I make a little over 30K a year, can I afford a $300 car note? related questions

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I make a little over 30K a year, can I afford a $300 car note?0electra2012-07-24 01:41:02
My rent is $633 a month. My insurance will be over 150 dollars easy (I'm 21). I spend $50 on Cell and $55 Internet/Cable combined. I've done the math, but I wanted to get some thoughts from the peanut gallery. What do you think? I live alone, but I'm getting a roomie in a few months so that's great. Thoughts? The car is a Toyota Corolla LE 2010 with 30k miles. What say you? Or should I look for another deal?
Can I afford a home that costs 180k if I make 69k a year?0Help me please :P2012-10-20 03:29:06
Apart from standard utilities I have a car payment and student loan repayment per month , which is about 600 for both. Property taxes and insurance on the house I will be running about 250 a month. Any advice ?
How much money will i have to make a year to afford a $300-350,000 home in South East MI?1Katalina2012-09-03 04:15:04
Does anyone know what kind of income i would have to have to afford this? Also having to pay tax, cars, insurance etc. Thanks.
I make 30000 per year and cant afford health insurance, am I screwed under obama care?2iya2012-10-14 23:01:02
I am a single person and make roughly 29-31000 per year (depending on overtimr). My job offers health insurance but I am already living paycheck to paycheck in a high cost of living state (NJ). Am I basically screwed by the yealth care mandate to pay their penalty?
A friend of mine is borrowing my car. Is it fair to ask her to make payments equal to the car note?0John Jones2012-10-08 01:55:43
Here are all the details . Currently I have two cars and two car notes - that is a difficulty in itself . My friends went transmission in his car in early December . I let him borrow the car without any concrete plan payment. I have been giving $ 75 a week . I thought it was okay for December because it does not have to 9 . By January , he would ask for $ 400. ( Note the car is $ 388, the insurance is $ 135) . You think it's fair to ask for $ 400 for January or should I be happy with $ 75 a week . My argument is that you can not rent a car for $ 400 a month , so I think it is fair to ask that. His comment that the argument was that if she did not have my car would have done anything in transport .
Forging a doctors note. switching insurance, wondering if i can make one up and fool my boss?1Gholamreza maghzian 2012-07-17 21:16:03
I have a lot of sick time and soon I will be sure because I will change with a new partner insurance. for 6 months so I will not go to certain dotors . and now I have a lot of sick time that I want to delete. I had a problem with my head I was saying I need a dotors account to use my sick time, that I have and am taking only 1 day of rest. I wonder if its writen by hand or on your computer a copy. I 'll put my number insted of dotors only if they call and act like him. I know it's fun. but if you have one you like to share just block the information you do not want to display. but anyway ... thank you very much and please help me
If I sign on a handwritten note that is not written by me, can the note be considered as legally binding?4Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-03-14 09:06:27
I enrolled in a note that briefly says I have to bear all costs incurred for the repair of a traffic accident. However, the note was not written by me, and there were no witnesses. I did not have a copy of the note. I enrolled at the handwritten note , when still recovering from shock after the accident. This note is a legally binding?
I did bumped a car and I left a note, it cost me $ 650.00, would you still leave a note?5Eddy2012-06-11 08:23:08
I hit a car and left me a note , it cost me $ 650.00 , which still leaves a note?
I just brought a car in February of this year and I paid my car note for March and April but my car was repo ?0Madge2012-05-03 04:57:36
I was not late on a payment , but still report my car
Made 2 payments on a 5 year note on a car, was sent title today, can i stop paying on it?17Brook2012-08-05 13:04:47
He made two payments on a note of 5 years in a car , was sent title today , I can stop paying into it?
How much can the owner of a commercial Insurance Agency expect to make? (in Year 1, Year 5, Year 10?)?1Stacey2012-07-25 19:15:03
Hi all, I live in Florida and am currently in my second year of law school . I am looking to enter the insurance business after graduation to build some kind of residual income. My potential partner and think of working with the agency and his father established in order to gain a better understanding of the business before branching out on our own. The agency established primarily focuses on personal lines ( auto, home , life) , but business is written by a few commercial businesses. We also provide the necessary software , cables, and training. Our plan is to get the license status of 20 to 44 so we can start to sell personal lines and 4-40 license that allows us to skip the course and get our license of 2.20 at 1 year (which then allows us to sell in general and commercial lines ). I guess this can be a low risk, high reward opportunity to start , during my last year of school, but would like to get get a little more insight on the opportunities and potential business growth insurance agency . Specifically, what kind of revenues we can expect to move on, which are the most lucrative business areas and reserves , warnings or advice you may have. Furthermore, I understand that this is an industry driven by the Commission and my ability to sell will ultimately determine the amount I do. I am looking for ballpark figures or past experiences that can give me an idea of whether or not the company can be profitable. Also I have 5 years experience in sales.
How much should i make to afford a Sonata + BQ?0mole2012-07-13 18:41:03
im only 22, very interested in the Sonata 2011 if i put the car under my mother name (older than 25) will that help with the insurance or what? i just want to know how much i will have to pay monthly if i start with 3 or 5 stack, will i get rape by the dealer? college student i only make like $1800 at month...my mom only make like $1000 (in case i put the car under her name) any information will help A LOT

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