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How much is Testosterone? (FTM trans)?0TSK2012-07-22 13:50:02
I'm a sixteen year old transman who is getting ready to start T. I've gotten my mom to agree to it, but she wants me to pay for it. This isn't exactly easy considering I haven't been able to find a job (Though I may have one in a month or so.) I just need to know about how much it will cost, roughly. (there probably won't be a lot of help from insurance, if any.) Any help would be welcome.
Will medi-cal pay for testosterone?0Salome2012-05-21 05:00:35
I'm not starting testosterone until you have a better coverage, but this is an interesting question for me. I do not see why you should cover the testosterone , but there is nothing that says it does and it does cover the therapy of gender .
Female to male trans-gender?0Emma D.2012-10-12 02:45:02
I am a17 year old girl and I have a twin brother I hate the fact that I am a girl I've always been jealous of my brother , so I want to get af m transgender surgery , but I live in Cheyenne . Is there a place where I do I have to pay in advance , but in small payments , uninsured and there is a place that will do this surgery without me cheyenne
Trans driver's license thing?0Power2012-05-28 23:08:17
I am FTM, and 15. I live in Connecticut, where apparently all it takes to change the gender marker in the license is a letter from one of the therapist.The is , I have my license yet. You can not change what it says on the license if it is not yet. So when I go to register , do I have to take the letter with me and have the gender marker that right from the start, or should I first have to obtain a license, and then return the letter of the therapist and to modify my license ?
I have low testosterone. I need a product that works. Please help?1Ramya HELP!2012-09-20 00:30:03
I have low T. Please help me. I do not have insurance tho
Trying to concieve, low testosterone frustrations?0Maranda2012-07-14 03:12:03
My husband and I have been trying to concieve for 4 months now with no luck. I know 4 months isn't long, but I still feel a little frustrated. I have a child from my first marriage that was conceived our second month of trying and I guess I assumed it would still be the same. My husband has low testosterone, but our insurance does not kick in until September, so we can't get checked out yet. Before he switched jobs, he had his boos work done and his T was definately low. Is there any way to help us until we can go to the doctor? Does low T automatically mean he has low sperm count? He will get on androgel in september, but is there a way to get his body to create it on its own? The doctor he went to last disnt seem to care, he says he won't even test us until we have been trying a year. I think that is stupid, if you know he has low testosterone, why not fix the problem? I think we will see a different doctor next time around. He wouldn't even answer any questions :(
Am I still covered if I tell the insurance company I have a v6 firebird, when I really have a v8 trans am?5Gre2012-04-24 02:12:58
In case you did not know a Trans Am is the most expensive , Firebird high-performance V8 engine ? So if the list as a v6 firebird , and I get in an accident , Fender Bender, or front-end, they need engine repair , I will be covered , or does it cancel the contract?
VigRX Plus:Uplift the testosterone level1bodyilison2019-08-14 23:22:05
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What alternatives do I have to Axiron (prescription Testosterone)?0shonteey2012-09-15 02:58:04
Here is my situation . I have no health insurance , my job at the factory (I've had for 2 years) does not offer anything , I've felt horrible and messed up for over a year ( several symptoms too) and after 2 months of testing my figures Dr out their very low levels of testosterone, which is strange because I was already in the strongest OTC natural test booster and it was still low . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My only job that pays me $ 8.50 an hour and Axiron is $ 350 a bottle / month. No insurance will cover or any other preexisting condition. Governments " preexisting conditions " Insurance does not cover my state . Axiron solution is applied topically to the axilla. MedlinePlus What other drugs where testosterone is used to cost me $ 350?
How much will it cost to ensure my 98 trans am..iam 20 years old living in california?2Jacqueline2012-10-25 01:45:02
What does it cost to insure my 98 trans am .. live iam 20 years old in California?
Is there any way you can print a copy of your car registration off of your Dept. of Trans website?0Warren2012-03-15 13:23:58
I live in Pennsylvania and accidentally pulled my registration card for my car . I need a permit for my school for parking on campus. I know I can mail a form to get it , but it takes 30 days , is there a faster way .
Hit lightly from behind of car: cost to fix lower part of bumper on Trans AM?0georgettte2012-08-22 05:15:03
Hello, I have a 98 Trans AM. I was hit from behind. At first it looked like the rear par of my bumper just had some scratches. Now when I tug on the lower part of the bumper, it feels a little loose. Of course this incident was reported, and the insurance should take care of it. But in general what needs to be fixed. Will they put a new lower bumper part in, or just fix this one and re-attach it. It is only loose and has a few scratches. It;s the part that goes right over the exhaust and says the word PONTIAC on it??

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