What does UI means? I am reading the article about the social security act of U.S.A.? related questions

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What does UI means? I am reading the article about the social security act of U.S.A.?0shanaid2012-07-26 23:58:02
In the article, it says "unemployment insurance (UI; Titles II and III) both financed through payroll taxes ... ). What does "UI" means in this sentence. Please tell me.
What do you think of this article about social security and medicare (link at the bottom)?3Baslilon2018-11-03 00:27:10
Pay attention to the third paragraph, so I say that is not actually in two separate trust funds of the obligations and the money is spent. This article is from the Associated Press (AP) Social Security and Medicare finances worsen (title of article) Social Security and Medicare, both to the depletion of trust funds sooner because of recession Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer On Wednesday May 13 2009, 12:12 am EDT WASHINGTON (AP) - Social Security and Medicare are fading even faster under the weight of the recession, heading for insolvency years sooner than expected, the government warned Tuesday. Social Security will start paying out more in benefits than it collects in taxes in 2016, a year sooner than projected last year, and the giant trust fund will be depleted by 2037, four years ago, the trustees reported. Medicare is even worse. The trustees said the program for hospital expenses will pay out more in benefits than it collects this year, as it did for the first time in 2008. The trustees project that the Medicare fund will be depleted by 2017, two years before the date specified in last year's report. Trust funds, which exist in paper form in a filing cabinet in Parkersburg, W.Va., are bonds that are backed by "full faith and credit" of the government, but not real assets. That money has been spent in recent years to fund other parts of government. To redeem the trust fund bonds, the government would have to borrow in public debt markets or raise taxes. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the head of the trustees group, said the new reports were a reminder that "the longer we wait to address the long-term solvency of Social Security and Medicare, the sooner those challenges will be about us and the choices are more difficult. " Geithner said that President Barack Obama is committed to working with Congress to find ways to control runaway growth of expenditure on public and private care health, taking into account the promise Monday by major providers of health care to reduce costs by $ 2 trillion over the next decade. However, Republicans pointed to serious new assessments as evidence the Obama administration has failed to present a real reform the right to close the funding gaps. "Instead of existing public programs in order right now, some are saying we should create a new government-run health insurance plan," said Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Finance Committee, in reference to the health of the administration proposals. "When you can not afford the public health plan we have already, does it make sense to add more?" Republican leader John Boehner said the directors' report "confirms what we already knew:. Our nation can not afford to continue this reckless borrowing and spending spree" The findings in the report of trustees, the annual checkup given the two benefit programs, did not come as a surprise. Private economists had been predicting that the dates of the programs that start to pay more than they receive and the dates the trust funds would be insolvent before due to the economic downturn. The deep recession, the worst the country has suffered in recent decades, has resulted in a loss of 5.7 million jobs since it began in December 2007. The unemployment rate peaked at 25 years of 8.9 percent in April. Fewer people working means less attention to the trust funds for Social Security and Medicare. The Congressional Budget Office recently projected that Social Security will collect just $ 3 billion more in 2010 to be paid in benefits. A year ago, the CBO had projected that Social Security would have a much higher $ 86 billion cash surplus in the 2010 budget year that begins Oct. 1. The trustees report projected that Social Security annual surplus would be "a sharp drop this year," then remain at a reduced level in 2010 and be lower in subsequent years are projected last year. The report said the Social Security surplus annual eliminated entirely in 2016, reflecting increased demand for the wave of 78 million baby boomers retire. That means Social Security will rely on its trust fund to compensate the difference between Social Security taxes and benefits paid from 2016. The trustees projected the trust fund would be exhausted in 2037, four years before the 2041 date in last year's report. At that time, annual taxes collected for Social Security would be enough to pay for three-fourths of current benefits through 2083. To take advantage of the trust fund, the government would have to increase borrowing or raise taxes because Social Security bonds exist only as bookkeeping entries.
Social security in rural areas people can buy you, I just would like to take is young, is like a social security like that, pay for 15 years, and old can get a pension, you can farm1Aldis2012-01-05 17:16:17
Social security in rural areas people can buy , I would take the young man now is a kind of social security payment of 15 years and older can get a pension can grow
My parents to buy a social pension insurance, but my company I am not too sure is not social security, because the policy did not get, how to do, thanks1woodcock2012-04-10 14:43:15
My parents are buying a social pension insurance , but my company I'm not sure that is not social security, because the policy failed , how, thanks
How many trust funds are part of the social security social insurance program0Birch2012-03-08 05:07:38
How many trust funds are part of social insurance , social security
Receiving social security disability but getting a auto accident lump sum what will happen with social secuity?0Bernard2012-07-20 07:33:02
I am social security disability and got into a car accident almost 2 years and will reach an agreement soon. What about my social security disability insurance and Medicare ?
Does jehen know what Social security, Social services, medicaid and more are?0Anonymous2012-10-11 17:45:02
Here is his response apparently he can not decide a better charity that would like to see their money go locally to help their nieghbors, create hi / Your money is better spent and distributed by the government. The question socialism has been here for years and are supported by both parties, and yes to take the goods to another government is socialism for cohersion (threat of jail time and fines if not paid). Now speaking of things like security and protection against someone come and take your property is the role of government and the delivery and post roads, and we pay for this protection and conservation of post roads. For socialism have no need for credit is a joke. And thinking about your tax dollars is good for political payments (look where the money goes Alott not producing jobs) stimulates the economy is just a laugh too short term at least. For gas the Demecrats promised I would get it in the 2006 elections that did'nt now managed, with the help of Republicans just crashed our economy to do so. if you want to know why we are the way we are looking at getting an education in eliminating Glass-Steagle Act to allow banks to do what he does. MedlinePlus His answer: MedlinePlus Socialism is not here in the U.S., despite the ravings of the rightists are not in the path of socialism. The government is trying to unfreeze credit markets and stimulate bailouts and trade activity with public spending. Both are specifically to save capitalism, socialism has no need of credit markets without stimulus spending. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But only pay $ 1.85 for my gas MedlinePlus I wait in long lines for medical care - but I'm one of the lucky ones who has employer-paid insurance MedlinePlus. My private power utilities and water do not charge a higher rate for the increased use of MedlinePlus Each new dollar that I make on my current income you are left with 65% MedlinePlus of. So yes, if I make more money that I have more money. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not consider stealing if my taxes provide a clean and safe community to live, help create an educated workforce to recruit, maintain the minimum standards of life of the less fortunate, or provide the services and infrastructure they need to make my life better and allow my business to run smoothly, efficiently and on an equal field MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Survive? I am I lucky to be prosperous, but I do not know anyone who has voluntarily chosen simply to survive. I'm sure there are people like that, but they are few. I know many people who barely survive and fight to improve the circumstances. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The American Dream is alive and well and it is nothing like what you describe
I am looking to see if the Home life insurance company of america, 529 reading avenue,w.reading pa. 19611 is o0choccy2012-08-23 02:22:02
I'm looking to see if the life insurance company of america home , 529 Avenue Reading , PA w.reading . 19611 is or
If we can prove a pattern of abuse, through political, judicial and social means considering health insurance?0adebulu kehinde2012-09-30 16:39:02
mandate , we have the right to be reversed due to mischief or harassment - not?
Should i take social security at age 62?1 〃 Shang . ● 2012-09-08 01:52:02
I'll be 62 in June how much money do I need to live comfortably
I will be 62 soon. Should I take Social Security now?2Armstron2012-05-11 09:51:31
I am supporting a disabled husband and our health insurance premiums are $ 600. one month . Your medications .. even with deductibles of us Ins. - Costs between $ 600 - $ 800 - . A month
Retirement and social security?0Pinky2012-04-30 18:21:36
If I quit my job this year and take my 401 - K and pay taxes on it this year. Next year enroll in Social Security , I have to claim my 401 - K as income on my Social Security .

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