was mine , but she left a note saying he would pay the damages. I contacted her the next morning to discuss things with her and she said she had no insurance than you would of pocket.We agreed that he would go get some estimates and they prepay the body shop that and amount to pay for a rental car for me, while my car is in the shop . Well, I contacted her 2 days before we were supposed to be found in the body shop and she said it was good to go and there would be no problem. The day we were going to meet (yesterday ) called me and sent a message to their numerous occasions, all of which were not returned. I talked to the police department and they said they could file a hit and run on it , so I'm considering. He sent a text today saying that since she could not contact me so that I would be filing a complaint against him, and of course she immediately text back to their defense. She simply said it was not total , however , I understand. I'm getting more nervous as time goes on however, she just go away on me and my new car to work very hard to pay for never going to fix . Can someone please give me some advice on what to do. Any little bit helps. Thank you !
I bought a car from a woman promising me the title. She disappeared and now I have to bond for the title. I?1Fern2012-04-01 16:20:35
I recently learned that she can have an unpaid lein on the car in California. Does this mean that stolen? Still I can bond for the title?
What do I need when getting a car signed in my name?0say,,, 2012-03-26 15:55:50
Pretty soon I should buy a car from someone and get the title in my name .. When we are in the DMV and get the title signed by what I have to show your license and proof of insurance ?
I co signed a car for my ex.?1Jin2012-09-03 03:15:03
and let me know if I can get her car . she makes all the payments, but she wants nothing to do with me . I can do you make of it and out of the loan. I am the principal and she is secondary. and what is the best way to do this. and she has gone downhill and I keep my good credit. so it's okay if I take .
What do I need to have signed?0 Xiao vector ┆ o` -2012-08-30 15:42:03
What kind of documentation is needed to say that if someone works on his farm with horses hurt your insurance is not responsible and can not be sued ?
How to get out of an agreement I signed?0michella2012-07-16 20:21:02
I signed an agreement with a roofing company that if the insurance inspector approves a new roof, I'm going to let his company do the job. My boyfriend and I are owners of our co n mortgages and insurance. If my boyfriend has not signed the agreement , we can go from being required to use this company ? Or do you only have a signature? If so , how I can get out of it ? Help appreciated ...
Co-signed a car payment.. now i need to get out?3Xenia2012-04-14 03:36:11
I just bought a new car today and has been tricked into co-signing with my mom (I 'm only 19) and now when I called the insurance company, said that since he co- signed the car as not I can be under the name of my mother for insurance and would pay an extra $ 800 a month. Is there any way to get rid of my co -ownership and co-signing my loan ? thank you very much for your help!
Can I put a truck in my name that I co-signed?0Phyllis2012-07-16 08:25:03
My mom bought me a truck for some time and instead of putting it in my name which is the owner and she became co- sign. She said he did because he wanted to see if he could take care of myself. I have a full time job , I have my own apartment with my wife, she also has a full time job , I have to pay for insurance on the truck , I make sure that their good form in the . My mom does not pay anything. The insurance is in your name . I said before that I have that I would get my own insurance but she insisted. But anyway, she said she would put in my name after the first year. It's been two years and she refuses to put in my name. I know it has something to do with my brother wants the truck. But I am the guarantor and the truck is supposed to be mine. I just want to know what I can do. Does anyone know ? Has anyone been in this situation before? No rude comments please. Thank you.
PLEASE HELP: I need to get out of a loan I signed for?0Patel2012-07-16 05:18:02
I found this site online where you can get a title loan (use my car title as collateral). Filled out my application. Got approved for $2,000. Gave them all my information. Today I mailed them the packet they asked for included all my information, all the forms to sign, copy of my drivers license, copy of registration, proof of address, proof of insurance, and the title to my car. It's prepaid overnight shipping, so they will get it tomorrow. Then, it's gonna get processed and I will have the money in my checking account within 2 to 3 business days. But I changed my mind now I don't want the loan afterall. What can I say?? My car got totaled? I've been evicted from my current address? I closed my bank account. PLEASE help, thank you!!!
Can my boyfriend take my car because he co-signed on it?14I am so (h) 2012-09-18 21:54:03
My boyfriend co -signed on my car after the contract was over four years . I refinanced . Now we have broken . He is threatening to come and take in the middle of the night. Can you do that ? What should I do to stop it?

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