How long do you have to change your address on your drivers licence when you move?

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, Prince
Asked at 2012-01-16 14:18:03
I moved a few months ago and still have not changed my address on the license. Neither has my husband . My husband was stopped for speeding last week, and the police told him that if he saw it in that way again, I stopped and given a ticket if your license has not been updated .
Answer1ArmanAnswered at 2012-01-17 19:31:29
In New Jersey 30 days.
Answer2CharlieAnswered at 2012-01-18 05:04:23
In our state is six months , I think.
Answer3EgbertaAnswered at 2012-01-18 06:58:36
Actually I moved from one state to another two years had gone back again moved to another state moved back and spend another three places and changed my mind until they ran out ...... but can be done online or DMV cities and you will not get a ticket to the wrong address .... 30 days is like a normal time for all that you and the car is a money thing and have been advised
Answer4moleAnswered at 2012-01-18 19:02:43
In Florida , you have 10 days to change the address on your driver's license.
Answer5cheese Answered at 2012-01-19 18:21:15
Well .. because it can be done online and totally free these days, there is simply no reason not to do so immediately.

I do not know the correct answer to your question. Sorry.
Answer6NancyAnswered at 2012-01-19 18:25:01
say that within 30 days
Answer7BonnieAnswered at 2012-01-20 07:41:50
For the majority of its 10-30 days ... but actually changes the driver's license so fast?

The DMV is the last place you ever want to go.
Answer8EuniceAnswered at 2012-01-20 12:45:52
30 days in my state, but you can do online that you need a good 3 minutes .
Answer9MicAnswered at 2012-01-20 21:45:14
as long as you want
Answer10Note: Darknet created 277-284... email i Answered at 2012-01-26 07:45:23
I think we only have 30 days to trade , but may differ by state.
Answer11toadAnswered at 2012-01-29 10:41:45
That varies by state , most of the time is 30 days.
Answer12Idleness.Answered at 2012-02-06 11:02:29
In the United Kingdom has to send out the license and its counterpart the day photographic changes direction. DVLA will return a new license within six weeks, but usualy faster .
Answer13boaAnswered at 2012-02-10 17:23:32
30 days
Answer14dormouseAnswered at 2012-02-12 21:33:28
30 days
Answer15(Fara)Answered at 2012-02-24 09:03:25
It varies state to state. Here in NY you just have to fill out a form and mail it in (or do it on the web. ) Your license does not change is only natural that DMV records are updated and the police .
Answer16Shortie Answered at 2012-02-29 22:12:28
Even before possible updated or moved them know I live in Adelaide and do not know what it is for other places, but u should change ur address information or 14 days if you do not have the risk of 2 years in jail or fined $ 3,000
Answer17 terror ♂ salmon → Celadon -Answered at 2012-03-10 01:09:05
is supposed to be changed within 6 weeks .
Answer18 Answered at 2021-02-18 06:35:36

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