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Why do I get headaches when I play certain types of video games?0plz help :)2012-07-22 22:02:07
Ever since I was a kid and I played Spyro I'd get really bad headaches, and then when I got older I couldn't play World of Warcraft, pretty much the only game I could play is Toontown (I still love it even though it is for kids), but I decided to get off of toontown and play this RPG called Wizard101 until I started played it for two minutes and couldn't bear the massive headaches. Spyro, WoW, and Wizard101 all seem to have the same kind of graphics. Do I just have some extreme sensitivity to the light? Maybe a form of epilepsy? Also I don't have health insurance and yahoo answers is always my last resort for curiosity reasons.
video games social isolation0nollia6622020-11-21 09:09:47
video games social isolation worldwide on line gaming industry in 2010 became really worth round $fifty six billion! This is bigger than both the magazine or the tune industry and approximately two-thirds the film industry's size. In step with a 2011 record by way of amusement software program affiliation, the common age of a gamer in the u.S. Is 37 and 42 percentage of these gamers are female. Considered one of the biggest tendencies today, in live streaming isn't always track (as you may have formerly assumed), however aggressive gaming. E-sports activities these days, attracts thousands of viewers. A number of sites nowadays, catering in particular to gamers and their lovers stream e-recreation events. Several e-game websites have exploded all over the net as live webcasts take competitive video gaming to a totally new stage, reworking it into a game this is considered by way of tens of millions from one that turned into confined to just insiders. Video game Streaming: The massive players Among the large players in video game streaming today are Own3D.Television and TwitchTV. Own3D.Television commenced on line video game streaming in 2010, and at gift, the website receives over four million particular viewers a month for video game live streams. In March 2011, electronic sports League (ESL), the world's largest gaming league, broadcasted the Intel extreme Masters event, which is many of the .A level electronics projects    which, if observed, will help to restrict the negative aspects of a number of the video games. Finally, if video game players are able to play carefully, and stick only to the categories of video games appropriate for his or her respective a while, they are able to derive a number of blessings as referred to above. These are a number of the blessings of gambling video games. In case you want to have a greater exciting playing experience, there are special web sites that you could go to.  http://sbcmworld.co.uk/   
Are video games covered in insurance claims0Kimberley2012-03-04 18:28:08
Video games are covered in insurance claims
What would you have done if you had a 26 year old son who stole $400 from your credit card to buy video games?0jessic2012-08-05 11:27:47
Online? He still lives at home with me , and too lazy to get a job. You can not afford to buy video games for my son. I feel like I already spent too much money on it. I have to pay for their food , clothes , car, health insurance, and a cell phone . I have 58 years and I have to save money for retirement .
I'm getting annoying headaches all the time?0lily jay2012-08-05 23:46:03
I am not sure when this started happening but it didn't happen my whole life. Whenever I wear hairbows, headbands, even my turtle beach headset for video gaming I get annoying little headaches, slightly above my eyes. I make sure the hairbows/bands are not tight and yet I still get these headaches. Does anyone else have this experience? Or have any information on why this might be happening? I can't get into a doctor until I start school and get health insurance through them.
Major repetitive headaches?0Robert Stevens2012-10-22 02:11:59
On the left side of the head above my ear I keep getting these horrible headaches feel like I was beaten by a hammer ... What can cause this ... I have no med insurance so I can not see a dr ... Help !
Chronic headaches are ruining my life !?0Rosalyn2012-09-22 04:44:02
Hi. I am a 15 year old boy who suffers from chronic headaches, possibly migraines (not sure). When I say chronic, I mean EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE FREAKING. You can not imagine the pain this is causing me or how badly it is affecting my life. I've been getting for the past year and a half. At first it was interrupted every day, but now. I have no idea what is causing it and neither do the doctors, so i dont think im getting the right treatment for me to be. First I went to my regular doctor, and he said he believes are "likely" migraines, and I was transferred to a specialist migraine. He did nothing well, not even sure what I have is a migraine and just gave me propranolol (40 mg, 1 tablet a day) and Sumatriptian (50 mg, when I feel the headache). I do not see any effect of propranolol and Sumatriptian is about $ 20 per pill, so $ 200 for 9 pills thing and I can not afford to take them ever since my insurance only pays for one month recharge. I will describe the pain I feel and the possible causes which I suspect may be the cause of headaches in the hope someone can identify what is wrong with me: MedlinePlus PAIN: MedlinePlus - The pain is not really always the same, sometimes I feel strong pulse, throbbing pain in the side, next to the eyebrows. is on both sides but sometimes stronger than the right. MedlinePlus - Sometimes I feel constant pain, and it hurts more. I feel this pain in the sides, but in my head (if its jaws closed tightly, the area increases in the head) almost 2.5 inches above where I feel the pain. MedlinePlus - Also, if my head is upside down, I feel like my head will explode MedlinePlus. -. Also, I am always very tired and sleepy, even if I have enough sleep at night can MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Causes suspected (by me or suggested by other people, so I ask undecided) - Dehydration MedlinePlus - Masterbation too often (twice a day, maybe, I'm trying to stop) MedlinePlus - I had an enlargement of a gland under my ear (can not remember lymph node or salivary gland) Not sure if this has anything to do with it MedlinePlus. - Lack of sleep (sleep 5-6 hours every day, but even if I sleep more than 10 or so, still I have headaches and I am tired) MedlinePlus -. Tension in the neck muscles MedlinePlus - Perhaps because of some of the food we eat. I eat normally ..... not really eat or drink too much of anything except orange juice and milk. MedlinePlus - When I was a little kid, I always like to put my self in a prone position weird, it's like doing a headstand, except on a couch and my legs leaned against a wall. which is ironic because now I can not get my head down. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additional notes: - When I have a headache, I have teeth grinding against each other or move my ear up (a skill I acquired when I started getting these headaches, and I can not control it, when I have a headache that just to move my ear up and keep it there for a while, it's annoying). MedlinePlus - I am not sensitive to light or noise, and I did not feel sick or vomit at all. which makes me think it's not a migraine While I have shooting pain. MedlinePlus - When I have a headache (mostly all the time) my eyes are closed and I can not concentrate on anything for very long MedlinePlus. - When you eat or drink or wash your face, the headache disappears for a while (15-30 minutes) and then returns MedlinePlus. - Sumatriptian not doing much help already. Nor is there any other pain. MedlinePlus - Lately I've been experiencing neck and back pain. I also crack my neck a lot, but I started doing it after I started having headaches. MedlinePlus - Also I always feel my hear beats too fast and strong, especially when I wake up in the morning MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus I do not know what else to do, this is seriously ruining my life. Please help me with any experience I have ..... Thank you
Severe nausea, headaches, dizziness... help?0naleem2012-07-17 07:18:02
For the past 3 days I've been severely nauseous, had headaches and have been dizzy. I have been sneezing a little and when it was hot I would take a cold shower and sit in front of the fan, so I was thinking I could have gotten the flu, but I'm not sure. I can't go to the doctor because I gave no insurance or money. I've been drinking herbal teas, drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep, but this won't die down. Idk what to do... I'm not pregnant.
Whiplash.. headaches.. seatbelt cut/bruise?1Charlene2015-12-18 19:26:05
My boyfriend and I just had a car crash that wasn't his fault (another car pulled out in front of us from a side road, and we T boned them going 40mph), his car is a write off, and I was a passenger. The car was way more severely damaged on my side, both airbags deployed, and going from 40 to 0 caused severe whiplash and some cuts and brusing from seatbelts. I have neck pain and stiffness due to the whiplash. What kind of compensation should I ask for/expect for this? I am 20, he is 24. The person who hit us was just a teenager. I have pre-existing back conditions (had a spinal fusion 2 years ago for scoliosis, have been to the dr for pain in the last 3 months prior to accident.. oops) For the whiplash, how much money should my insurance company reasonably ask the other parties insurance company for? I don't work, I just go to college so lost wages are not an issue, but I can't drive anymore (can't turn my head either way) have headaches all the time and difficult/painful breathing. I will be attending physiotherapy and massage therapy to reduce the pain and have to go for regular medical check ups. I have already been in contact with a lawyer but will not be settling for a settlement until the injuries subside.. Any idea what I'm in for?
Which poisonous herbs would cause massive headaches and falling spells?0Maite2012-07-20 16:15:02
I suspect that a family member has poisoned another family member for revenge and for the insurance money. This guy was great in dietary supplements and herbs and also have a series of shady contacts through various social activities. Motivated intelligent, and taking into account the appropriate time what types of chemicals or herbs that could have used that have caused massive headaches in the two days before it became either episodes of dizziness or fall? I'm assuming she has not used any of arsenic, rat poison traditional or other, however, I wish it had been proved, but do not let them near the body. Suspicions arose in the process too late for anyone to engage the police in those early days. The story told is that a Headrush and the subsequent fall in the kitchen floor of the skull caused such massive brain damage and that the brain began to bleed into several sections. Vomiting, spasms leading to what was seen also as a possible stroke, at least until the wine through MRI, showing the brain being crushed by the liquid after 5 hours of bleeding. Enough time has passed it seems that this person could get away with it, however his actions reek of something very bad, either a crime of murder to moderate or complete. Any advice on how to maximize our effectiveness in getting the truth is welcome. Lawyers are investingating finances first and if there is a smoking gun, it will become a criminal investigation. I realized that she cut a lock of hair from the body at first thought it was for the memory after I learned how unsentimental it is. Is she checking that the traces of his work was gone? He lied about the times, events, history removed from the Internet and other confidential documents. The main missing documents for proper management of the farm are gone. Tried to break into the bank accounts, storage facilities .... what is happening? - Ethnic non-FDA approved supplements or chemicals - Internet ordered chemicals, drugs, baths - Chemicals distillates common household or health care, such as lidocaine
What is the hunger games about?0Alvi2012-05-14 11:59:22
What are the games of famine ?
Hail damage to my home, hired a public adjuster have had nothing but headaches.Who can i report them to?0Cally2012-05-19 19:41:35
I went through a public adjuster in my house a claim for damage from hail. When I signed a contract in which its share was 15 %. We call them papers ask questions and get no call. basically slowed down the process and ended up doing everything ourself.Even pay for home repairs because the PA is delaying everything. theyeven said at one point we bother to view our insurance checks in which their names appear . Among other things, these people have been nothing but headache .. Who can we report your behavior and conduct on the side of the BBB, we live in pa . help

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