Could a insurance broker afford to pay 12,000 a year on school fees? related questions

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Could a insurance broker afford to pay 12,000 a year on school fees?0kb2012-07-11 18:45:02
I don't know how much they earn. Could a professional insurance broker in charge of 2 offices afford that?
My mortgage broker wants to charge these fees, reasonable? San diego, California?0Ingra2012-08-01 11:13:54
I live in San diego and have pre approved by Wells Fargo. However, since the occupancy percentage on the property is low, I have to ask some help from a mortgage broker. He got me a loan, but I think the fees is a bit high. $400 Appraisal fee, $ 15.75 Credit Report $595 Processing fee $975 underwriting fee. $500 Escrow fee. $125 Notary Fee $1100 Title Insurance $3,540 YSP paid to broker 2% estimated closing cost of $ 5,161.75 All these fees based n Loan amount of $ 225,000 (21% down) and interest rate at 4.8% and 15-year fixed. Are the above fees little bit too much or reasonable? Give me your advice and suggestion. Is it gonna be same or better contact other banks as most of the won't approve low occupancy condos ? Will the fee equally the same ? Real estate agent recomended me this mortgage broker. Thanks
Insurance broker school-in training?0lianna2012-08-01 04:11:02
i started a job as a receptioist at an insurance firm. I was asked to take home books to learn to become a Broker.I was told i could make more money as what i am getting now is not that much. how long does it typically take to become a broker with NO insurance lingo and knowledge? is this somehting one could learn not being in school? but hands on job?
Will GEICO raise insurance fees even after someone goes to traffic school?1Myra2012-02-07 22:01:26
I just talked to a lady who works at a driving school to take classes for the reduction of traffic violation points . She told me that not all insurance companies will be generous enough not to increase your insurance rates , even if someone takes kinds of security and makes its points completely reduced . Does anyone know the GEICO policy on this? He GEICO insurance rates increase , even if someone goes to traffic school and your points will reduce altogether?
My 15 year old got into a fight with a 19 year old on the school bus he chipped 2 teeth can i get sued what?1Sandy2012-10-19 13:52:02
about if the 19 yr.old has insurance, what about it happening on school property or my home owners? my son put his hands on first, but the other kid made the first punch
Which of the following most accurately describes the difference between a discount broker and a full-service broker12- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2018-02-05 08:21:06
Which of the following most accurately describes the difference between a discount broker and a full service broker
With regards to life insurance, what are the fees that are deducted from the account (mortality fees, etc)?0Ashaki2012-10-05 14:26:29
I 'm preparing for my exam life insurance , and one of the questions that fees will be deducted from the account . It was a multiple choice , and I remember one of the options are the odds of death , so I hope you can tell me what the others are . Thank you !
Why do life insurance companies discriminate against older people by increasing the monthly fees, every year?1duck2012-05-29 14:40:18
Why we pay more than 50 years of age, a person of 20 years would pay for life insurance , it is totally unfair and have no real reason to do so, except that they can get away with it , despite that is discrimination against older people.
Can a 17 year old afford this car(bmw 850i)?0majenta2012-09-25 18:15:04 this is the car i was looking at. i have some money saved up and my parents said they will help me out too. what i want to know is if i can afford the insurance, maintenance etc. of this car? is it even possible for me to get insurance on this car(since its classified as an exotic)? is it a good first car? is it practical to use this as an everyday car? what is the mileage. is it good considering its a v12? help me no rude answers please.
How can a 17 year old boy afford insurance on a car? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp?9Basilia2018-11-03 00:23:54
I just passed my driving test and, frankly, is useless. because I can not afford insurance ? I was thinking of buying this 1992 Mercedes Benz coupe 2 door 3.0 liter petrol with 120k miles on it. the cost of buying the car is 850 pounds, but insurance is of 18000 pounds. 18K that's right ! ! . what in hell is ******* mother ******* people think of insurance. I tried to go for a car of lesser known , I tried it on me being a second driver and father of being a principal. and even appointments are like 10k? What I can do?
I make a little over 30K a year, can I afford a $300 car note?0electra2012-07-24 01:41:02
My rent is $633 a month. My insurance will be over 150 dollars easy (I'm 21). I spend $50 on Cell and $55 Internet/Cable combined. I've done the math, but I wanted to get some thoughts from the peanut gallery. What do you think? I live alone, but I'm getting a roomie in a few months so that's great. Thoughts? The car is a Toyota Corolla LE 2010 with 30k miles. What say you? Or should I look for another deal?
Can dmv change registration fees after notice of fees has been sent?0Edric2012-05-23 17:58:18
You can change the DMV registration fees after notification of quotas has been sent ?

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