My employer wants to provide their insurer with proof of my car insurance; can they require me to provide that related questions

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My employer wants to provide their insurer with proof of my car insurance; can they require me to provide that2Bernie2012-10-27 19:54:06
My job does not involve driving, and we have recently discovered that our insurance employers recently checked our driving records without our consent , the prohibition of some of us of any work related to driving ( meeting , gathering lunch). Is it legal to check our records without our consent? You may legally request a test of our own car insurance , including all information about our VIN numbers , car loan, etc?
If my spouse has medical insurance thru my employer's plan, will her employer have to provide coverage too?0aldwin2012-07-21 11:20:02
She works part time. Her employer's plan is not as comprehensive as mine. If her employer has to provide coverage or pay a fine, it's a waste since she's already covered under my plan.
Is there a way to provide proof of insurance outside of court?1antilope2012-06-22 00:28:13
I live in California (county of Pope, if that matters ) and was stopped for going 50 in a 40 . At that time, I had only one expired insurance card with me, so also was fined for not having proof of insurance. In total, the fine is about $ 500, and I was wondering if I can send proof of insurance before my court date and just pay the fine for speeding.
Should the company I work for provide insurance on the cell phones they provide?4locklly2012-09-12 08:56:05
I do plumbing and heating company where I work and I realized that I have insurance on cell phones. My cell phone was damaged in my spare time and can not repair and willing to pay $ 200 for a replacement and no matter whether it happened at work or not, I would pay. They said they had no insurance because he had not previously gotten super cheap phones , but policies have changed now with Verizon and they can not get them. What do you think?
Pregnant and can not provide proof of residency for Medicaid?0Johnny Lee2012-10-01 15:31:02
My husband and I are temporarily in my mother's house until we can find a place you can afford. I found out I was pregnant again in July and decided to solicit Presumptive Eligibility ( Temporary health for pregnant women with Medicaid applications pending ) until I was approved for Medicaid insurance . Medicaid sent me a response to my request and required to provide proof of residence by having my " landlord" complete and sign a guarantee to ensure that live at the address I provided in my application ( the direction of my mother ) that only put the other direction because I had to leave . How I can verify my residence when I have not technically address set ? You can not put in your lease because of conflicts over housing program enrolled yet I have any choice? A prepared statement declaring self I have no set course and used the address provided for communication purposes are sufficient ? HELP !
Does an employer have to provide parking?2Mattea2012-11-02 17:09:01
My girlfriend is a pastry chef in a luxury deli in Portland , OR. Your boss has told all employees that they can not park their cars anywhere in the lot so there is more space for customers. Portland is like a grid in most places with few parking spaces. This ends in the streets full of parked cars, especially in this area. It took 20 minutes to find a place , so we were late for work , and way behind . When asked his boss for a place said " not my problem . Take the bus. " But we live in a different city and sometimes has to be to work as soon as 430 hours. That would be a big problem. In these circumstances, the employer must provide parking for employees ? Can you punish or fire an employee for lack of a parking space ?
What will happen to me if i can not provide proof of insurance in the state of California?0? hate you love me 〆2012-05-14 08:36:01
What are the laws relating to proof of vehicle insurance in the state of California?
What to do if you're under 18 and receive a warning for failure to provide proof of insurance?1~*LiL DeVeL*~ 2012-06-15 21:47:31
I recently pulled over for speeding and asked to show my proof of insurance , which was not in my car at the time . The officer gave me a warning for speeding, but issued a ticket for me ( without penalty ) for not providing proof of insurance. I wonder if I can go to the station before my court date and show that I have my insurance? Or do I have to wait until the court date because I am under 18? I know that a parent has to go with me regardless , but I 'm kind of confused on what to do . I'd really rather not go to court !
If im getting a new job, and i provide proof of medical insurance can the job pay me what they woulda' spent?0taylor20082012-11-04 00:56:57
so if i am getting a new job, and i am already covered on my husbands medical insurance plan, does that job which offers medical insurance typically pay me what they wouldve invested in me since its a benefit they offer or do i just lose out on that benefit? provide links for your proof if you can or explain to me in detail. thanks
Can McDonald's provide surveillance cameras for proof of accident?0Hedda2012-05-05 09:54:48
I was involved in a car accident a while ago and wondered if McDonalds has surveillance cameras around their fate because the accident occurred through your unit. I was parked , waiting behind a truck until the driver decided to back up and hit me right away. My car was left with a small cap that are broken , dents and multiple headlight smashed in, while the sedan had a dent on the back bumper.IF the driver of the van passes to lie and say I hit , will our cars ready to be sufficient evidence to decipher who was at fault ?
What to do about failure to provide proof of financial responsibility ticket?0linny2012-09-06 23:45:03
Well what im 18 , got my license barley . But I was stopped for speeding and the dumb ****** cop gave me a ticket for failure to provide proof of financial responsibility . The judge gave me a little time to see if my insurance covers me dads , but not so. What I can do? I live in texas .
Can I require employees to provide copies of their personal auto liab. insurance?0Brandy White2012-09-30 07:36:02
A loss prevention officer of our company general liability insurance sent a recommendation to require proof of liability insurance for all drivers who can use company vehicles for personal or personal vehicles for personal purposes while still on the clock . A subsidiary company uses a computerized time clock , and it is not unusual for employees forget to clock out , or otherwise abuse the idea that the clock of time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I requested a copy of the employee's personal auto insurance . Is this an unreasonable request ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For what it's worth , he said he has none, but simply enters his girlfriend's house in the car driving to work . But it seems very willing to provide a copy of his. Again, I am conducting a risk management function reasonably or are unreasonable ?

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