I have very frequent UTI's and now I have no health insurance. What do I do? related questions

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I have very frequent UTI's and now I have no health insurance. What do I do?0PsyDAG2012-07-20 02:45:01
I know I've had this for a little over a week and have been taking a ton of water trying to wash away bacteria. My back is also suffering and my boyfriend said its a little swollen . Your killing me.
Frequent Crashes of Norton Antivirus? 0nortontechcare2018-08-07 20:36:13
Are you the victim of Frequent Crashes of Norton Antivirus?  Or your Norton is not opening? If yes then just get in touch with Norton Technical Support  who are available at all hours i.e. 24x7. The team of experts will analyze the issue then will give the prompt and complete solution. They will guide in you effective and best way that you do not face such kind of issue in near future. Read More: - Norton My Account Login  
Roadside Assistance for NON US residents (frequent visits to so cal))?0Alexandra2012-06-18 14:44:13
My father in law 's life in Tijuana, but U.S. visit the weekend . AAA does not cover non-residents .. we Does anyone know if there is a company that makes
What is the health policy in great China? Does Govt. provide free health or you have to buy health insurance?0Mongolian Shit 2012-08-13 12:32:03
Is it similar to the U.S., where everyone must buy health insurance that is not possible for everyone. I guess I should not be like the U.S. Otherwise how can people buy 1300000000 health insurance . Concept of health insurance is not possible in this large population. How does the health system in China? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Would health insurance coverage for alternative health care increase consumer choice or decrease health care?1Rica2012-08-18 04:50:02
Would health insurance coverage for alternative health care increase consumer choice or decrease health care costs?
Health insurance..need a good health insurance plan for my 14 year old excellent health grandson?1Psychoman 2012-07-09 09:10:02
I am your guardian , as both his parents died , the mother (2010) and father ( my son 2011). I have 70 years of age, threshold work , a Medicare Advantage ( so is my wife of 68 years old) ... had Medicaid , but I guess now will lose because if I think my income would be more than the prescribed amount , but I'm willing to buy private insurance , the problem is that it seems that insurance companies are not offering any only insurance plan for that age group. Any suggestions i do not have employer-provided insurance and in any case would not qualify , since it is not my son). thanks
Whe will liberals admit the "affordable health care act" has made health care and health insurance?0sexy_gal 2012-09-18 12:45:05
More expensive already?
How come health insurance is needed to have health care; we should have health care with out that step?0Tosha2012-10-25 19:18:18
How does the health insurance you need to have health care , we must be careful to health happened ?
Universal Health Insurance, Universal Health Care, National Health Insurance, Private Health Insurance?0Kayden Ryan Smith2012-08-22 17:15:03
What are the differences between: - Universal Health Insurance - Universal Health Care - National Health Insurance - Private Health Insurance - Government Health Care - State Health Care I am especially confused with Universal Health Insurance vs. Universal Health Care. Can you answer the question for each category in few sentences (not too much detail, but fluent explaination please) and it would be great if you leave the source as well so i can look into it more. Thanks.
Would universal health care in the United States destroy the health insurance industry?2Tang Love Ya 2012-05-31 03:08:04
That universal health care in the United States to destroy the industry of health insurance ?
I have health insurance coverage provided by my employer through United Health Care Group?0cooper2012-07-21 13:58:03
It has been more than 3 years, I never use their services, my mother is also included in this insurance cover. I want to know what are the medical conditions covered by united health care, beside this how i know their cashless hospitals in Hyderabad city. do they cover the investigation charges as well. except the log in id and password no any Information is available to me.
So the dems version of health care reform is forcing everyone buy health insurance or go to jail?0Sonam2012-07-06 06:14:12
So who's in the pockets of the insurance companies now dems? All Pelosi and Obama are doing is giving them tens of millions of new paying policy holders.

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