How would you solve the health care problem?

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Assuming that you feel the current healthcare bill is flawed, how do you fix the following problems?

Health insurance companies can deny health insurance to anyone they please, at any time and for any reason. This includes sick and dying children, even when their parents have paid for them.

They have denied some bone marrow transplants (cancer) and operations for the blind to see, even when these people had their health insurance.

If you loose your job, and can't afford cobra, (and really, who can while unemployed?) you no longer have health insurance.

some people work 3 part time jobs and can't find a full time job. There is no way they can afford health insurance and no one offers it to them.

Some medicines cost $3000 a month, and these people can't get insurance.

Cancer costs about 1.5 million to make it go into remission, and if it relapses, you owe more.

Some people feel they don't need health insurance, they decide to go vacations or live a more privileged life instead. Yet, when something happens like their motorcycle gets hit by by 18 wheeler or their appendix bursts, we all wind up paying for them.

How do you even begin to fix all these problems?
Answer1VIJAnswered at 2012-08-25 05:26:02
I would ban all food chemicals and mandate only pure clean water will be delivered to people who either do not contain chemicals . A reversing the thought that only through chemical drugs can people be treated for health problems .
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