Add or adhd medication question.?

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lil mama
Asked at 2012-07-28 22:09:58
i've tried ridalin and aderol from a friend when i was younger and i know it helped me tremendously the few times i tried it, it helped me think clear and be more successful at everything. i've also believed i've had add or adhd for the last 10 years or so. i'm 25 now and i'm wondering if anyone has any advice on if i should try to get it from a doctor. but i don't have insurance and i don't know how much it would cost. i've never been on any medication and just the thought of trying to get it is stressful enough. i like to drink alcohol but i don't' do drugs. an example of what i do that describes my condition is just being forgetful of things and not being able to pay attention as much as most people. i've learned to adjust to it over the years but it still gets to me at times. the untrained eye doesn't really realize i have add or adhd either so . . . blah i don't know. any thoughts? i've wondered if the long term effects of taking that sort of pill can make it not worth it. maybe the success and physical chemical interactions of the brain can make me more healthy if i'm on the meds?

my boss said i forgot to take care of a couple things yesterday before i left work and it just struck up some thoughts again

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