My employer wants to provide their insurer with proof of my car insurance; can they require me to provide that related questions

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My employer wants to provide their insurer with proof of my car insurance; can they require me to provide that2Bernie2012-10-27 19:54:06
My job does not involve driving, and we have recently discovered that our insurance employers recently checked our driving records without our consent , the prohibition of some of us of any work related to driving ( meeting , gathering lunch). Is it legal to check our records without our consent? You may legally request a test of our own car insurance , including all information about our VIN numbers , car loan, etc?
If my spouse has medical insurance thru my employer's plan, will her employer have to provide coverage too?0aldwin2012-07-21 11:20:02
She works part time. Her employer's plan is not as comprehensive as mine. If her employer has to provide coverage or pay a fine, it's a waste since she's already covered under my plan.
Is there a way to provide proof of insurance outside of court?1antilope2012-06-22 00:28:13
I live in California (county of Pope, if that matters ) and was stopped for going 50 in a 40 . At that time, I had only one expired insurance card with me, so also was fined for not having proof of insurance. In total, the fine is about $ 500, and I was wondering if I can send proof of insurance before my court date and just pay the fine for speeding.
Should the company I work for provide insurance on the cell phones they provide?4locklly2012-09-12 08:56:05
I do plumbing and heating company where I work and I realized that I have insurance on cell phones. My cell phone was damaged in my spare time and can not repair and willing to pay $ 200 for a replacement and no matter whether it happened at work or not, I would pay. They said they had no insurance because he had not previously gotten super cheap phones , but policies have changed now with Verizon and they can not get them. What do you think?
Pregnant and can not provide proof of residency for Medicaid?0Johnny Lee2012-10-01 15:31:02
My husband and I are temporarily in my mother's house until we can find a place you can afford. I found out I was pregnant again in July and decided to solicit Presumptive Eligibility ( Temporary health for pregnant women with Medicaid applications pending ) until I was approved for Medicaid insurance . Medicaid sent me a response to my request and required to provide proof of residence by having my " landlord" complete and sign a guarantee to ensure that live at the address I provided in my application ( the direction of my mother ) that only put the other direction because I had to leave . How I can verify my residence when I have not technically address set ? You can not put in your lease because of conflicts over housing program enrolled yet I have any choice? A prepared statement declaring self I have no set course and used the address provided for communication purposes are sufficient ? HELP !
Does an employer have to provide parking?2Mattea2012-11-02 17:09:01
My girlfriend is a pastry chef in a luxury deli in Portland , OR. Your boss has told all employees that they can not park their cars anywhere in the lot so there is more space for customers. Portland is like a grid in most places with few parking spaces. This ends in the streets full of parked cars, especially in this area. It took 20 minutes to find a place , so we were late for work , and way behind . When asked his boss for a place said " not my problem . Take the bus. " But we live in a different city and sometimes has to be to work as soon as 430 hours. That would be a big problem. In these circumstances, the employer must provide parking for employees ? Can you punish or fire an employee for lack of a parking space ?
What will happen to me if i can not provide proof of insurance in the state of California?0? hate you love me 〆2012-05-14 08:36:01
What are the laws relating to proof of vehicle insurance in the state of California?
What to do if you're under 18 and receive a warning for failure to provide proof of insurance?1~*LiL DeVeL*~ 2012-06-15 21:47:31
I recently pulled over for speeding and asked to show my proof of insurance , which was not in my car at the time . The officer gave me a warning for speeding, but issued a ticket for me ( without penalty ) for not providing proof of insurance. I wonder if I can go to the station before my court date and show that I have my insurance? Or do I have to wait until the court date because I am under 18? I know that a parent has to go with me regardless , but I 'm kind of confused on what to do . I'd really rather not go to court !
Can McDonald's provide surveillance cameras for proof of accident?0Hedda2012-05-05 09:54:48
I was involved in a car accident a while ago and wondered if McDonalds has surveillance cameras around their fate because the accident occurred through your unit. I was parked , waiting behind a truck until the driver decided to back up and hit me right away. My car was left with a small cap that are broken , dents and multiple headlight smashed in, while the sedan had a dent on the back bumper.IF the driver of the van passes to lie and say I hit , will our cars ready to be sufficient evidence to decipher who was at fault ?
If im getting a new job, and i provide proof of medical insurance can the job pay me what they woulda' spent?0taylor20082012-11-04 00:56:57
so if i am getting a new job, and i am already covered on my husbands medical insurance plan, does that job which offers medical insurance typically pay me what they wouldve invested in me since its a benefit they offer or do i just lose out on that benefit? provide links for your proof if you can or explain to me in detail. thanks
What to do about failure to provide proof of financial responsibility ticket?0linny2012-09-06 23:45:03
Well what im 18 , got my license barley . But I was stopped for speeding and the dumb ****** cop gave me a ticket for failure to provide proof of financial responsibility . The judge gave me a little time to see if my insurance covers me dads , but not so. What I can do? I live in texas .
Should Obamacare require all insurance companies to provide free tooth paste?2Needhelp5002012-09-27 10:51:03
If the law can require insurance companies to provide free contraceptives , may require insurance companies to provide everything you need to stay healthy.

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