First gyno visit, do I have to get a pap smear if I'm sexually active? related questions

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First gyno visit, do I have to get a pap smear if I'm sexually active?0HUNU2012-07-21 23:16:02
I'm 19 years old and I want to get on birth control because my boyfriend & I recently started having sex. We have only done it a handful of times and always used a condom responsibly. I'm still on my parents insurance and I'm planning on telling my mom soon about my interest in getting on birth control. I've told my mom I'm still a virgin, and I'm going to tell my gyno that too. The main reason is so she won't give me a pap smear because I frankly don't need it. I have normal periods my boyfriend was also a virgin, so any kind of infection is impossible. And I just don't want her going there in the first place. All I want is to start taking birth control. My question is, if I tell my gyno the truth, will she have to give me a pap smear? I know she won't tell my mom, but if a pap smear is on the insurance bill, it's a dead giveaway. If I say yes, I'm sexually active, does she have to inspect me? Or would it just be better to tell her no and we can avoid this whole mess and I'm strictly there to be put on birth control?
How can the insurance company reveal that I am sexually active?0Baro2012-06-28 10:37:02
I recently went to the doctor and a slurry of the pelvis and review was done. I had an infection and need antibiotics. The nurse said that the report be printed sure that I am sexually active , which caused the infection. (Not a sexually transmitted disease ) how does that work?
Can health insurance raise rates for being sexually active?0meya2012-09-29 03:15:04
i recently went to a nurse practitioner to look at something i thought was an STD, it wasn't. But she marked me down as being sexually active, will this affect my health insurance rates?
Last period 9/08 I became sexually active 2/09 again w/(-) pregnancy test & liquid in my breasts & no kids?0Burdette2012-11-01 21:04:38
I've been to the doctor's regarding my period and they say it's irregular because i'm overweight...the funny thing is I know girls way bigger than me and aunt flow comes every month! The second week of this month I noticed that my breasts hurt so I rubbed them out and that's when I noticed a little liquid come out of I did the same to other and sure enough! Strange I've never had kids, only one failed pregnancy but I was only two months along and that was years ago!!!??? It's really confusing me because I also have a lot going on down and it's not gas sometimes i feel a idk...pulsing it's reall quick and doesn't happen offten... Please someone help shed some light!!! No medical insurance, Planned Parenthood is my only option, and they don't run blood test to see if your pregnant...
Why shouldn't all fertile women who are sexually active with men be required to have pregnancy insurance?0annoymous2012-06-27 19:24:01
Like car insurance , you have it in case you need it . Otherwise , the rest of us have to pay for you. If you have sex, get insurance before getting pregnant . Then the rest of us do not pay their medical bills. If you can not afford the insurance pregnancy, you probably can not afford to have sex.
How much is a general visit to the gyno?0Hero2012-10-11 06:39:54
Just need some pain medication . What I'm usually with my dad but this year I have no insurance and I will wait a couple of months to go to family planning for the pap . But I need to know how much it would be for him just to talk and write a recipe that I have written many times before. Im thinking around $ 200 which makes high sound ?
What can I do? pap smear?0Shandel2012-07-27 05:16:02
I called the health department to make an appointment for a pap smear and they said in order for me to get a pap smear I have to be on birth control for 3 months and then get one? Isn't there somewhere I can go to get a pap smear done without being a birth control? I don't have insurance so I can't go to the doctor.
I have some questions about my first pap smear...?0TOM MY2012-09-28 17:03:02
Okay, so I'm old enough to go to the doctor on my own, but my mom is just now leaves me . I have an appointment gynecologist. morning and wanted to know some things . If I'm on my parents insurance claim and I 'm paying with your credit card , will see if I get a Pap test ? Also wanted to know if the doctor is allowed to tell my parents I'm having sex . I have in my opinion old enough to have sex , but my parents are very strict . please, no judgments , only answers
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My pap smear was abnormal, i have to go back for anouther test im under my dads insurance. he cant know that3Everle2012-07-03 04:05:03
I'm having sex. I fear that when billing the insurance company will see what I had to go to the gyno repeatedly or if I have to do some kind of medication or pills that too I will look into the insurance bill . Is there any way around this?
Question about going to the gyno?0Mily2012-08-27 07:13:03
Hey . Right. So I'm going to college in the fall and I have 18 years. I'm not sexually active at this time , but I'm afraid I might if I go to college . I'm not saying I will, but I want to be very , very safe and take care of myself . I have a problem . See my parents are religious and believe that sex is for after marriage and therefore I can not go to the gynecologist with their knowledge. I have to do it secretly . I know it's wrong , but I have to be logical and take care of myself . So my question is that how much usually cost to go to the gynecologist without insurance and how much it cost to get birth control ?
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