Is it wise to get a second "gas saver car"? related questions

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Is it wise to get a second "gas saver car"?0muthu2012-07-15 23:14:01
I currently am financing a 2012 Challenger SRT8. I also own a 2009 Charger V6. The question is, should I sell my Carger and put the 13K it's worth in the bank? OR should I use the money to get a second car that's good on gas. Also, the second car will keep the miles low on the Challenger... The drawback of course is paying for the cost of the second car, paying for insurance and registration for the second car. I've heard that those expenses will negate the money I'll save through better gas mileage and keeping the miles off my new car. Your thoughts?
If I want to sell insurance, Who is the best company to work for product wise and commission wise???2Claire2012-06-07 01:54:29
What I have to get licenses . I'm in California
Which is the best car insurance in uk, cost wise and service wise.?1Justine2012-07-03 22:15:02
Top ten insurance companies, revenue wise not premium wise, nunmber of jobs provided. And its revenue on gdp%?0Jacksonb2012-09-16 10:15:05
*total revenue *revenue in gdp% *number of premiums *jobs provided *size of the industry *info related to life and health insurance companies
Get Better Experience With Watt Pro Saver!!0jamevarado2020-11-11 20:53:25
Watt Pro Saver can not only get you fine-tuned for energy efficiency, but they can perform preventative maintenance that saves you on future repairs too. Okay, so this could be the perfect time to justify the purchase of a new television to your spouse. For example, a LED TV is 20-25% more efficient than the typical LCD or plasma. One Clean Technica article claims a 400% difference in energy usage between the most and least efficient 37 inch TVs! Even if you have a newer one, it may not be energy efficient at all. The inductor represents all of the residence’s inductive loads —i.e. Initially, the energy providers ‘shielded the EcoWatt from the general public’. Organizations who want to provide their customers tools to predict home energy consumption can license the Home Energy Saver Application Programming Interfaces . The energy improvement recommendations are drawn from the National Residential Energy Efficiency Measures Database. Buy Now Watt Pro Saver At Reasonable!!!!!  However, if you're someone who's interested in knitting their own clothes in order to save money, you're barking up the wrong tree. I've written in the past about DIY hacks that are legitimately cheap, easy and useful, so I thought I'd go the other way this time. Here are five DIY projects that, unless you're an expert, will likely cost you more money than just shelling out for something store-bought, not to mention bring you all kinds of stress.  
What Are Effuel Fuel Saver Device Work?0effulrt6742021-04-07 03:11:19
Effuel has gotten something such in the market that can successfully assemble the mileage of the vehicle by 30%. This gathers an individual can put to the side to 30% on the fuel cost every month which is an inconceivably genuine arrangement. This insightful contraption is moderate for all people and gets fit over the electrical fuel control unit of the vehicle. The contraption works upon the fuel imbuement game-plan of the vehicle. With the use of the vehicle, chambers in the engine start to wear off and this designs scouring between them when they work. This designs fuel use as the fuel is obliged oil purposes as well. This can't be seen by the fuel control unit itself and this is where Effuel ECO OBD2 comes in. This contraption sees fuel use and helps with offering oil to the chambers at all degree of fuel. Besides, it sees the basic activity of the vehicle subject to the dependably distance it covers and at what speed. As displayed by these subtleties, it makes the fuel control unit to dispatch fuel. Thusly it controls a lot of fuel stream in the engine and recoveries a monster load of fuel from being wasted, hence putting to the side a colossal store of money also. Click Here
How good is ICICI pru Health Saver plan, is it worth it, any advises?0Meroy2012-06-14 16:07:29
Is this worthy of a well , call back? ? thanks
Insta Watt || InstaWatt Energy Saver Device, Price & Official Website0instaonesara2020-11-12 06:36:45
This is a circumspectly and cleverly arranged contraption that can slash down the stream energy being there in the force deftly. It has a part of improving the ordinary force use of a nuclear family and a while later it starts working in like way in an exact way. If you have a more noteworthy house, by then probably, this Insta Watt Energy Saver Electric power saver contraption for home is an ideal alternative for you to be used to have lower proportions of intensity bills toward the month's end. The huge limit of this device is to adjust the voltage of intensity close by changing the current being accessible in it. You need not stress while buying InstaWatt electric saver box as it doesn't consume any force whether or not you would use it close by the usage of ice chests, TV, or constrained air frameworks too. Insta Watt is easy to get You Should Visit on Its official website:
Is it wise to get a motorcycle?2harpreet2012-09-20 07:10:03
Im 19 years old, ive been wanting a bike since i was 8. I figure ill buy a 600cc somptin (mostly a Cbr). Everyone i know keeps telling me im going to kill myself, or ill end up paralyzed. i was in a car accident that i have no idea how i survived, let alone walked away with out a scratch. Im very very very safe when i drive never speed or anything. Are motorcycles as bad as everyone states or just a myth. I just want a bike since gas is cheap as hell, the bike is cheap and insurance is cheaper than a car since i have a flawless record.
Is it wise to sue your employer?3Joan2012-06-30 22:12:02
a television ad features a man wounded in the week after going to sue the company to pay compensation '' and'' changes . in the real world it is advisable to demand and keep the job
Is is wise just having only min car insurance?0MA;IBONGWE2012-08-02 21:36:52
I am 60 with a spotless driving record. Drive only about 20 miles a week and am a homemaker with my husband retired. I live with my son and he takes me where I want to go if asked. I transferred all my property to my son many years ago and own nothing. The vehicle we have is 22 yrs old and I hate putting more $ into it. I plan to sell it. We live on a fixed income now and I was wondering if I got insurance again, would minimum coverage be the way to go? I used to carry 100,000/300,000 limits. Just wondering if anyone can advise me who is knowledgeable.
Would it be wise to Import a car from USA to UK?2Morris2012-08-21 10:50:25
well im going to the U.S. to buy a Delorean , but I want to send it back and Il need to secure and Fiscal ITV and that my insurance to go along with the tax , since its import

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