Connect My DNA reviews?

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Asked at 2012-01-19 23:27:32

anyone use this company of Connect My DNA?

Answer1 Answered at 2012-02-02 02:24:06
Don't waste your money. They claim to be not for ancestry but to only show you what people today that you share the most similarities in DNA. I am a Caucasian with roots tracing from Holland, Ireland and England. My results were Pakistan, Kuwait, Tunisia,Japan, Sudan... It didn't really tell me anything and I feel like it is just a scam. No wonder they have 15 buck deals all over the web.
Answer2dna reviews Answered at 2012-02-21 12:37:45

Total ripoff. My results of reviews came back linking me to Malaysia, I am a black female from the Caribbean with some English roots thrown, none of which showed up. How can you miss the African roots!

Answer3No Connect My DNA  Answered at 2012-03-01 15:16:04

This company of Connect My DNA is a rip off. I purchased a kit from J deals for 29.00. I am Native American (Cherokee) and my results came back from Somalia. There is no way my DNA review would connect to that country. I contacted them for a re-test or refund and I also filed a complaint with Ohio BBB.

Answer4 Answered at 2012-03-08 13:35:04
I wish I would have read these reviews before wasting my money. I'm first generation British and my family roots trace back to England where we've lived since before the early 1700's. We are caucasian light skinned people and yet my results came back my DNA showed roots in Quatar and Mozambique and nothing in Europe. I've contacted the company but they don't respond.
Answer5 Answered at 2012-03-12 07:05:52
Every-one with complaints please contact Ohio BBB and file a complaint against this company. I did.
Answer6 Answered at 2012-03-27 22:54:17
ConnetMyDNA is a total ripoff. Their results are crap. Not worth the time to send your sample in, let alone any money they may charge. Don't even bother. I suspect they don't even have a lab and just make the results up at random.
Answer7 Answered at 2012-03-28 10:28:26
I filed a complaint with the BBB of Ohio and Connect my DNA said "it's not an Ancestry test" BUT they claim that it shows who your DNA "MOST CLOSELY MATCHES" I am Native American and my DNA would "MOST CLOSELY MATCH" that of my people group but it didn't even appear in the top ten matches they gave me. The BBB contacted them again and they never replied back so the BBB closed my case as "unsolved" so far my complaint hasn't appeared on the BBB web-site but I hope as they have stated it will be posted. I don't want others to fall into this same scam as I did.
Answer8 Answered at 2012-03-28 18:57:50
I'm of Irish and Cuban descent. My closest match came back as Pakistan!!!! Also the results are based on the population from only the last 10 years!!!! Yes! I feel ripped off also! Glad I only spent $29. through Groupon instead of their $89.
Answer9 Answered at 2012-03-29 18:47:57
Like the website says "perform a calculation to determine which population group contains the most similarities with your profile" and "Since this test is not an ancestry test, the population groups with the most similarity to your DNA Profile merely represent an interesting correlation, not an indication of your heritage". "We hope this information is of interest to you and that you might be inclined to explore the population groups in terms of areas you find interesting." "Although they do not indicate your ancestry or tell us what color hair you may have or the color of your eyes, it identifies you". It's entertainment - like palm reading, psychics, and 2012.
Answer10 Answered at 2012-03-30 04:29:58
Yes, I actually JUST received my results yesterday! I am adopted and have no clue about my familial ethnicity and because my adoption records are sealed in Miami, Florida, I decided to give this a try... It is a legit company, however it did take approximately 5 weeks to get my results.
Answer11 Answered at 2012-03-30 04:33:53
Being adopted and NOT kNOWING ANY of my roots & then reading the above I am CRUSHED!! IS it total BS? I wasn't looking for an "answer" to my ethnicity, but was in search of some type of answer to reveal SOMETHING about my familial background...
Answer12 Answered at 2012-03-30 12:26:37
to Answer11 ...yes total BS
Answer13 Answered at 2012-04-01 09:43:54
Total ripoff. Been weeks no response. Website down
Answer14 Answered at 2012-04-02 18:57:50
answer 9 you said "It's entertainment - like palm reading, psychics, and 2012. " You sound like you're from the scam company.
Answer15 Answered at 2012-04-03 19:51:38
follow-up to 7.... The Ohio BBB E-mailed me that Connect my DNA responded and said they would refund my 29.00 dollars (I'll believe it if I receive the check). So my friends if you have fallen for this scam contact Ohio BBB.
Answer16 Answered at 2012-04-03 22:53:24
adding to the consensus,utter , inexplicable results, and and email just as useless as the website. That is what i get for looking for a bargain, except it was not such a bargain, i paid $30. By the way, the people most like me, who is of African, East Indian, chinese, french and portuguese ancestry, is most like.......Slovenians! i will contact BBB as recommended
Answer17 Answered at 2012-04-05 13:25:18
I love daily deals and saw this so thought I'd look into it a little bit. They are NOT sequencing any of your DNA, they are simply performing the same test used for DNA evidence, or paternity. They look at 13 places in the genome where there is a variable number of repeats. When comparing a sample to a person it is very unlikely that you would find the same number for the 13 different places if the sample didn't come from the person. However the evolution and mutation of these sites is extremely complicated if not random, so that is why you get no ancestry information from it. It's pretty useless information, as useless as 13 random number certainly. They just make it into a pretty picture.
Answer18 Answered at 2012-04-13 19:43:37
I got my results today and they are really spot on with what I know about my ancestry. Just because your grandma or whoever might not be from your top countries doesn't mean that even farther back you don't have roots somewhere...
Answer19 travelinggiraffe Answered at 2012-04-14 05:17:12
My roots are from Ireland and Germany (traced back to the 1400's), I have pasty white skin and blue eyes. My top matches were Pakistan, Tunisia, Italy, India and Macedonia. Which A) seems like BS and B) is completely useless.
Answer20 Answered at 2012-04-17 20:35:23
I am an employee at ConnectMyDNA and work directly with this project. We do our best to respond to everyone whether they have an questions about the results or something as simple as a voucher code not working. If you have emailed us and we have not responded, we sincerely apologize for this oversight. The most common misunderstanding is that some individuals are comparing ConnectMyDNA to an ancestry product and wondering why their results show something very different than what they would have expected given that we all have some knowledge of our heritage. Herein lies the greatest challenge. It truly is a paradigm shift in terms of how you view what your DNA markers are showing you. It isn't about ancestry and family lineage, its about comparing our DNA markers (13 Loci) to the same markers of populations in different parts of the globe. They do not represent or indicate what you look like, your height, the color of your skin or your eyes, how tall or short you are or anything to do with where your family heritage lies. ConnectMyDNA uses principles based on the Hardy Weinberg Equation when providing information about the population groups you share the most similarity statistically. Since the markers used to generate your unique DNA profile are weakly affiliated with ancestry, your connection will likely not match your expectations in terms of ancestry. Although we may or may not be connected through ancestry, ConnectMyDNA shows you the commonality we share with diverse populations groups in a very unique way. It is meant to be educational, fun and enlightening. Additional questions can always be directed to Thank You
Answer21 Answered at 2012-04-18 08:23:00
Total waste of money. I too wish I would have read these reviews before spending my money. I think the biggest issue is a difference in expectations. I was expecting to get something more ancestrally related.
Answer22 Answered at 2012-04-20 09:58:46
DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! These are my results which are either serverly wrong or this whole thing is a SCAM. 1.Rwanda: 2.Qatar: 3.Mozambique: 4.China: 5.Tanzania: 6.Korea, North: 7.Afghanistan: 8.Ireland: 9.Japan: 10.Honduras: Both of my parents have done their full geneology, and I know for a fact that I am German from both sides (mother & father)-knowing names, dates, date came to America, even know the ship they came on-all pasty white/blonde hair/blue eyes. I know the full genological record of my English ancestors, going back hundredS of years. I know I am, also, of Irish decent. My great grandmother was American Indain. Why are my countries of known decent not listed?
Answer23 Answered at 2012-04-20 09:59:15
DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! These are my results which are either serverly wrong or this whole thing is a SCAM. 1.Rwanda: 2.Qatar: 3.Mozambique: 4.China: 5.Tanzania: 6.Korea, North: 7.Afghanistan: 8.Ireland: 9.Japan: 10.Honduras: Both of my parents have done their full geneology, and I know for a fact that I am German from both sides (mother & father)-knowing names, dates, date came to America, even know the ship they came on-all pasty white/blonde hair/blue eyes. I know the full genological record of my English ancestors, going back hundredS of years. I know I am, also, of Irish decent. My great grandmother was American Indain. Why are my countries of known decent not listed?
Answer24 Answered at 2012-04-24 17:10:33
I just got my results. I am Russian, my parents are russian, their parents and grandparents were from the village in the middle of Russia. There is no way that my closest match would be from Bangladesh(and then Guinea, Afrganistan, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Venezuela, Guinea Bissau)!!!Seriously??? How would it happen? This is so wrong!
Answer25 Answered at 2012-04-24 20:34:57
This is a complete waste of time and money. I am a Northern European descendant. All the results were from South America, and the Middle East. This is BS. My relatives have never even journeyed to South America, let alone breed there. To anyone looking for a DNA test, this is most definitely the wrong place. LOOK ELSEWHERE. There was absolutely no useful, or remotely interesting information from this lame scam.
Answer26 Answered at 2012-04-27 23:09:56
so I got my results yesterday and feel they are profiling your last name, check the name history and find they probably went through the phone book and anyone with a similarity in your name would come up and be listed as your countries. with an Italian last name and and my #1 country being Italy. I know my family migrated from England Portugal Venezuela to the Caribbean and US and some of them are dark skinned I was trying to find the roots and culture but I found that they must be using your last name? I will be conducting another DNA test and hopefully with another party to confirm.
Answer27 Answered at 2012-04-27 23:25:56
I am answer 26 actually I have now looked to see if such software exists and well sure enough it does And it definitely gives similarities to the results I received from CMYDNA see when I googled I found another "wiki" name site nothing came up from the link maybe CMYDNA is paying them to keep the site down? from the description it is very useful and tells basically the exact info as CMYDNA, if only the site was up I will do more research and be back to you. I don't like to be swindled. No one is smarter than me, LOL
Answer28 Answered at 2012-04-28 10:13:21
I am so relieved to find this thread! I am so mad!! Like many of you, I know my heritage, who came from where when, etc. I am white and my main country was ANGOLA. My husband also did his- he is pasty white with blonde hair and blue eyes and one of his countries was KUWAIT. I'm wondering if anyone has every retested and gotten very different results...
Answer29 Answered at 2012-04-28 14:54:32
Thanks. I'm sorry I purchased this. At least now I know what to expect.
Answer30 Answered at 2012-04-29 19:09:40
I got my results, and thought it was pretty cool. No, it didn't exactly match what I thought I was, but, I'm open to believe there is truth to it. So, I bought one for my husband. His was not at all what he expected. So, we bought one for our daughter. Her's matched both of ours, combined, so, to me, it's accurate and truthful. She had half of one of us, and half of the other. So, we bought it for my husband's mother and father, to see what it says about them, because, my husband should be a compilation of both of his parents. We will see. I found it all very interesting.
Answer31kyle215ps3Answered at 2012-04-29 21:21:03
people dont understand!!! its not about your looks or history this is all about who you most relate to as in personality!! its more of recent info about you and what kind of people you connect with better and what your interests are in common with!! Connect My DNA worker said this: The most common misunderstanding is that some individuals are comparing ConnectMyDNA to an ancestry product and wondering why their results show something very different than what they would have expected given that we all have some knowledge of our heritage. Herein lies the greatest challenge. It truly is a paradigm shift in terms of how you view what your DNA markers are showing you. It isn't about ancestry and family lineage, its about comparing our DNA markers (13 Loci) to the same markers of populations in different parts of the globe. They do not represent or indicate what you look like, your height, the color of your skin or your eyes, how tall or short you are or anything to do with where your family heritage lies. ConnectMyDNA uses principles based on the Hardy Weinberg Equation when providing information about the population groups you share the most similarity statistically. Since the markers used to generate your unique DNA profile are weakly affiliated with ancestry, your connection will likely not match your expectations in terms of ancestry. Although we may or may not be connected through ancestry, ConnectMyDNA shows you the commonality we share with diverse populations groups in a very unique way. It is meant to be educational, fun and enlightening.
Answer32 Answered at 2012-04-30 06:12:46
I do wish I'd read these reviews before paying for the test. My bad.... Unless there's a HUGE Dutch settlement in Uganda the test as well as results are not at all useful in helping one understand their ancestry. Don't waste your hard earned money!
Answer33 Answered at 2012-04-30 07:24:53
reply to 31....I am Native American (Cherokee) so my DNA would "MOST CLOSELY" match the Native American population but it wasn't even in the top ten "MOST CLOSELY" matches they gave. You don't have to be a genius to see this DNA test is a scam. I received my refund check from Connect My DNA and hope every-one who has a complaint will file a complaint with Ohio BBB on line. When I filed they had no rating good or bad, now they have a C-, with every-ones complaint hopefully they will receive a deserved F.
Answer34 Answered at 2012-04-30 10:20:02
What did you have to do to get a refund check? I bought a living social deal, and it is way off. I am black. It says that I am Asian, lol!
Answer35 Answered at 2012-04-30 11:11:56
What did you have to do to get a refund check? I bought a living social deal, and it is way off. I am black. It says that I am Asian, lol!
Answer36 Answered at 2012-04-30 16:16:49
reply to Ohio BBB on line and file a complaint and ask for a refund.
Answer37 Answered at 2012-05-01 19:13:35
Complete scam. Malaysia and Qatar seem to be very common results. Too bad Im Irish and German. Pretty sure they are just picking countries at random. I'd like to visit this "DNA lab" of theirs...
Answer38 Answered at 2012-05-02 03:54:17
Connect my DNA is a rip off. I highly doubt they even run the DNA. My brother and I both sent in our samples and it came back opposite of each other and highly dubious Country of Origins based on family history.
Answer39 Stevie D Answered at 2012-05-03 08:20:32
More of the same here. I am a blond haired European and it said my genes were from Iran. I am glad I only paid $25 using a Living Social deal and didn't get ripped off for more than this.
Answer40 Answered at 2012-05-04 10:06:36
I was actually really impressed with my results, except for one. Most of my results were based around the countries part of the Ottoman Empire (which is entirely what my family is.) The only result that didn't make sense at all was Puerto Rico. There was never any sort of migration from the Ottoman Empire to that region of the world...Or vice versa. My father was always unsure about where his Grand Father originated from. We thought it was either India or Egypt. And the results pulled up Egypt, so now we know for sure! We will be doing a complete Ancestry test now because of how fascinated we were by these results!
Answer41 Answered at 2012-05-04 22:25:37
What I received from Connect my DNA was not educational, enlightening or fun. I doubt that people in Ireland or Saudi Arabia and Iraq --have a connection to me. None of the information was meaningful. Sure wish I'd read these reviews before signing up. Would love to have my $29. back. What a disappointment.
Answer42 Answered at 2012-05-05 14:06:12
lol, answer 35, maybe we can trade. I'm Asian and all my results were in Africa.
Answer43 Answered at 2012-05-05 15:40:42
I am pasty white and my results came back as from Quatar. My family is from Italy and Ireland and so it's very bizarre. Going to the BBB in Ohio.
Answer44 Answered at 2012-05-09 08:52:44
Add another one to the list! I'm so-o-o disappointed with my results from Connect My DNA. I, too, should have read the reviews before sending in my money! My family histories go back to the Mayflower, all English/French/Spanish/Dutch/Nova Scotia, yet CMDNA matches me with Bangladesh, Russia, Nepal, Honduras, and Chile, just to name a few. I am pale white-skinned with green eyes. This test seems to be strictly for entertainment purposes only -- I wish they'd put that in their ads! I suspect that the swabs were contaminated, by either postal carriers or in CMDNA's "lab". I had really hoped for corroboration of my ancestors in some way, but instead bought into a parlor-game!
Answer45 Answered at 2012-05-11 18:10:47
Total scam. I'm from Brazil with first generation Italian parents all being from the same region for hundreds of years. My top results were Malaysia, Ireland and Puerto Rico. I've even had my DNA done with and it doesn't match. I'm contacting Living Social and the Better Business Bureau.
Answer46 Answered at 2012-05-14 20:35:27
got my results today and it listed Columbia, Honduras, Chile, Rwanda, Argentina and a couple of other south american countries. I am Irish and German.
Answer47 Answered at 2012-05-22 12:05:31
DNA is timeless, ancient. The earliest civilizations were found in Africa, middle east areas; therefore, it's not surprising that your DNA shows connection to those people. It's quite possible that the ppl born and raised in Ireland would show the same connections to Africa or the middle east. One scientist, in his studies, has pinpointed the exact tribe out of Africa from which he suspects we ALL originated. Interesting, huh? Don't be so quick to discount your results. Do some research on early civilizations and migrations.
Answer48 Answered at 2012-05-22 12:57:02
Earliest civilazations also sprang up independently in South America, namely, around Peru. Your DNA has not been handed down to you from hundreds of years ago, rather, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of years ago. The area called the Levant, the civilizations around the Meditteranean, some thought to have sprung up independently also are in the near east, Russia, and Asia. So take another look, people. It goes deeper than you can imagine, and it's a lot more interesting--and most likely accurate--than you thought.
Answer49 Answered at 2012-05-22 13:42:50
Well I got my results and they were accurate. So I had my mother and father do it. We all have very different last names. It was exact! 50% my mom and 50% my father. My experience was good! Doing my grandmother next.. We will see how that goes..
Answer50 Answered at 2012-05-23 06:14:56
All of you who are disappointed, don't be. The results are accurate, they just go back a few tens of thousands of years which is why they don't make sense to you. Watch this documentary: The Human Family Tree, and it will make sense to you and be a lot more interesting. The documentary is on Netflix.
Answer51 Answered at 2012-05-24 21:26:26
Truly, after reading all the disturbing reviews I am no longer even interested in learning about anyone's genetic markers, DNA or shared traits not even my own no matter how diverse. I am sorry some of you feel you were ripped off, lost your $29, I do empathize---but my goodness don't we all belong to the same race---the human one?
Answer52 Answered at 2012-05-25 07:50:46
I have never known my bio father and have no information about that side of my family so I am very interested in better understanding where I come from. However, after reading the material for this test, I ordered for FUN not for information on my heritage because the site CLEARLY states that is not it's purpose. The fact that the test is so inexpensive should be a clear indicator that it is not the kind of DNA test all of you were seeking. A DNA test for ancestry tends to be much more expensive because the testing is much more intensive (several hundred $'s). The company has very clearly stated what the product is about. If you either didn't read all of the information before ordering or simply weren't capable of processing the very basic information they provided, that is on you. The company should not be receiving a black eye or request for refunds because people are upset for getting exactly what they were told they were going to get.
Answer53 Answered at 2012-05-25 21:46:41
Tarot cards would be more accurate than this "product"! Luckily, for me it was a gift so no money out of my pocket, but there is no way there is any level of accuracy to anything about this test. My top match was Mongolia and then a few countries so unlikely I had to actually look them up to see where exactly they were, with a totally random Puerto Rico thrown in. I think the company just throws darts at a map each time they get a sucker, I mean sample...
Answer54 BBS Answered at 2012-05-31 13:11:10
This is very disappointing indeed.
Answer55 Answered at 2012-06-02 15:29:41

This is in response to answers 20 and 31.  How can a buccal swab tell what personality and interests one individual has in common with another group of people?  I, too, thought it would give the ancestral lineage, shame on me for not reading properly or doing better research.  I had no idea the people of Kuwait were sweet, generous feminists, interested in their grandchildren, quilting, gardening and reading as is my 77 yr old Irish-American, German-American mother. Kuwait was her number one match.  I have to say I'm disappointed and very leary.  Maybe it's just a ploy to employ graphic artists.  The DNA around the ring means nothing, it's just a piece of art, that really isn't all that attractive.  Does one need to be a geneticist in order to interpret the placement of the green markers on the rings and the loci values?  It does seem rather random.  I won't be recommending this to anyone.

Answer56 Answered at 2012-06-04 11:06:43


A bunch of angry white people upset they are not as pure as they would have liked. Sorry, your great great great grand daddy was pakistani. 

Its a multicultural world people, and your ancestors slept around. Live with it.

Answer57 Answered at 2012-06-05 07:40:12
I logged into reviews of this company after my results came back.  Too late.  I will do as one reviewer suggests and contact the Ohio BBB.  It is a total ripoff.  I have a documented great-grandparents from Germany, France and French Canada.  My results showed Tunisia and Sweden.  Nothing from the actual countries of origin in the top 10 listed.
Answer58 Answered at 2012-06-06 11:10:17
I just wasted $29 with Connect My DNA too (glad at least it wasn't the full $85 they charge). I can trace my ancestry to England, Scotland, France, Native Eastern Canada. My top matches were Mexico, Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador, Afghanistan and a tiny bit of Sweden thrown in. I showed my husband my report and he said, "Wow, that is SPECTACULARLY wrong!"
I wish I'd found these comments about what a scam it is before I went and bought the kit! Don't waste your money. The results are not to be believed. And why would anyone want to find out what demographics they share DNA markers with? We want to trace our ancestry! Stupid, useless waste of money!
Answer59 Answered at 2012-06-07 09:21:58

total ripoff, i have done it for me and my wife. she got back as an arab and south american. she is canadian and from canadians parents with ancestors that came from europe in the in the early 1600. i am italian, parents are italians as far as you can go back, i got my countries from africa and arabic. i think this is a scam, too bad i lost all that money.

Answer60NevadaNanaAnswered at 2012-06-07 09:57:00

This is such a fraud!!  Bought 2 kits from for $29/ea.  My son and I each "swabbed" and sent them in and the results were a joke.  Of the top 10 country connections we only matched on one....Croatia.  My top 2 were Macedonia and China and my son's Syria and Saudi Arabia.  Our families are W.A.S.P.'s, from Britain, Germany and Scandanavia. No response from ConnectMyDNA, & LivingSocial won't give me a credit now, let alone a refund....Don't waste your money! 

Answer61 Answered at 2012-06-07 12:47:57

your dna goes back further than a few hundred years--it doesn't matter that your family came from scotland 600 years ago.  human life began in africa, migrated to asia, then on through russia and across the bering strait to puerto rico and south america --those were the first native americans.  some of the asians then migrated to europe.  other africans migrated straight to europe.  i've never seen such ignorance as i see here on this website.  do some research, stretch your pea brains.  read a book about it. 

Answer62 Answered at 2012-06-07 14:13:07
Go to Ohio BBB file a complaint on line and ask for a refund.
Answer63 Answered at 2012-06-12 17:51:31

hello. i understood - it is realy for fun. to make it more professional - i will suggest  to create electronique database with profile, and at least pictures of the person, to allow us to see how people with matching dna look like and give us chance to communicate with each other. 2. the answer we received - top 10 country:- i ll suggest to add description of graph - lets say first and last line - my dna wa compare to which qty of the people leaving in this country - example - in poland living 38 mln, but in example croatia - just 4 mln. so if my first line is poland - i d like to see in this graph - to how many dna sample my dna was compared.

in general - i personally agree with the result - i had only 2 "strange" countries, but i know that my country has at least 700 years of relationship  with those 2 and many people use to go to live and work there - so it is normal that my dna somehow mutching people in those country. however, second test was my husband - we know only until grandparent - but it was total surprise do not find in top 10 countries, name of the country where family is known for about 200 years. another suggestion - is to add links for explanation of trox, d3s1358, ect. otherwise all this numbers - is nothing. and one more suggestion to add "characteristicks of "loci values", example - talent to sport, music, science. example, - click on trox - and you get to the page of trox, click on 8 or 11 and will be explanation on it.

it is a little bit expensive "fun", but i understood that  equipment is expensive too.

Answer64 Answered at 2012-06-13 18:37:08

in additional to answer we received - here is some info on internet:

Answer65 Answered at 2012-06-15 21:19:44

this connect my dna is total scam, but the even bigger scam is the bbb!!! dont waste your time complaining to the bbb. companies with bad reviews can pay to have them taken down and thier bs rating is restored.

Answer66 Answered at 2012-06-16 07:11:29
To # 65....It is not a waste of time to file a complaint with the Ohio BBB on line, go read the complaints there. Everyone who filed their complaint has gotten a refund.
Answer67 Answered at 2012-06-18 19:23:50

i used to think i was pretty smart, until i got duped by these clowns.  waste of time, money and energy.  i can only hope any person reading this saves their money and stays away from this bogus place. 


feeling stupid

Answer68 Answered at 2012-06-21 23:56:37

hi i just got my results back and am fascinated by them. my ancestry is from northern europe, but my results of the loci match said iraq. it would seem at first glance that this is illogical. however, if you think about it and actually do a bit of research on migration patterns you'll find that millenia ago humans migrated out of africa in well established patterns. so really we all have some loci that should match up with the middle east or africa some where in our dna. i am blue eyed and caucasian. i also know that my o neg blood type matches up area wise with the basque region of france and africa my ancestry  is not french nor african, or atleast i can say that for the last 200 years. but ... where did my genes come from before then? if you think about it in thousands of years rather than 200 it may make more sense to you. good luck coming to terms with the logic but if you can't go there i'm sorry. i think its pretty neat. thx connect my dna! no i dont work for them or any other dna related business.:)

Answer69 Answered at 2012-06-22 08:37:14
to # 68... so funny. we can see that YOU are a connect my dna emploe 
Answer70 Answered at 2012-06-22 17:17:55

to answer #69. for me to be an employee of connectmydna and then attest not to be would raise all kinds of legal issues. im so sorry that those of you who are not happy and want your 29 bucks back or whatever amount you paid are that upset. really if it was an ancestry report you wanted they cost about 200 dollars. think about this, if this company were really trying to defraud you, dont you think they would do a lot better job of playing to your expectations?  somewhere along the line of you purchasing this product your identity would be revealed. and if not they certainly could guess based on where they marked this product. its all traceable anyway. sheesh! oh and to answer #69 i wish i were a genetecist, i'd make a whole heck of a lot more money than i do now in customer service, and i would probably use capital letters too. bye!

Answer71 Answered at 2012-06-27 07:17:32

it worked for me. i live in the usa for more than 40 years, and my parents are from chile and argentina.  all the countries listed were in central and south america. 

Answer72 Answered at 2012-06-27 07:21:04

the funny thing i see in all these answers. it is usually this:  some "caucasians" get offended when they see in their list other countries such afhganistan, quatar, etc. and they refer to the skin tone.  is this racism?  i don't see africans or indians or south americans being offended by their european roots, lol.

Answer73 Answered at 2012-06-28 12:50:01

people, people, this is right in the faq's of connectmydna website:

1. is connectmydna™ an ancestry test?

no, connectmydna™ is not an ancestry test. connectmydna™ utilizes current databases that represent the modern world population structure. connectmydna™ provides you with a gene ring™ and the populations with which you share the most similarity.

3. what test is available for me to discover more about my ancestry?

there are a number of different types of dna tests that can provide information about your ancestry. if you are interested in learning more, we recommend,, and


before you guys start bashing on companies that try to do something "new," learn what you guys are purchasing in the first place.

Answer74 Answered at 2012-06-29 12:41:23

why did you guys buy this. its looks fake. all i had to do was watch the video. if you would like to know your roots you have to got to a geneologist. there are real test like this out there but you just have to find the people that do them.

Answer75 Answered at 2012-06-29 20:01:43
Just got back our results from connect my dna....don't waste your hard earned husband's family is dutch....all of them born and raised, his mom's side has even done family ancestry all the way back to the 1600's, connecting all of them to Holland. His test results came back as the number one country...Italy, no connection at all to Holland!!
Answer76 Answered at 2012-07-01 05:17:06
Has it occured to anyone that this could simply be a means of collecting DNA from the masses?  I am sure I am out there and know not what information they seek when submitting; sure sounds like a way to start a database.
Answer77 Answered at 2012-07-03 09:52:57
to # 76...That is exactly what I'm worried about. Maybe our government is collecting our DNA. And could our DNA be planted at a crime scene.
Answer78 Answered at 2012-07-03 12:32:57
I submitted mine a week ago. No results yet. My bro' said it was a waste of time. Looks like he'll be right.

But here's one to consider.... have there been any identical twins who have forwarded their swabs for analysis? If there are ANY variations in the profiles, we'll know Connect is a total scam and it's time to shut them down, especially if the identical twins are both attorneys.

Answer79 Answered at 2012-07-06 14:24:45
TO #78

Really good point. Any twins volunteer ?

Answer80 Answered at 2012-07-09 09:14:46

Check out DNA Spectrum for autosomal ethnicity tests.  23andme for medical stuff, and for your link to other people/family tree stuff.

Answer81 Answered at 2012-07-09 11:05:50

Connect my DNA  also owns

DNA Diagnostics Center  and they also are getting a lot of complaints. Go to Ohio BBB on line and read the complaints against their other DNA business. Their WHOLE company needs SHUT DOWN.

Answer82 Answered at 2012-07-10 20:44:36

wow!  i've never seen so many complaints about the same company.  i sent in my swabs last week.  i wish i hadn't wasted my money - a week's worth of groceries.  why do they want to capitalize on people's genuine interest to know their roots?  disgraceful :-(

Answer83 Answered at 2012-07-11 04:55:06

So, if this is not a tool to trace ancestry then why do so many CMDNA customers appear to have "similarity" to those in Qatar? Lets do a little exercise in what I call "math".  There are about 7 billion people in the world and only 1.8 million in Qatar...roughly 0.025% of the world population.  Statistically, I find it highly suspect and nearly impossible that so many people appear to have Qatar so highly ranked (it was number 1 for me - and I have counted more then two dozen other online posts with similar results).  That said, I recognize the importance that this particular area/ region held in early times (>50,000 years ago) so I am led to believe that this "test" might actually have some indication as to where our earliest of all ancestors may have come from. There were generally a handful of places that early man aggregated - asia, the middle east, south america, and of course africa.  Based on what I have seen from others posts, this almost seems to hold up since many of the responses are countries grouped in these general regions. 

At this point I am undecided as to whether or not this is a scam, but I can say that these results are vague at best and that I do feel that my money would have been better spent elsewhere.

Answer84 Answered at 2012-07-16 18:39:11

all i can say is this is a bunch of crap

Answer85 Answered at 2012-07-17 21:00:25

Wow what a bunch of idiots. Did you people even read what the testing would indicate? Probably not. If you had, you wouldn't have wasted your time or money. Try reading next time. 

Answer86 Answered at 2012-07-24 11:58:22

total waste of money. don't do it.

Answer87 Answered at 2012-07-26 20:50:51

All you people are f-in idiots. Just goes to show you don't read Terms & Conditions or understand what the site represents. Apparently, you also don't read comments/reviews from people educating you on what you purchased in the first place. SO stop being lazy, WHITE cheapskates and LEARN HOW TO READ! F*$King Stupid racist idiots! Thank you & have a nice day losers :D  

Answer88 Answered at 2012-07-27 08:32:12
to Answer87 ... We do read reviews and MOST are BAD. You sound like the company owner. Oh and YOU are the CRY BABY.
Answer89nthnpark0Answered at 2012-07-28 20:32:01

anyone who is upset about this test has their own problems.connectmydna has said in bold print that this is not an ancestry test,what is so hard to understand about that?of course the "country matches" are not going to all match up if at all with what you think you know or what your genealogy actually is. connectmydna was completely honest about that.they are doing a cheap way of looking at your loci values and giving you "country matches" for fun. now there are other companies like genetictestinglaboratories' foggpopper,dna tribes,dna consultants homeofthe dna fingerprint test and their subcompany dna spectrum that do codis marker tests but the differece with them and connectmydna is that those companies claim that their tests are ancestry tests,i don't read of anyone calling the betterbusinessbureau on any of them! one more thing,if so many of you already knew your genealogy why did you do a dna test anyway,especially one where the company straight up said that their test is not an ancestry test?

Answer90Ronin80Answered at 2012-08-04 09:46:12

This Connect my DNA is a scam.  I have traced of my family lineage back to the British Isles and Germany.  My "closest" DNA match on Connect my DNA was Iran with the 9 other countries of the top ten matches all (Iran) surrounding countries.  Not one connection to Ireland, Wales or Germany.  Seems as if they just randomly assign "test" results.  Don't waste your money or time.  I wish I would have researched them better.  

Answer91 Answered at 2012-08-08 11:01:51

like others, wish i'd found his site before i purchased the test. i am african amerian and italian.  neither country came in my top ten...but spain topped the ist wth australia....really???  rip off city.

Answer92 Answered at 2012-08-18 09:17:52

Thank you, NTHNPARKO!

You are all complaining about how this is a scam, but completely ignoring what this test actually is. THIS IS NOT AN ANCESTRY TEST. It simply matches common DNA sequences with people from other countries. It doesn't matter if you have English roots dating back to the 1400s or you have Russian and Irish heritage, it has nothing to do with DNA sequences. Think about it, we've been on this planet for millions of years and we've traveled and mixed races, how could our DNA really "stay" in one place?

This isn't going to determine your heritage or ancestry, it's just linking similar DNA sequences.

Answer93 Answered at 2012-08-20 11:27:10
Hey everyone! I'm sorry that you guys thought that this was a real DNA test that will show your real heritage...the website tricked you into thinking that this was a real test that would teach you about your roots like some other tests. If you read the website they clearly state that it is NOT an ancestry test. They just use your DNA and compare you to current populations in the world (supposedly). They are basically saying that you could be a White American (with Welsh and French heritage) that somehow has DNA SIMILARITIES to the current population of China. It's almost like saying "hey, you like rice? Well this population likes rice too! You're similar!" But, in this case, they are saying your DNA patterns look similar. Now, I'm not a DNA expert, but the problem I have with this test is that EVERYONE in the world already has similar DNA because we all have human DNA! Even monkeys' DNA is VERY similar to human DNA! So, technically, we are connected to EVERYONE, not just our ancestors, or to some other country that shares our "DNA similarities". So taking this test just to find out which countries your are similar to (not for heritage reasons) is POINTLESS because everyone is genetically similar by default!
Answer94 Answered at 2012-08-28 22:14:33

Did anyone sent two dna test to see if you would get the same 

Answer95 Answered at 2012-08-28 22:16:19

Did anyone sent two dna test to see if you would get the same 

Answer96 Answered at 2012-08-29 17:23:17

Ok, so even though I'm Austrian/Scottish with blue eyes and light skin, it should somehow be interesting to me that my DNA test came back with my top countries as Japan, Taiwan, Korea? Why? Because I'm short and ate sushi that day?? Completely useless and a waste of money. 

Answer97 Answered at 2012-08-31 10:37:44

My boyfriend just rechecked his results and they changed. His primary country went from Italy to Rwanda in about a month. What the hell? We could have spent the money on something a little more reliable, like a magic eight ball.

Answer98 Answered at 2012-09-01 15:52:21
My aunt got her DNA tested with National Geographic's Genographic Project (  Our family is white and of German ancestry and our roots were in Africa.  This ISN'T inaccurate.  How far can you trace your ancestry back?  500 or 600 years at most?  We are talking about 60,000 years ago, here.  Yes, it could be a scam, but based on the information you're being given, it's not necessarily one.
Answer99 Answered at 2012-09-08 16:22:51

I have no idea why everyone seems  to think that this is an Ancestry test! It's NOT. It compares the modern genetic characteristics of populations all around the world and matches you to the country where the population has the same characteristics. I found a good site that explains the difference between DNA and Ancestry testing - they couldn't be more different!

Answer100 Answered at 2012-09-10 21:53:05

I bought a deal on Groupon for my husband and I at $29 a go. The info we got back is a total pile of BS. It is totally meaningless and useless, and is only "fun" (as sold on their website) if you get a kick out of spending $30 on junk. I wish I had checked the reviews before. Biggest scam.

Answer101 Answered at 2012-09-12 12:18:16
Overall I was very pleased with connectmydna. They provided exactly what they advertised, and the results I received were surprising! I had no idea that I would be genetically linked to some of the countries listed for me. It was very fun to try and I ended up learning something. I would definitely recommend connect my dna.
Answer102 Answered at 2012-10-09 10:03:32

Alright people stop with all the complianing! It's OBVIOUSLY just for the purpose of entertainment, like the rep said above. With the ton of negative reviews on here I was curious if this was a legit operation too. I was a little reluctant to check the website 99 posted,  but there does seem to be some pretty good info there. I think it's pretty clear the CMDNA thing is just a general interest thing, figure the majority of people writing these reviews are a little confused by that. Do the research before you buy!!

Answer103 Answered at 2012-10-12 08:20:29

i am blonde-haired and blue eyed. since i’m adopted, i have always been curious as to my heritage. i understand that this tool is not going to tell me that i’m irish on my mother’s side or anything like that. but i had hoped for some sort of hint as to my makeup.

imagine my surprise when i discovered that my first six country matches in order are turkey, bangladesh, qatar, kuwait, tunisia and indonesia.

clearly this is an ‘entertainment’ product only. all i can say is thank goodness i got this on a groupon and didn’t pay full price for this.

Answer104 Answered at 2012-10-12 20:35:28
23andMe reported that I, a White woman of European descent, had... 0% European. The health report seems randomly generated. The traits report gives bizarre results. When I asked on the forums what happened, a bunch of bullies seemed to try to drive me to suicide. I want my money back.
Answer105 Answered at 2012-10-14 15:36:17
You people are missing the point of this and are ridiculous. Please shut up. Learn how to read and process information correctly.
Answer106 Answered at 2016-11-06 23:25:45

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No an individual ever steps around providing, "I'd love to clear off my application clear perfectly, i can obtain root channel this 100 % week. " You can go to usually excess moaning, moaning and moaning! Oddly ample, that's how people talk the minute they're addressing having to look for shopping for car insurance

For anybody who is reading the following post, it's likely that thinking with some facts about Escape Foreign, or Sections 19, and the business opportunity a superb. In the following post, I'll search on the enterprise, products, the pay plan and even if Escape International could be a scam and also not. Escape International could be a company that markets several different products from a network advertising and marketing distribution

There will be various credit handmade cards available lots of with several conditions. You can also get various of cover cards supplying you the chance so that they can develop points to support redeem for various sellers. These is often often labeled shopping vinyl

There are a good number of times the minute pursuing your male determines to your benefit. If you know how to undertake factors right he'll turn all-around and give chance. But there is no 100% results rate and from time to time it is best to stop plus dismissed. Here are the signals that you've pursued models man al all long enough and to any extent further need to

Learn how to economize you must saving $ $ $ $ now. Be competent of saving within those things you in all probability need more and more often. Follow the following steps spelled outside here watching your added benefits increase. Enjoy shopping featuring a new up to date perspective books

Becoming a designer is an innovative journey by using uncovering the following student's preferences. Styles in combination with fads are obtainable and visit then come all-around again. Consider discussing a host to which does indeed variations and also tailoring so that they can develop bathing room ability. By taking a majority of these factors please note, any college student pursuing fashion can acquire their put in place the sample

Crimson section handles will be constructed plus sold because the Crimson Find out Corporation past Oregon and now have been just because 1994. The organization offers in connection with 50 exceptional laser actively playing golf grip products which is added so that you can any already present marker. The company is also over innovative technologies while offering green lasers above just better regular purple lasers which have been available not very many

Looking useful means greater than having getting some fit, golf slice body. Also, it usually means possessing a method that's a person's complete private. Mens fashion will likely be everlasting putting on permanent in combination with classic styles. Men's fashion and unit interest males more now than previously as they quite simply realize that looking good will likely be an utility in every last aspect for their lives: online business, personal, and also

Empower Circular image aims to stop the MLM BUSINESS frustration in order to find the $ $ $ $ flowing. For anybody who is frustrated owning MLM mainly because you're simply not making ample money against your efforts, disillusioned with any down-line dropout stride and choked that searchers are packing it in out 'cause the following learnin' curve's very steep... welcome to support 97% to the MLM sector. Empower Circular image, the fresh new kid in the market promises to alter that

Picking one past many fashion jobs generally will likely be an overwhelming trial. There will be distinctive opportunities with the fashion industry you could possibly not ensure that is certainly best accessible for you. Together with the high demand from customers for fashion jobs, always be sure in touch with what its that recycling online so you may obtain going with using ones dream in such a particular ambitious marketplace. Below you'll observe descriptions for a couple of fashion projects and, eventually, be an individual step nearer to establishing your job in the style

Act in touch with 2008 so they can initiate in combination with enable technologies that grow the potential to strengthen American farming, thus allow it become extra fruitful, eco-friendly bearable, and throughout the economy viable. Down to this mission, the Country's Institute in touch with Food in combination with Agriculture has constituted the wider Education Trial

Among the list of hot politics topics discuss, the environment has never yet continually presented a visible position it again now could. Channels for instance Animal Planet and the Discovery Profits channel discuss the several wonders in combination with mysteries to the natural the planet, bringing people today to places they're able to normally never need reach third

The Coverdell Educative IRA is between the many university or college financing options you will avail. It's usually highly favorable to get tax in combination with ease by using savings. Essentially called Awareness IRA, ıt ended up being revamped in combination with renamed within your Coverdell Educative IRA that the rest of us know now. This awareness IRA got renamed by using honor the minute the missed YOU Senator Sara Coverdell in touch with

The data system around great britan is between the most specific ever. Being the following world's major super power to add a al all long timeframe, before the us took greater than, UK's awareness pattern could be a superior one and it is followed via many countries globally including the following Indian Subcontinents. Different Progression - Many of the stages in touch with education around great britan is definitely sorted within key instruction, legitimate instruction, further awareness and leading-edge

The ideal regulated awareness sector by using India roughly covers institutions (often listed as K-12 -- kindergarten to support 12th) plus advanced instruction institutions. While India is proactive by using liberalization, the instruction sector has remained ordinarily untouched because the reforms

It will likely be said the fact that home inside speak use numerous home owner's approach to life, with that as being the primary intention; one will not want so that you can manufacture an incorrect impression around the guests and also close relatives who sadly are available checking out. Thus it is especially important so you might be real estate maker operate the very most effective home domestic

What are almost always some characteristics take into consideration and investigate about starting and in operation from home being sure we usually provide an ideal home-business enterprise? There are several advantages to establishing your goal house business making it appealing to a large many people. The capability stay conversant around family, setting exceptional hours and the flexibility allow it become your incredibly attractive technique to have another income source. But just what exactly qualities do provide consider when preparing for starting your profitable business rendering it an 'ideal home-business enterprise? ' Here i can discuss 7 themes to reflect on evaluating about running a home-based

For lots of people the pretty perception of owning her / his home-based online business evokes for instance idealistic illustrations or photos as finding work executed in pajamas, paying out longer by using spouse plus children, scheduling her / his time, and never need again suffering the your. m. drive. Additionally, firm washboard abs thought could send shivers cut down the backbone. What could really be better? The truth is when you make money online ?, no make a difference how confusing you seek to prevent these people today separate, your special and online business lives are almost always bound to support overlap in combination with, at cases,

For every individual that's wanting to cooperate by using top unique home contractors, it's fundamental closely consider design trends which have been popular currently that allows you to have essentially the most impressive home in the market. Some that is extremely appealing movements involve delicate stairways, tempting outdoor spaces, and Mid-Century present-day details. By way of example using gotten back wood by using white, coated surfaces that will be grown by using popularity owning residential

Interior designing will likely be an art in combination with practice ideal for manipulation in touch with adding fresh new items in combination with alteration in touch with components to support fixtures to the room. For the majority of us women, the interiors in their home in accessory to for males the interiors for their office could be a dream turn into a. Therefore, they find top place and get to decorate their house by upcoming themes in combination with new style and design

In many times, both of us is definitely hoping so that you can embellish dwelling having quite a few inner work surface and exteriors stuff. When it relates to interior layouts, we incorporate the utilization of some green mats, which are ideal for virtually every room. In the market, you can acquire a different form of rugs in various color, and size based upon your preference acquire these


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