I am being cheated or really get the prize by yahoo promotional Lottery (detail in Below)? related questions

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I am being cheated or really get the prize by yahoo promotional Lottery (detail in Below)?0vineeth2012-07-23 19:45:02
News Travel Finance EntertainmentYahoo! My Yahoo! MailTutorialsMore Welcome abbasi_shafiqurre ... Sign OutHelp Make Y! pageYahoo home! SearchSearch: Male Female ? TATA AIG Insurance collects information you provide on this ad and is solely responsible for the use of it. Please read the Privacy Policy TATA AIG Insurance for more information. Yahoo! does not collect or use this information. Privacy Policy Mail | Addresses | Calendar | Notepad Yahoo! on Mobile - Mail Upgrades - Options Check Mail MailCompose Search: Search the Web MailSearch Yahoo! Small Business news and resources Folders [Add - Edit] Inbox (1) draft sent bulk Trash [Empty] [blank] Search Shortcuts My Photos My Attachments Hybrid or ethanol? More information Latest Products Prices on the Best Yahoo! Autos Find your next car Watch videos In Yahoo! Music You can receive a SMS text alert when this person sending the mail. Please register for mail alerts to activate this service. Previous | Next | Back to Messages Call or Instant Message DeleteReplyForwardSpamMove ... Printable version This message is not marked. [Flag Message - Mark as Unread] Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 16:39:19 -0400 From: "UK E-Online lottery?" Add to list Add Mobile Alert To: Subject: CONGRATULATIONS ....... YOU ARE A WINNER The National Lottery The Marina Offices, San Pedro Yacht Basin, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1HX England. (Customer Service) Ref: UKON/5464K2/71 Lot: 012/06/DR432 Number of Entries :: 8390281 Serial Number: 3422/06 Lucky Numbers: 3-11-13-18-26-31 You have won:
I have got a mail from : YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY INC & WINDOWS LIVE , what to do?109Rom2021-01-19 22:09:12
IS REGISTERED UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT ( Registration 0201GFRM -7) MedlinePlus Phone : . ~ +44-701-006-3576 MedlinePlus Phone : . ~ +44-701-006-3598 MedlinePlus FAX # : . MedlinePlus +447031898780 Visit our website : MedlinePlus http://www.ymspro.com MedlinePlus Amount Won: One Million Pound Sterling Britain (
I have got a mail from : YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY INC & WINDOWS LIVE , what to do?0Alabama2012-07-08 06:20:02
YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY INC & WINDOWS LIVE Established: 2004 Jurisdiction: United Kingdom GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED LICENSED!!! IS REGISTERED UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT (Registration 0201GFRM-7) Telephone:~ +44-701-006-3576. Telephone:~ +44-701-006-3598. FAX #: +447031898780. Visit Our Web: http://www.ymspro.com Amount Won: One Million Great Britain Pound Sterling (
We have won YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY they asked to contact global courier comp. information given below all right?0Faith Bianca2012-09-18 15:15:03
Unit 6 , Marino Way, MedlinePlus Hogwood Lane , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Industrial Estate Finchampstead Berkshire RG40 4RF . MedlinePlus London , UK. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Dear Customer Esteem " , Naval Kishor Sharma" MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Greetings to you, from Global Courier Service , MedlinePlus We are proud to inform you that we are in possession of a certified parcel , with identification number } { CPEL/OWN/9877 , to be deliver to you, as instructed by our affiliate ( Yahoo / MSN and Microsoft Lottery Board ) . You are to please confirm the below data , if they are correct about the receiver of the parcel , for us entry into our management team. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Receiver Name : MedlinePlus Naval Kishor Sharma Receiver: Gender: MedlinePlus Receiver Address : F -57 / D , GTB ENCLAVE , DELHI- INDIA 110093 MedlinePlus Receiving State :: Delhi MedlinePlus Recipient country : Indian MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Who will sign to collect the parcel upon delivery ? include a phone number of this person so we can call him / her when her area.With about this information , be able to send your package immediately . Just deliver the package to the address you have given us and will only deliver the parcel to the person you will assign to sign for its collection . This person must have a valid identification of him / herself as proof . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Description of the package to be delivered: MedlinePlus Package Weight 0.13kg ........................ MedlinePlus The color of the plot ............................ Brown MedlinePlus Day length ......................... Pending to choose childbirth . MedlinePlus Package Status ............................ Metall
Insurance agent promotional Ideas?0sharday2012-08-02 10:30:02
I am a insurance agent in Iowa. Times are tough for us as we are not having any luck selling auto policies due to our rates. I am now concentrating on the upcoming motorcycle and boat season. I was thinking of taking some suntan lotion, chapstick etc with my card on it down the boat dealer in an effort to drive some business my way. Does anyone else have any other suggestions of things that have worked for you in the past? Any help would be great. First year we have actually struggled for business!
Would a fico score of 705 qualify for a 0% promotional auto loan?0Michael Rondo2012-10-25 12:22:41
It really should be much higher , I'm disputing a collection unjustified existence of unpaid health insurance that I have delivered to me.
What is prize indemnity insurance2Leslie2016-09-21 23:44:03
What is the prize indemnity insurance
I have a tax/title question about a prize car.?2Edward2012-05-24 06:59:10
I have a question about the tax / title. I entered a promotion with a local car dealership for a car . I had to use 6 family members , and could only introduce a time. Everyone knew that if someone else was picked up he was still my car. Behold, my sister
Is there another way to receive the prize that I won without any payment of shipping.If not, then I win. Explained because I have no money to cover shipping and price.www.raynarayn issurance @ yahoo.com
Do you need a license to sell prize indemnity insurance?0Vita2012-05-21 17:41:07
If so , what criteria should be taken in order to get your license? (For example , there are specific tests for life insurance sales , automobile, etc. . ) I also live in Virginia.
If you win the lottery, what would you do?0 New Delhi2012-10-07 12:57:52
Let's say you just check your ticket and won $ 100 million after tax . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I, personally , two condominiums in Miami . One of my parents and one for me . I like to drive an Audi R8 and a Range Rover . I 'm buying my parents so they can move suburban . I put my parents with a monthly allowance so they can pay for the insurance maitanance condo , car, etc. I would buy 20 new suits and shoes. A Rolex and a Cartier watch . After doing this , I would like to open a car dealership in Miami . If this goes well again, and again around the country . I would like to pay my college friends and I would fall outside the university . They have lots of children and Lol vacation. Sorry to dream on yahoo answers . Lol . What would you do ? !
How can I get authenticity of my prize winning information that i received by e-mail from south africa?1 '- [You are willing. M relationship -2012-05-18 20:20:43
The information I have won the lottery and the prize money was secured in my name by adopting a policy of insurance ( copy is also sent me e- mail) from an insurance company in South Africa, to the company lottery remittance to my bank account abroad. Now I'm being asked to pay an insurance fee for the release of that link and say that my prize money will be sent to my account as soon as you receive this insurance fee from me. In that copy bpnd was mentioned that the insurance company concluded that join in complaince with the Reserve Bank of South Africa 's policy on the transfer of international funds. How I can get the details corect to confirm the genuineness of this issue so that when I send to the insurance rate because they are asking. Please give me proper guidance and contact information with whom I have to contact for the amount of my award to my account.

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