I got pulled over today because the license plates show that the registered owner of the vehicle?

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had a suspended license. as far as i knew they cannot pull you over for that. they are supposed to come up with some kind of crap reason to pull you over. well, the jerk didn't even bother to try. he claims that the law has changed since i heard last. but i think he's full of garbage. i mean really... what if i was NOT the registered owner of the vehicle, just someone who borrowed it? is it fair that he can waste my time like that? i don't really think so. i mean i know that them stupid jerks don't care about my life. but i got totally screwed by another county that suspended my license a week after i got it over a broken taillight (which i don't think should be legal either, as it was NOT a driving violation) and honestly its not like i have any other choice but to drive. i live alone in a town almost 30 miles from where my kids go to daycare, and there isn't something like taxis or busses. I just think its crap that now that they know "who i am" they can just be allowed to do that to me. I have no convictions for operating under the influence or anything. i'm just poor and can't afford the tickets that these jerks keep sticking me with. On top of all of that. it was 85 degrees today and i had to walk to my son's daycares(they go to seperate ones) with no hopes of a ride. and we almost had to walk home from there. So tell me, how is any of that right? should i just stay home and collect welfare like all the other losers are doing because im unfortunate enough to not have a ride to work??
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