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Home button not working properly on iPhone 4?0sowmya2012-07-27 18:21:00
Recently the start button on my iPhone did not respond when you click first, always I have to click on it more than once , which is quite annoying. And it's not my fault, I have not been dropped or is near water , so my question is that the apple fix it if they took me to his shop ? It is in the first year warranty + additional insurance that I have opted for . Thank you.
Home button on iphone 4 not working?0Kinnari2012-07-23 09:17:03
yesterday the home button on my iphone 4 stopped working, i took it to the orange shop & they have said i can get it replaced as i have their insurance but i don't really want to change my phone if i don't have to, has anybody else had this problem & resolved it? i was wondering about resetting the phone? the trouble is if i change the phone or reset it i need to keep some of the text messages on there as evidence in my divorce hearing is there anyway i can do this? can anybody help?
Iphone home button not working from water damage!?!?0edeline2012-10-22 17:57:30
I was watering the plants , the other day and was so surprised by the neighbors dog that part of the pore water for me , in my pocket where my clothes and got into where my phone : | Google Groups MedlinePlus So, long story . My phone in general " seems " well .. but the start button , the most important button on the phone no longer works. I have made an insurance claim , but I do not want to pay
Iphone 4 home button problem?0Lynda2012-08-01 20:43:02
i usually have my phone locked, and when i double tap the home button the 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons pop up. but when i try to hit play, nothing happens. Or if a song is playing, and i double tap the home button, it will say that nothing is playing. and it wont allow me to skip a song or replay a song without unlocking my phone and going into the music app. Also if my phone is unlocked, and i double tap the home button, the app selection scroll menu comes up, and those 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons do not work either. Am i having a settings issue here? or is there something wrong with my phone? I do have insurance and a warrante. (The phone is brand new, hasn't been used for more then a month, and the buttons used to work)
If my home computer is not working properly where can i take it to get some money back for it?0Juston2012-07-27 10:52:02
The insurance is already over, we tried to fix it two times already but each time we turn it on it works for about an hour perfectly and then it shuts down. We bought it about 6-7 years ago. I think it is time to buy a new one (at least a new CPU) so where would be a good place to recycle it or sell it?
I have an iPhone 4 and my button is going out!?0Sherri2012-07-31 02:43:56
I have an iPhone 4 I don't have insurance on it but the button that brings you back to the home screen is not working correctly. Is there a way I can get this button replaced?
IPhone 4 lock button jammed need help.?0Sara Pleaseee2012-07-08 04:15:01
I have my phone last September I've never fallen, has always taken care of it, but I noticed the usual lock button press down so I can not close it or disable it. I have insurance for your right to give me a new one? And I think my start button is not working because sometimes does not respond to the thrust of an application.
when sbcglobal webmail not working properly?2arianamartinus2018-05-28 23:41:57
Hello Friends I have using SBCGlobal email account. I have faced issues regarding for sbcglobal webmail not working properly.
IPod touch photo album not working properly?0gisselle2012-09-07 22:24:03
I've had my iPod touch for about 6 months and suddenly began to ' glitching ' in the photos I took . I had about 200 when it started happening , and it took me a little more and they were all black , I thought it was memory so transferred all of them to my iPad , took over and became a gray square . I clicked on my pictures and then were outta focus , if I took about 3 , had multiplied . If you drank a lot or something the whole photo thing would turn black . So I decided to restore my settings , reset the home screen , turn off my iPod , but before I delete all my pictures and emailed them to my iPod , and come back to it tomorrow . So when I clicked on my e- mail and click save photos .. Once clicked on my photo looked good , but I checked out and took a bit of mine and I saved multiplied and mine did not show up . Now my iPod will not let me delete any photos. I have no insurance on it , so I really do not want to go to the apple store .. My iPods messed up I know. Anything I could do ?
AOL mail not working on an iPhone0skylerwhite2019-01-10 21:50:00
When AOL mail does not work on an iPhone, apply the steps below to troubleshoot it: You need to remove the account and log in again.  Go to settings on your iPhone and select the ‘accounts and password’ option.  Under this select the AOL account and delete it.  Now add the account again and try to log in. If you encounter any problem while performing these steps, you can Contact AOL Mail Technical Support  to avail the assistance and help of experts.  Read more: AOL Email Phone Number  Visit here: AOL Mail Customer Support Number 
AOL Mail not working on iPhone. How to fix it?0jenymiller2502019-12-05 01:02:10
Are you not able to access your AOL Mail on iPhone? If yes then you need to implement the troubleshooting steps so that you can make your AOL Mail to start working fine: In the first step, you need to check whether you have an active and working internet connection on your iPhone. If not, then turn on and off the Airplane mode and then connect to your WIFI network. Check the Wi-Fi network setting entered in your iPhone are correct. If they are wrong, then reset it. You can also try removing your AOL account and then adding it back on the iPhone. Lastly, you can contact experts via aol email customer support number  to seek their help. The professionals will make sure that they resolve the error faced by you.For more info click here: aol email customer service | aol email phone number 
How to Fix AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone?1aolcare2019-12-16 03:52:44
Many users complaint that AOL Mail not working while they are using AOL on iPhone. This can happen due to poor internet connections or miss-configuration. User does not configure IMAP or POP settings properly. If you have knowledge about iPhone device then you can configure AOL mail on iPhone easily. However, a normal person not able to understand. In this scenario, a user needs to get in touch with AOL Customer Service department where expert technicians are available around the clock to troubleshoot glitch which you faced. Fix AOL Mail not working on iPhone To resolve this issue AOL Mail not working on iPhone , follow the given steps below: 1. Check your iPhone that is a proper connection with the Internet or not. If it’s not connected and not getting an internet connection, try to reset Network settings. 2. Once remove AOL account from iPhone and try again with proper IMAP or SMTP settings. To configure AOL mail in iPhone, contact AOL Customer Service for help. If you don’t know why AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone. Call AOL Support department and talk with the email expert technician for help. 

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