Not sure which birth control I should take?

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Asked at 2012-07-15 03:20:02
The " pill" was not really working , I have a crazy schedule and it was difficult to find a good time every day or a place to store it , and I do not like purses and do not usually stay in the same house more than a couple days. I have inserted the nexplanon 3 months ago .. Great at first , no period of one month and a half , but now I had my period for over a month . I have only one accident and health insurance , so I'm not sure what they will cover , but if I continue with this period of constant do not think I'll keep the implant ! I fear that the vaccine works the same way and I do not want a patch or the ring .. You can only return to the pill, but even when I was taking the pill before I had great periods of 5 days. I may consider a pill with less periods, but I have no insurance and I kno these guys expensive

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