Can an insurance co take soc.sec.benefits to make back money they spent on a claim? Allstate wants my ss money? related questions

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Can an insurance co take soc.sec.benefits to make back money they spent on a claim? Allstate wants my ss money?0Jummy2012-07-23 03:46:02
They had us file when my husband lost his job while on medical from an auto accident. SS awarded him benefits for a closed period and now they say they get it all! Is that even legal. I'm waiting to hear from my attorney.
Insurance company accidentally gave me more money but I spent it. Do I have to give it back?5sea turtle2012-10-24 19:17:02
I recently had to deal with insurance claims because of a serious accident. I spent a few months of therapy and after all was said and done , I received a check from my lawyer saying this is my part of the money. State Farm, the insurance company , also mailed a check to me on my behalf by the sum of $ 1000 . After a few months and have spent that money long ago, the clinic was an accident say that the check was given to me by mistake and was supposed to be for them and are demanding back. They are threatening to go through the collections. 2 questions . 1) Why did the insurance company to send extra money the clinic ? I was shown that a check was mailed to counsel and was divided into 3 ways, is this dirty business going on? 2) Do I have to return the money? I have no money anymore, what are the possible repercussions? thanks
If i have not claimed on an extended warranty can i claim back the the money iv spent on the extended warranty?2Valerie2012-08-29 19:53:05
If I have not claimed on an extended warranty I can claim back the money spent on IV extended warranty ?
What would happen if i take a damaged car to the shop but spent the insurance claim money?0Flaming Spaz 2012-08-29 19:15:05
My car was beaten by a non- insured driver . I was in the process of bankruptcy . I kept calling the company to come get the car . I filed a claim with my insurance company becuse I felt bad for turning the car damaged . My insurance company sent me a check with my name and the name of the store in her body . I told the bank where the car is . Can they make me pay for damages ? Technically , the car is not my responsibility and I have filed for bankruptcy.
How long should it take to make your money back on an apartment complex?0rayden2012-10-21 17:45:03
I'm bored and was curious. I'm not buying an apartment complex or anything nor do I or ever will I have the funds to purchase a complex but I think it's fun to think about these things. If one were to buy an apartment complex or buy land and build a complex, how long should it take to make the buying or building cost of the complex back in rent? Note that I'm not necessarily saying how long it would take to make a profit as I know the business side of managing a complex is a lot more complicated what with property ownership taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, etc. What I am asking is if a property costs X amount to buy or build, how many years or months would it take to make the same X amount in rent for it to be considered a good amount of revenue. In other words, what percentage of the total building cost would be good rental rate be? (total of all unit rents as I know different units would be priced at different amounts depending on the amount of bedrooms or whatever)
Can insurance companies take money back for a procedure they already pre authorized and make the patient pay?!1Ferdinan2012-10-26 17:29:45
The procedure was approved by the same insurance company for another lady under the same plan and the same doctor. The usual steps were taken. Visiting a doctor for diagnosis, the application for approval was sent to the insurance company , and it was approved. It was at least several months before the procedure was performed . Then here recently (4 months after the procedure ) that receives a bill from the doctors office saying that we had 5000 for this procedure is already authorized by the insurance company .... Although the procedure was necessary for the health of my wife, would not have happened if not with him because we had a 5000 in the bank. During a visit yesterday checking the doctors office explained that the insurance company had requested that the money for the procedure to be returned within 10 days? ? so returned it. Now it is supposed to pay the 5000? ? Should not the insurance company or take the blame ? What can we do ? What is the best course of action?
How do i get the most money back from a car insurance claim?0Ngo2012-06-27 20:31:02
I was recently rear-ended in my car. There were no injuries to either party, just a little paint chipped, my bumper pushed in slightly, and my trunk lid sprung. How should i go about geting appraisals performed? Should i get my appraisals from higher end body shops to ensure a larger check? this is my first insurance claim and i have no idea how this stuff works!! Please help!
Can I claim money back for delayed flight?0Tianna2012-10-24 12:05:03
Me and my partner were delayed 24 hours to come back from vacation and have no travel insurance coverage for claiming compensation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If the travel agent we offset the money lost ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For example , we paid an extra 70 to change the holiday for these special dates . We were also going home by train from the airport and had to buy another pair of tickets . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If someone could let me know my right would be grateful. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
Ive spent soooo much money on driving but just cant do it help ?1The Dark Network 2012-02-19 03:05:15
I started when I was 17 now im 18 I know they say its more difficult for girls to get the hang of driving, but they literally have no confidence in the conduct of fear etc get in the way of what I can do I've spent hundreds need a bad car ? ?
When we put money in the bank and they said it's insured by FDIC, do we actually get all our money back?0Kyne2012-06-03 05:18:04
when reading the fine print money is insured up to 100 000 , it means they will pay up to 100 thousand only?
How much money do insurance claim adjuster make a year?1Bar2012-07-15 15:19:03
How much insurance adjuster claim a year?
If I spent the money the insurance sent me for the doctor bill instead?2ABBY 2012-10-09 08:11:02
In California , what the law is not that I may have problems if I spent money on my insurance sent me to pay the doctor instead of paying him?

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