Can a non-family member be in a car driven by a permit holder in a leased car owned by the permit holder?

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I know it's a bit specific , but I live in New Jersey and now I have my permit for 6 months (20 years) and New Jersey , Manufacture of car insurance . I am leasing a 2012 Ford Focus and want to drive with my friend. She is 28 years old and has had his driver's license since I was 18 and has its own insurance for your car. My mom is afraid that if my friend is in the car without a family member and if something were to happen , as if I have an accident or something, that would ruin my insurance or something . Anyway my question is that does not go against any insurance policy or contract of any other I have with my Ford dealer to have a non-family member 28 years in my car while I 'm driving with my license I'm renting my car ?
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