If you hit a car and that car's only damage is a tire does insurance generally pay for all 4 tires related questions

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If you hit a car and that car's only damage is a tire does insurance generally pay for all 4 tires1Jo2012-01-20 21:31:40
If you hit a car and the only damage that the car is a tire insurance generally pays for 4 tires
Had a Car accident without injury due to faulty tires, can I sue the tire dealership?1Frederica2012-04-01 06:31:27
I bought a used tire dealer in the city of Goodyear , 2 days later one of the tires blows and shreds . This was while I was on the freeway and made me lose control and run on a truck out of my car. I have lost wages , deductibles and more of this accident but not injured. ¿ I can sue the dealer of Goodyear tires cost , money and lost wages and such?
Which cars are generally the cheapest to insure?6conjunction2012-05-04 09:43:25
just in general .... forget details such as gender , age , accidents or whatever . I just want a rough idea as to what brands and models are usually cheap to insure and why
Car tire blew, causes massive body damage. Insurance claim?2nameeter2012-04-29 13:59:00
A car tire exploded sending pieces of rubber on all sides. It sheared off the edge of the bumper and made ​​a few dents. Maybe not the massive body damage , but much more than what I've seen in a flat tire. Could car insurance cover? Is no collision. Integral? Or say it is part of the car repair, bad luck?
Does auto insurance usually cover body damage caused by a tire blow out1Le2012-10-28 12:33:28
Does car insurance usually covers damage caused by a body blow tires
The at fault driver hit my rear suburban tire No damage to my vehicle but the front of her car is What do I do1Hulda2012-04-24 19:26:58
The guilty driver hit my rear tire suburban No damage to my vehicle, but the front of your car is what I can do
Generally speaking (I know each policy may vary) would homeowners insurance cover damage to a plasma tv?1Kevin2012-05-29 19:42:38
due to an accident on the Wii Remote or fall and fall ? BQ : Is sufficient to provide a photo and a receipt for reimbursement so the tv damaged and potentially harmful can be quickly removed so that the plasma gas does not leak if the seal has been damaged ?
Damage to cars from falling roof tiles?3VaNiLlA 2012-10-23 06:00:01
I have home insurance and during high winds blew some shingles on my roof. The thing that fell on two cars parked in my drive , none of mine. The insurance company say they will pay for the roof, but not to cars and my friends have a claim on your auto insurance . Now they want me to pay excess fees -
If your dogs struck by a car, who's liable to pay for the cost of the cars damage?3Henr2012-03-31 12:04:45
Hello , I live in southern Ontario. Recently, my dog escaped from my yard and was hit by a vehicle. Luckily my dog ​​survived the crash without serious injury. The car by contrast need $ 1,500 in repairs. I have curiosity as to who is responsible for the damage? Would the drivers insurance company ? My home insurance ? I heard that if a vehicle strikes an animal , then there is through insurance porches automible under any fault. I'm trying to find more information on this matter. Any help is appreciated.
If there is no damage to either cars then how much would insurance rates go up for the person who caused it?1Keeley2012-05-29 20:06:13
I was in an accident today and the bell this girl came out of nowhere , but the only damage that occurred was the front label of my car went out of his car and has no damage . How much of my insurance go up.
If your dogs struck by a car, who's liable to pay for the cost of the cars damage?3대답2011-12-21 22:25:52
I filed a claim with my car insurance company for hail damage on both my cars....?6 부정 2012-10-26 14:15:17
They are doing the checks to me. Is there a time frame that cars should be secured ? Or ¿ I can keep the money and not fix the car and pay bills with it? If only to keep the money , I can get in big trouble for that?

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