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Fake Insurance card for court in ILLINOIS?8Shreya2018-02-05 08:07:43
I was pulled over in May for having 2 different plates on my car. I was given a ticket for no proof of insurance. Do they call your insurance company to varify it is valid and the date it was effective when you go to court?? I know people who have used fake cards and got away with it, but im nervous they now check if its valid since alot of people have been caught as fraud.
Does the illinois traffic court have proof that someone has insurance cause i lost my card?0Chris2012-05-24 22:58:33
I called an agent who agrees to send me a card, but the court is 3 days away and take 4-7 cong lol i was in line with my auto insurance policy to print my car, lists my policy and confirms the payment and the date. Is it valid and if not cut back if my vehicle is insured?
Fake in insurance in court!?04 Y O 5 2012-06-19 18:15:32
Well, basically , I want teh truth .. not what is "ethically correct" . my firend here is convinced that if we need is the insurance card to court to prove he had insurance when he was arrested , the judge has the usual .. the card is very very very real ... only thing is that its " not real " . tells me not to worry cousin the judge will not work security number so all good. Is this true? . custom realize that insurance is fake? you can bribe an insurance agent to get a card with the date of insurance before your ticket ? any comments? thnks
Fake insurance card?2Alberta2012-07-01 22:09:03
I've heard of people making false insurance cards to fool the DMV and get the car registered here in CA? any work for the DMV .. How do away w / this ? It is even checked .
How can i get a fake insurance card online??8Gabrielle2012-04-30 07:42:16
a friend told me I could and I have to get my car registered!
Got hit by another car but he gave me a fake insurance card. what can i do?19Akron Oh2018-05-17 19:47:00
I have your VIN number . If I find the paper plate I can do anything . I think this guy was an immigrant
How to make a fake auto insurance card?0stepahnie2012-07-26 21:41:02
No, not what you think. My father moved to a new neighborhood, and in order for me to get a sticker to let me in the door , I have to show proof of insurance with the direction of new homes. The problem ? Insurance is the name of my mother who lives elsewhere and where does it qualifies to let me in and out of this neighborhood. I have the actual insurance , but I can not change the direction of new housing , because she will not let me .
Can you fake an insurance card or change the date on the one you have?8Taylor2017-11-21 21:25:43
I just faxed before taking the car insurance.My broke, so let the insurance lapse and I was unemployed.
Can i give a fake report card to the insurance company?1V2012-09-02 11:29:02
I changed my report card to show my parents good grades. Now I want my report card to send to the insurance company. I send a fake or what should I do
How old do you have to be to get an Illinois medical card?0LEXI2012-08-28 20:15:03
I have 17 years and I'll be 18 in three months . I really need to see a doctor and my mother says I have no insurance . I really need to get this for me because I can not trust mother.
What is the Illinois penalty for speeding 26 mph over the speed limit? Also, is court supervision available?1tash2012-10-24 10:10:02
I was caught speeding 26 mph over the speed limit in Illinois on the interstate and was wondering what all of my costs would be? Will I be able to receive court supervision? Also, the officer stated that I wouldn't have to appear in court, but I didn't know if I could still just mail my ticket in like other smaller tickets? Lastly, is there any way that I will be able to avoid raising my insurance from this ticket, by doing such things as traffic school? Please help me out. Thanks.
Medical Card in the state of Illinois?0wolf2012-06-18 12:09:20
Has anyone received a letter saying they were denied the temporal coverage of Illinois medical card and still got approved ? I was in the insurance of my father until he left the university after the father of my unborn child was stalking me . Now it is saying I still covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield through the school year until I drop, but with the new law despite the fact that I'm pregnant I'm still covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the card or medical going to kick in? I do not understand what is happening , but it seems that now I have no insurance at all.

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