If you pay for any insurance and expect them to help you in good faith, did you know about this site? related questions

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If you pay for any insurance and expect them to help you in good faith, did you know about this site?0Coral2012-07-29 16:45:57
www.badfaithinsurance.org , if you own a home, drive a car and pay for car insurance, or have life insurance, you may want to spend some time and learn this site. Great for consumers bad for rip off artists.
How can will relate proximate cause with utmost good faith0Monica2011-12-19 07:42:14
How can you relate to proximate cause with the utmost good faith
Help - Good Faith Estimate - 1st Time Home Buyer?0digital city2012-10-23 01:45:02
GFE Is this reasonable ? MedlinePlus Purchace Price : $ 170,000 MedlinePlus Loan Amount : $ 110,000 MedlinePlus Interest rate : 4.875% MedlinePlus 30 years - FHA - fixed MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Origination Fees : $ 555 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Balance Fee : $ 350 MedlinePlus Flood Certification Fee : $ 4 MedlinePlus Mtg Insurance Prem : MedlinePlus $ 1,100 Evaluation Mgt Co Cost: $ 150 MedlinePlus Total = $ 1,613 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Title insurance services and lenders title : MedlinePlus $ 1,767 MedlinePlus Owners Title Insurance : $ 632 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Transfer Taxes : $ 1,806 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Initial deposit escrow account ( tx property , full insurance , the FHA MIP : $ 2,243 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Home insurance : $ 1,200 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TOTAL LIQUIDATION OF ESTIMATES CHRGES : $ 10,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This GFE seems high. Is it a reasonable amount ?
I am in the process of buying a house, and they gave me a good faith estimated.?0steven2012-08-20 12:28:02
I am buying a house that is $ 160,000. the seller is paying close to $ 3000. They give me the estimate and says .. MedlinePlus Services require that we select MedlinePlus appraisal fee : $ 425 MedlinePlus report credit fee : $ 32 MedlinePlus concept of service fee : $ 125 MedlinePlus * Title services and lender 's title insurance , $ 1,800 MedlinePlus * Owners Title Insurance - $ 1,500 MedlinePlus * $ 2,158 deposit account MedlinePlus * Required services that you can shop for MedlinePlus Survey : $ 450 MedlinePlus Pest Inspection : $ 120 MedlinePlus Property Inspection : $ 400 MedlinePlus * Government Chargers - $ 120 MedlinePlus * Homeowners Insurance - $ 500 MedlinePlus total = $ 7,630 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does this sound right ?
How is property insurance related to the principles of insurable interest, utmost good faith,proximate cause,?0ozzy2012-07-30 21:49:02
compensation , the contribution of subrogationand .
Good Faith Estimate / High total estimated settlement charges?0Sally2012-07-25 13:43:01
we are buying a house for $ 84,900 , the loan amount is $ 80,750 . My total expenses are estimated at $ 9,163 settlement . I am very disappointed that I thought the total of " closing costs " would be about 6% of the loan amount ? Just wondering if I should shop around for another lender or the cost is normal? I appreciate the help ! Load / points of interest ( 4.875% ) $ 2,185 . assessment of $ 450. credit report for $ 25. Service tax of $ 90. flood certification $ 12. UFMIP $ 799.98 Title services and lender's title insurance of $ 1225. Owner's title insurance of $ 1000. government recording charges $ 90. Transfer taxes of $ 1000. initial deposit to the escrow account of $ 2125 . (includes all taxes and insurance) ? ? The daily expenses of interest (15 days) = $ 161. total estimated settlement charges : $ 9.163 . Thank you !
In good faith I purchased Disability Ins. on my car loan. Why are they making me jump over hoops to get it?3Gustava2012-03-30 23:48:57
I work in a hazardous work area in the past 24 years for the first time filling Workmens comp . I am of the temporary disability for the past 5 months. I hope to return as soon as possible . The Ins. , Kicked in after 60 days that have made ​​a total of 3 car payments . They are pressuring me to go back to work I am asked if I'm willing to take the part-time work if they go against my doctors orders then I jepardize my Wo / compensation claim. Now they are asking my employer if I agree to work part time. I already had provided a note from my doctor stating that I do not accept it back with all the limitations . The other question asked was surprised that this employee is absent due to illness in the last two years? My loan originated two years ago and has more than 3 to go. Yes, I have , I've had the flu stomack . "No work-related . " I have a lot of time in books. I thought I was buying protection is not a big pain. Do not you think they should deny before taking their money. Any suggestions ? PLEASE HELP !
How the princicples of insurable interest, utmost good faith, proximate cause, indemnity' relate to property i0Monquie2012-08-03 18:52:50
indemnity' subrogation and contribution relate to property insurance
What is a good auto insurance chat site?0Henry2012-03-16 21:48:09
What is a good car insurance chat site ?
Is there a good site for auto insurance quotes?0loserisuck2012-10-19 19:55:30
I have 26 years and will get a new car and looking to shop around for auto insurance with GOOD GOOD coverage w / o braking the bank . Is there a place to get multiple quotes or I have to go to each site individually secure ?
What is a good site for FREE auto insurance?0patti2012-08-18 09:15:02
ok so im tired of sites making me give away all my personal information just so i can see what owning a type of car would be a year. the 2 cars i am looking to insure are either a newer lotus elise or a 79-81 Pontiac trans am. im 22 male in Chicago with now accidents or bad credit. i need an estimate or a site, thank you!
What is a good site to get short term health insurance?0Samamantha2012-08-02 04:15:53
I am looking for individual health insurance that would cover basic things such as a regular hospital visit, eye exam, dentist, etc in the short run for at least 6 months. As well as cover minor accidents like having a twisted ankle. I'm not really looking for something that would cover me if I had cancer or a major health problem. I'm looking for something with medical, vision, and dental. Pretty much preventive care and maintanence. I am looking to switch jobs since benefits are not offered where I work.

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