I was backing up from the packing lot and this lady hit ma car at the right hand corner of ma rear bumper with related questions

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I was backing up from the packing lot and this lady hit ma car at the right hand corner of ma rear bumper with0salvador2012-07-25 19:34:02
she hit ma car with the right hand side of her i.e from the right front head light right front wheel, up to her door. to me she was in the wrong coz ma car had already taken portion of the road, this happened on private property in the apartment parking. we called the officer and he said we should exchange policies then the insurance companies will battle it out. a week later the officer sends me a ticket cited " failure to control speed to avoid collision" i feel like i dont deserve this and wanna contest it. Do i have any luck of winning?
Hi who is at fault..when backing out of a driveway and a passing car hits your back corner of bumper? thanks?2Stine2012-09-28 08:25:03
the car was pulling back with his behind the night .. with all the lights on. and the other car hit the rear bumper on both doors while going at full speed in a scraping motion . this was in a residential street.
Lady pulled out and hit my bumper...should her insurance pay?3Super2012-09-16 13:50:05
I was driving around the corner (the square actually) and this lady took his spot (which was parked on the side of the street) and damaged the right side of my defense , dents and scratches and chips. The police came and made a report and should be available within a few days , told me that I can actually pin point the finger about who was at fault because it was a "poor " situation, but he has to indicate that the report of the police it was his fault . So I have curiosity , however , you must pay your insurance? I was partial damage to my defense to begin with ( mother hit a dog about two years) and only a few of his chips and what not in the middle , but only if the other insurance fixes it, they change the buffer completely or only the part that is damaged ? By the way , I had a bra bumper ripped it , so ...
This lady slammed her brakes and I hit her bumper.?10-][email protected][- 2012-05-19 04:47:01
Ok I know it's my fault because I rear ended her, but my question is that there was no major damage just a small scratch defense fell about half an inch . He made a police report and I have no insurance. How many estimates of detail is required to achieve before making a decision? What happens is that she had other damage not caused me as a broken taillight . She said the damage was to be 1,250 plus car hire. I think she is trying to make other repairs with money.
I drove my girlfriend in her car to a party, and when backing up cracked a bumper&light. Should I pay?6 가산명사 2012-05-07 21:48:58
I turned to my girlfriend in his car to a party, and when the backup broken a ceiling and light. Should I pay?
HOW MUCH can my insurance rate rise up after hitting another car? backing up i hit the front right bumper/ligh8Heathe2011-12-30 15:36:21
I live in California and I have full coverage on my vehicle I am currently 26yrs old and have about 6 years with my license Dirvers and no accidents or tickets on my record. But a lot of people say that my insurance rates go too high whn an accident occurs. I hit the car behind me I think aa donsnt major accident, but small. I need help, just advice on what to expect , please! maybe an expert can advise.or personal experience by someone?
When i am taking my driving test and backing up along the curb should i put my hand on the passengerheadrest?1Beverley2012-04-17 23:32:39
When I 'm taking my driving test and back up along the sidewalk I put my hand on passengerheadrest ?
How much to fix scratches on a rear bumper ?? please help me.?0PAPI2012-06-20 21:29:37
To hit someone 's car yesterday ( Suzki ) my car was not damaged. damaged his car did not seem to me there was only 4 scratches! my insurance company will arrange for her! BUT , I fear that my insurance will go up ! : ( They said it costs more than $ 500, then if not , then no. or what do you think ?
If I rear-ended someone in a parking lot while backing up, is it still my fault if they were...?2Winni2012-07-14 11:00:02
double row ... ? It was dark and I supported it b / c I could not see ( in a small car and I have a Suburban) , when there should have been there in the first place.
How much does a rear bumper cost for a 2007 ford ranger?5Pong2012-05-28 07:42:26
links and other information helps , the best answer will be chosen in 12 hours
I've got small 4 chips in my rear bumper how much would it cost to get this repaired?1Sabrina Goodridge2012-08-03 04:22:02
I have 4 small chips on my rear bumper how much would it cost to get this repaired?
I'm paying out of my pocket for someone's damage to their rear bumper, can I ignore them?13Frances2012-09-01 06:07:02
About three weeks ago , I got into a rear collision with a car because of a taxi , stupid. However, after entering the collision , we stopped at a gas station and looked at the damage. My front bumper was a little peeling paint and the rear bumper had a scratch 2 inches , which was really very small. Anyway we both decided that the insurance or the police was not necessary as the only information exchanged was a cell phone number and number of driver liscence . They said they would call me an estimate so you can afford. A week ago, they called back and said they need the entire bumper to be replaced and I need to get to $ 480. I think this is absurd considering the bumber was not dented or cracked in any way shape or form . I would just have to repaint . I am a student and have no job, so you can barely make that much money. ¿ I can play stupid and avoid your phone calls ? Or you can go through insurance and still understand?

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