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Apple iPhone insurance mistake?0Shadow Of Your Soul$ - Xoide 2012-07-14 09:23:02
A couple months ago I thought my iPhone 4 had been stolen from my handbag so I reported it and claimed on my insurance and got a new one! Problem is it turns out my son had put it in his bedroom under his bed! He's 2! Now I'm worried the police can trace it and think I'm fraudulent! I've taken sim card out! But if I turn it on will I get into trouble?
Something is wrong with my iPhone and I don't have insurance, can apple do something about it?0earinei kconisha2012-09-12 17:45:04
Like it sometimes crashes and reboots itself automatically
Apple Iphone 4s cracked in less than 1 week!?0Alley2012-08-20 18:15:03
Okay so I just barely got my Iphone 4s through sams club cellular service, 1 week later it falls of my bed and hits my friend in his head and cracks the back. IT WAS A 2 FOOT FALL! Anyways, I was wondering what I could do, its a minor crack but still I payed 200 dollars I don't want it looking like that. Also the samsclub guy said that if maybe it had a manufacture defect or I just plain didn't like it or wanted to trade it in for a black version, I could with in a month. I called and another person said other wise, i don't feel like buying insurance for 100 and paying another 50 to get it fixed. What can I do?? I have an app at the apple store tomorrow but im pretty sure they won't do **** for free. please help1!!!
I have heard just of apple's insurance, Is it just the one or are there others that insure iPhone?0Jaan2012-10-18 00:15:02
I 'm buying an iPhone and have heard only Apple insurance .
How to set up an appointment with the apple store for iphone insurance?0Nic2012-07-07 07:13:02
I have my iphone to Sprint a week ago and told me I had to make an appointment with the Apple Store to get insurance because they have not taken that day. What the website I can click to make the appointment ?
My iphone is stuck on the apple! More details inside?1Tevin2012-08-25 16:34:19
My iphone died. I charged the phone and cut it in but was stuck on the apple? What do I do ? Also I have no insurance ! Is there any way I can get a replacement phone from AT & T without breaking my contract! please help! ! Thank you and God bless.
apple id reset, 1-800-436-6070, forgot apple id, forgot apple id password, apple id locked0MathewsMarker2019-04-11 15:46:34
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I had a jailbroken iPhone 4s but I updated the software and it unjailbroke it would Verizon or apple know?0Lizet2012-07-14 13:50:02
The apple or Verizon because I know if I jailbroke my iPhone been running very slow and I have insurance on it and if I knew I had jailbroke then the insurance is canceled
If you have a iPhone 4 and you have insurance on it and it breaks can you get a iPhone 4s ?1Hira2012-09-29 22:22:01
If you have an iPhone 4 and have insurance on it and it breaks you can get an iPhone 4?
Iphone 3G questions and future of iphone?1ayisha2012-08-04 15:45:02
Do you think Apple will release a new iPhone every summer ? What do you think the next few years will have ? I want the 3G, but for sure ? ¿ I can really use a home insurance in any way? ? I want to buy the iPhone has a better camera next year ... : (
How to recover apple id password0sarahwilson20462019-01-29 03:01:18
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