Long-term care vs. long-term disability insurance?

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After 36 years in a blue collar work (probability of disability, ie more than 90 days to less than 10%), I'm thinking it may make more sense to get long term care insurance rather than long-term disability term. Bring in 30% of our household income . If you become disabled , I have very little of our total spending (obviously the food, but I would not be doing much in the way of leisure / entertainment) , but the additional costs of caring for me, would be too much for our budget to bear. I also think it would be very difficult to qualify for disability for Class 1 ( a desk job sitting at a computer all day ). Think it would be easier to qualify for two functions of daily life . I know that technically cover two different scenarios , but there is a lot of overlap here , in terms of when you actually have a payment? Trying to understand. Thx in advance for your help!

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