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Problem solving questions?! Really stuck!!!?2Romaris2017-11-21 21:25:59
1) Belinda managed a small business for a small salary of $65000. At the end of the successful year in which the business made a profit of $185000, she was given a bonus of 2.1% of the profits, What was her bonus and what was her income for the year? 2) Maryanne received a 17.5% holiday loading on four weeks normal wages. find her normal weekly wage if the total four weeks wages and the holiday loading was: a) $3948 B) $4347.50 3) find the net pay if A) gross pay is $840.20 and total deductions is $265.80 B) gross pay is $345.30, tax is $65.45, superannuation is $21.25 & union fees are $3.20 C) Gross pay is $1040.70, superannuation is $58.50, life insurance is $8.15, union fees are $6.15 & tax is $244.70
Math Problem Solving: Loan Request. 10 Points!!?0Delia2012-08-01 22:16:02
I have problems with my last math problem solving of the question ! Whoever gets the correct answer will receive ten points ! . 32) The evaluation of a loan application : Kathy Fields wants to buy a condo for sale $ 95,000. The property tax is $ 1500 per year, and homeowners' insurance is $ 336 per year. Kathy 's gross monthly income is $ 4000. She has 15 monthly payments of $ 135 remaining in his truck. The bank is requesting a 20 % down and is charging 9.5% interest with no points. Your bank will approve a loan that has a total monthly mortgage principal , interest, property taxes and homeowners insurance that is less than or equal to 28 % of their monthly adjusted income. A) Determine the payment. B ) Determine the 28% of their monthly adjusted income. C ) Determine the monthly payment of principal and interest on a loan to 25 years. D ) To determine your total monthly payment , including insurance and property taxes. E ) Is Kathy qualify for the loan ? (Explain ) F ) Determine the amount of first mortgage payment is applied to the principal. G. ) Determine the total amount paid by the condo with a conventional loan to 25 years. (Does not include taxes and homeowners insurance ) H. ) Determine the total interest paid for the loan of 25 years. AH For each question , show all your work, the formulas used , or the procedure used in the calculator ( keystrokes) .
How to get started translating and solving this algebra word problem?0laken2012-09-15 16:00:04
Mr. Monte spent 3 percent of their pay in property taxes , 4 percent was for health insurance , and 10 percent was put in the bank . If the remainder of his annual salary was then $ 30,500 per year , what was your annual salary ?
Write an equation. then solve . use the four-step problem- solving method.?0Nomfundo buthelezi2012-09-04 06:45:01
The national insurance comapany has 12,300 auto insurance accounts last year. This is an increase of 1/4 in recent years the number of counts . How many accounts of the company have done last year ?
Write an equation. than solve. Usethe four step problem solving method.?0MATRIX2012-08-20 00:57:01
The National Insurance Company has 12,300 auto insurance bills this year . This is an increase of 1/4 of the number of accounting recent years . How many accounts of the company have done last year ?
Statistics- Normal distribution problem that I've been stuck on for an hour.?4ineedhelp!2018-11-03 00:25:58
A relay microchip in a telecommunications satellite has a life expectancy that is normally distributed with a mean of 90 months and a standard deviation of 3.1 months . When computer malfunction relay microchip , the satellite is all useless . A large insurance company in London will ensure that the satellite for 50 million dollars. Suppose that the only part of the satellite in question is the microchip . All other components work indefinitely. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( A) How many months must be secured to the satellite by 98 % sure that will last far beyond insurance ? ( Round your answer to the nearest month. ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( B ) If the satellite is insured for 84 months , what is the probability that a malfunction before the end of the insurance coverage ? ( Round your answer to four decimal places . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( C ) If the satellite is insured for 84 months , what is the expected loss for the insurance company ? ( Round your answer to the nearest dollar . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( D ) If the insurance company charges $ 3 million for 84 months of insurance , how much profit the company expects to do? ( Round your answer to the nearest dollar . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please explain how you found your answer! These are tasks for my online statistics course and is the only problem I do not understand.
Problem for which the insurance company might not pay if the patient had provious problem with the sam or a si?0Celine2012-04-30 17:48:37
Can you give an example of an injury or problem for which the insurance company could not pay if the patient had prvious problems with the same or a similar diagnosis ?
I am getting a problem with my motorcycle alarm, it keeps going off. how do i solve the problem?0Tareena-- check my answer please2012-09-29 11:24:02
my insurance insists that I use the alarm , but I can not trust the ' s already begun to annoy neibours . MedlinePlus I had the bike again , is only 14 months old , the alarm was fitted with the bike as part of the deal. MedlinePlus has worked well so far ti'll , MedlinePlus what should I do ? I looked in the manual, I have had to reset ago , now I'm at a loss , but it still happens .
Car got stuck in flood!!?3Bing2012-04-16 16:07:11
I have a Grand Am 2001 8 am yesterday to drive my car got stuck in a flood that was not a great flood , but my car would stop and not start again with all that can be wrong? ? ?
Should I lie to get insurance???? I am stuck!!!?0Barre2012-05-24 02:27:35
I'm so angry! In 2001, I had a stomach ache and I saw my MD , who said he only had the flu , and two weeks later it was worse and I had to have my appendix. Was gangrene. Therefore, misdaignosed me by my MD. I was 21 at the time of Because I was so upset I could not eat much and went from 150 to 135 pounds. My mother took me to a psychiatrist because of the plot that went from being diagnosed by my doctor. The psychiatrist ( I have not seen since 2001) told my mother and me if I diganosed with Aneroxia , that would be covered and my deducatable be lifted. The lowest I have is 135 and I WAS eating . Fastfoward now, I'm 165 pounds and I just turned 30 and my insurance was because of my age. When I asked to switch to a new policy that denied any coverage because my "old " problem with anorexia. I'm so mad! Since I have not seen that since 2001 doc, I try to switch to a different company and not to reveal that even saw the doctor? ?
I'm stuck, what do you think of my claim?2heranda2012-09-13 05:34:04
My car was parked outside and 3 pm someone was in it and is a total loss. I have the police report , however , the guy who hit me is State Farm Insurance and the policy is only $ 15,000 for property damage . My car is worth $ 14,000 , but hit two other cars and are in the same report. So now the insurance has to pay for my car , plus two other cars , and say they can only use the $ 15,000. So now what ? I have full coverage, but my insurance says that if I go through them I have to pay a deductible of $ 1,000. I do not think that is fair, because the accident was not my fault. What are my rights ? What should I do to get my entire $ 14,000 ?
AAA, do they come get you if you get stuck in another state?1Xaviera2012-01-29 05:57:19
I Triple-A Texas. I'm coming home in Connecticut tomorrow and I'm driving all my stuff up there. If you get stuck in, say ... Georgia , they're coming to get me there? or is it just in Texas. It is also effective as soon as order and pay ?

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