Optometrist won't refund my money even though they've messed up my prescription twice? related questions

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Optometrist won't refund my money even though they've messed up my prescription twice?0Gustav2012-07-22 16:26:02
The optometrist I went to my recipe into disrepair in the first place. I went back and had returned to check for free , I ordered new glasses . We went to pick them up and they are still wrong! I tried to tell the office staff , but I will listen . He became very rude, said give me a week and then return. Well, I could not see anything for what he called the same day asking what I have to do to fix it, or if I can get a refund. They said they may not return the money, but can be plastic lenses in the glasses that probably solve my problem , according to them. I have bad astigmatism and polycarbonate lenses (which are cut thinner) to fit in my paintings. If I get plastic , which can not be cut and will be huge thick ugly glasses ! ! They were very rude to me again, told me not to give my money back. Moreover, they "accidentally" disconnected me during a phone call :/ Is this normal for eye care places , they refuse to refund your money ? I am a graduate student with no insurance . I paid about $ 300 for all this, and I have to end up finding a new eye doctor to go right now to have a prescription .
How much does it cost to see an optometrist for new prescription?0adjfbahbhas2012-07-18 06:41:02
It probably varies depending on location , but how much on average? My insurance usually covers , but only every two years. I have to change the order of contact lenses and my previous Dr.passed away. I can not change the order online, because if my prescription has expired. If I see a new optometrist , my insurance does not cover it , because I went to see an eye doctor last year. So they will not meet again until next year.
National Insurance........Urgent help!!! Please i need help! Do I owe them any money? And Im totally messed up?0Leonard2012-09-28 10:40:02
Ok, this is going to be very long, but I really need some advice and help! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm half German. (My mother German) .. MedlinePlus I lived for a couple of years abroad, which means leave Germany. I've been to a boarding time and I was in my teens .. 14-19yrs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went baq to Germany at age 19 in year: 2009. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I stayed there for a couple of weeks and moved to the UK with my parents. MedlinePlus I applied for a National Insurance card. MedlinePlus However, after applying baq went home (to my parents country) and remained there for a year or so. With my (now husband). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since I keep going back and forth. Like leaving the UK and visit my parents very often, so now; MedlinePlus Q.1) I wonder if I have to pay National Insurance or if I owe money?! MedlinePlus - MedlinePlus Because I lived in Wales for a while and National Security taxes paid only for 1 or 2 months and was also registered with the Council, but .. MedlinePlus -After living in Wales I moved to London and studied for several years in London and did not register with the National Security Council or payed ... But frequently visited the doctor .. And now I'm confused .. I have my name removed, just after my departure wales .. Which means you have paid NI and council tax for 2 or 1 months only. And I know that students do not have to pay council .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - After I studied, I have left the UK and went to Dubai baq + The UK did not count as an international student, as Germany is in the EU, the G-8 and I get all the rights and benefits it gets a UK citizen. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus P.2) - And after a few months, I went to England and bought a property in a lease 10YR, but as the papers havent been transferred to my name, but I'm not paying NI. And everything else as taxes and Stuffz are being paid by me, MedlinePlus but everything is paid in "his" name. - The name prev.owners .. I just had a paper they all signed in front of a lawyer .. I, the store owner and wittnesses two counsel. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus oh and do not currently am living in the UK, IM still living in Dubai .. So what do you think shuld MedlinePlus after reading all this!
I was in an accident was not my fault. my whole bumper is messed up.do i get money for damages?6Blaine2012-06-18 20:14:48
my sister 10 years old, was in the car I was scared , obviously. No one was injured. came a third and hit me. I have a nice big hole in my defense and my front bumper now faltering much. police arrived and filled a report of the woman received a fine and a summons that says I have to call the day before to see if he decides to go if I have to go as a witness ...... to happen in New Jersey .... I receive money for damages if so about how much ? ?
How do I get my former insurance company to refund my money?0Brakenette2012-10-23 22:45:04
I had been using Allstate for my auto insurance since last summer and had no problems with them, no tickets or accidents but on May 19, 2010, I got a letter in the mail saying my auto insurance increased to $417 a month because they said my son had his drivers license. I called them on the phone and told them my son had taken drivers ed in Jan 2009 but never took the test to get his drivers license. He has not driven a car since he took drivers ed over 18 months ago. I told this to Allstate but everytime I called them on the phone, I would get someone in India who couldnt help me. I decided to switch insurance and went with State Farm. I went to an agent and explained to them that my son had his permit but wasn't driving and wasnt ready to practice or drive yet. They were very understanding and told me not to worry about it. A few days later, my children's grandmother passed away and my son went to go stay with my ex husband for the summer to help him ( he has a chronic illness). State Farm told me that Allstate should refund my money that I had already paid. My insurance was due on May 16 and I paid it on May 15,2010 and I cancelled with them 5 days after I paid them. Allstate is refusing to give back the money I paid for my insurance and I cancelled with them 5 days after I paid them. State Farm has told me they are suppose to refund my money and this has been going on over a month. What do I do next? I am tired of calling and getting someone over seas who has no clue what I am talking about. Sorry about the vent but this is frustrating.
How can a poor person get the money to go to a good rehab for prescription medications?0magda2012-07-16 18:57:03
I had depression and since I was 17. The doctor gave me klonopin and an antidepressant . I thought my depression was caused by being obese, so I got the gastric bypass, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lipo. Well not only was I more depressed but I got addicted to all the opiates they gave me for years. I also became hooked on my klonopin prescription. I went through bankruptcy at 26 from my addictions. I have tried all the state funded rehabs including hospitals that offer it. Well one week of torture isn't enough to feel better and stay clean. My dream is to be able to go to The Summer House in FL. I can't afford it, have no credit for a loan, no savings and no insurance. This is all thanks to my habit!!!! I wrote them a letter but they said no way!!!! There has got to be some type of charity willing to help addicts who want to be sober more than anything!?!?!any suggestions or answers???? I'm afraid I will die like my brother did , since he was addicted to the same things as me. Desperate hopeless and miserable with life
Have no car ins and no money just got a job and now they wont prove of car ins what can I do?0George2012-05-22 03:39:34
They have car accessories and no money just got a job and now they will not result from car accessories , what I can do?
Ketogenesys Keto Blend:provide 100% money refund guarantee0sammyponn2019-05-11 03:10:57
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How much money do insurance people refund on closing the policy. {india}?0sklfjs2012-08-04 23:45:03
i have two insurance policies i have been paying premium of 2400 for past 38 months for each of the policies i would like to close it so how much refund will i get on closing it , the company is max new york life insurance .
Parents wont let me spend my own money how I want to?0Tshepiso mphehlo2012-09-28 16:08:03
I just turned 19, I 've finished college and have a full time job . I can pay my share of the bills and do my homework . I 'm not home that often , I work 40 hours a week and spend most of my free time with my boyfriend . MedlinePlus After paying my share of the bills and pay my car insurance , which had waited all my remaining money would be for me to buy what I liked . But every time I do something new and my mom complains saying true madman makes everything just got stupid and I do not need it , and that it will increase the amount of the bills you have to pay . MedlinePlus I could understand this if I was spending all my money in the trash , but I'm not. I hardly ever buy anything new , or go to expensive places . I can buy new clothes only when I need them . I recently bought a new guitar because my dad was kind of crappy , and the only cost
YooSlim:Provide 100% satisfaction guarantee and money refund chance if not satisfied0catherinejohnson2019-05-21 22:30:05
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My mom wont talk to me unless its about money or paying a certain bill.?0rose- revision-2012-10-07 01:25:25
Im 23, I still live with my mother and I work at a Walmart (part time) and go to school. I make $ 9.00 an hour for working a night shift. Not much, but gets most of my bills paid. I can pay about $ 175 for cable, $ 86 for the phone, $ 51 for my car insurance and $ 60 for the gas that is supposed to last for two weeks so that I can go to school. These bills I can pay in full and on time. I give my mom $ 200 for my share of the rent and I was fine with that. But for the last cpl months I felt like something was off because I use to have money to do what needs to be done. A cpl of months ago, my brother who pays for their own electricity and phone bill broke his ankle during a basketball game ...... literally. After that he had to stay off his leg for three months. During these three months I had to take care of their part of accounts. What bothered me was that one of those three months I could have paid the electricity bill, but used it to go to the beach with his girlfriend. Now I've been trying to save some money for me to buy and build a desktop that laptop that im using does not have enough power to run certain programs that want to practice and work on my career as a game designer. The moment you resist in any money fussed and cried to my mother. You can also compare with what he did years ago when my dad and my brother play $ 100 each and took 60 from me and only forty of my younger brother. Me and my brother are only a year apart in age. My mother says she does not have your child's favorite, but I think she's lying about that because there was a time when she was angry with me for not taking the trash when I clearly told him that I never ate if everyone allowing overflow. After she yelled at me and said no wonder why everybody likes your brother. No child can remember a parent saying to them. I scarred for life and I repeat I always hear in my head every day. Now back to the main topic. Three months are more than my brother has returned to work and now I can start buying parts for my tower pc. But every time I'm about to buy a piece that comes out of nowhere and tells me that something has to be paid. She does this for months knowing what im trying to do with that money. So one day I got tired and sat down and said I can only give 100 rent until I get this built pc tries to raise his voice at me, but I stopped before it got any louder. Well said, but added to this months rent. Then I said, "I just said it starts now," she obviously did not listen and leave my room. Now my moms paycheck be garnished and I know you do, but for her, but I know she is paid $ 11 an hour and most of that is taken out maybe 150 or 225. She works about 24 to 32 hours a week and work on it, but mostly 24 a week. 24 hours for me a couple of weeks I left with $ 378 after tax with its well ............ be calculated. she should have more than enough to have at least 400 to reant and pay your other bills that is just your phone bill and your car insurance. what did not make sense to me is that she is constantly asking my grandmother for some rent money. My mother used to tell me and my grandmother is a gossip so my grandmother tells me these things. My grandmother said his mother has a spending problem but its really funny because there is no food in the house because she did not buy foods that WLD even go past $ 50 to purchase rice, bread and stuff to make sandwiches with so the question is what are you doing with the money they give for rent? Why I broke whenever I can pay my bills and make rent. saving is not an option in this house because you'll use my fault that make me cough up the money to pay any bill out. I want out so me and my friend cld get an apartment together. I feel that the EPC save more money that way. I love my mom to death and we know that only a mother, but I feel like I have to cut all ties with her to make her understand that I am not a person who lives with her only to rescue them. Because right now all I'm living in this place at this time is that she is trying to control how I use my money and just general use. Im always stood out in the talks, and even when I try to have a pleasant conversation with anyone in this house that somehow becomes an argument all the time. My older brother, who lives in Jersey (I live in Georgia) is really you only brother I can talk. I want to know if I should leave because I feel that if I stay here my relationship with her only breaks into pieces.

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