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Would a doctor give me a walking boot?0Augu2012-07-19 22:15:02
i have a possible sprain or stress fracture. i don't have insurance but i am wondering, would a doctor give me a walking boot or even cast my ankle til its healed? i am just wondering because it hurts to walk because of the pressure and i am a babysitter so i am constantly on my feet and moving around even when i am at home since i clean our house as well. so would they be willing to give me a walking boot or cast it so that it can heal rather than get more damaged?
Does Aetna insurance cover a walking boot/cast?6Male2018-05-17 19:30:50
Aetna 's insurance covers a cast or walking boot air ?
Is it fair for big medical insurance companies to give it's paying subscribers the boot?1marc2012-08-02 04:42:52
If your health insurance payment , and the company decides to terminate his contract because of his illness , is it fair ?
Can workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion in Florida Also can you choose the doctor that give the second opinion Does that doctor have to be in a network0E2012-01-15 04:04:34
Workers' compensation may allow you to get a second opinion in Florida also can choose the doctor who will give the second opinion Does that doctor must be on a network
Can my general doctor give me weight loss pills or refer me to a weight loss doctor?0Aaminah2012-09-25 21:21:03
I can find no 100% guaranteed weight loss pills , MedlinePlus I have health insurance , what I can do about it ?
Why won't the doctor give me a referral to a dietician?1Anta2012-07-31 06:15:03
I went to see a gastroenterologist because I have feelings bubbling in the stomach. After the tests , told me to try to eliminate milk from my diet. I found it hard to do on my own. I called to ask for a referral , and he would not because I think there is sufficient documentation or whatever that means. He said that to use the resources of the website or try to ask my doctor for a referral. I am paying the nutritionist, which is only $ 45 for a session because insurance does not pay for it. I tried to call my doctor, but have gotten the wrong message twice, so I delayed calling again. I tried to go in the almond , soy , coconut milk , but for some strange reason , the forms of pimples around my mouth from it. So, I'm tired of it. Now , I find it difficult to remove the milk, which is difficult to find another alternative, especially when there are days when I crave. In addition , some people question why I am denied a piece of dessert or something that has no milk. I do not need to know my business. Why the doctor gave me a reference? Is there any specific reason ? He recommended that I remove dairy , and has helped , but I have a hard time indeed to remove it.
Doctor won't give pain meds, what can we do?0Amberina2012-09-05 11:24:05
My poor boyfriend has a lot of problems , has severe gout in his feet , he is overweight yw drop him from being as active as it should . He has knee problems and back problems . Finally got the insurance and has to go to the doctor , working in a warehouse and has missed a lot of work because of their health problems . He has been losing weight , but still has trouble walking . Your GP is the kind of doctor who does not believe in pain medication and just as "you need to lose weight " , that's all she says . He has a leg injury and sent him to a dr wound specialist , was asked what he is on pain meds , when he told the specialist doctor will not prescribe any, looked at my boyfriend crazy and said he needs . My boyfriend has this chronic pain , and it's obvious when you see the doctor , he can barely walk and is becoming so depressed about this. Also, my boyfriend 's brother goes to the same doctor, who has severe back problems and was prescribed pain medication for his old doctor , and this doctor did not even give him any . They are not the pill seekers , who need this medicine for the day , makes me so angry to see people who need medicines refused , and see people who abuse them to get any problems. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is more like a rant because I am so angry to see my boyfriend in pain , is there anything I can do ? As I guess " report " that the doctor at the hospital where you work? I am seriously at a loss, my boyfriend can not change doctors either.
Is there any depression pills the doctor can give me while pregnant?1StuartKess2012-08-17 01:32:02
Im in the state in which I'm not really worrying about anything and feel desperate , I need something to keep me strong for my baby, but I can not take the stress anymore, I use to treat my problems out, but I can not even make that the cause I have no money, no job , soon not have auto insurance , im scared when my parents go to work and am home all day with nothing to do , im about to take the liqour , vodka our basement.
First time going to doctor for anxiety..will he give me meds on 1st visit?1traivonn2012-10-17 11:01:34
Since I've noticed ( the last 3 months or less ) , I have all the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder ( GAD ) . I was curious about other / exp . This sea , I 'm going to see this family dr (new dr ) , whom ive never seen it yet, due to the change in my insurance . My question is , since I have yet to see it, even me explain my symptoms of anxiety / problems , I was given a prescription for anxiety on my first visit ? Or do I have to go back or go to another doctor? I tried Xanax before, when I had a panic attack , and really put me at ease . Will you give me Xanax or Valium if you ask me ? I know there are a lot of doctors who are reluctant to take drugs like these , because unfortunately the people who abuse decrease the possibility of others in need . I do not want to put on antidepressants . Just something to take my anxiety whenever I feel like im going to have a panic attack . So again , j / w if this sea I will give anything to be my first visit and I can order the drugs I want?
Can my doctor's staff refuse to give me an appointment to see him because my insurance didn't pay yet?6 ﹏ 1s. Black Tang herbicides? 2012-07-19 02:27:03
I called a appt.and one of his receptionist told me I had to pay at least $ 55. before he was able to see me. I do not pay anything out of pocket because my insurance picks up 20% secondary to my primary ins. is not profitable. I was very upset , but I know my doctor is not to say this. It is the administrator of the new practice of these new standards. Must be something in writing given to patients?
My doctor just gave me a slip to give to my work that says I should be temporarily disabled until 11/20/2007?3Connie2012-09-24 05:45:03
The reason that the doctor gave me the note is due to a knee injury I have. Now my question is this , the injury was not work related so I can collect disability allowances . during this time? ? And how does one do that ? I live in California. If anyone can help me would be greatly appreciated .
Do I have to give my social security number to a doctor, even if I have my valid private insurance card?3gazillion stars r in my sky!!! 2012-08-30 12:29:03
Do I have to give my social security number to a doctor, although I have my private insurance card valid ?

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