How much does a doctors visit cost in hong kong without insurance? related questions

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How much does a doctors visit cost in hong kong without insurance?0Phillip2012-07-11 06:08:04
What is the approximate cost of visiting a gp in hong kong if you don't have medical insurance?
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How much would a doctors visit cost without insurance? (Ohio)?0 Taiwan2012-05-19 09:39:52
My boyfriend has been in a lot of pain for about a week because of his shoulder. He was able to move in a circle , it shrank. It has a high pain tolerance so its not normal for me to see the pain John Icy Hot and not doing the trick and home treatments are helping more. He has reached where he can not move the arm above his head anymore. My mom is a nurse and mention rotator cuff surgery may be needed . But let's start with a meeting with the doctors we will. Is 21 and not sure what we've been trying our best to avoid visiting doctors Soooo , any help? Thank you !
Is it against the law for doctors office to charge someone with Medicare for a doctors visit?2 ⺌, Y ¨ -2012-10-24 16:18:02
I do not know the answer to this , that's why I'm asking .... My dad has Medicare and went to the doctor and he paid $ 60 in advance and my friend said he is against the law , anyone know if it's anyway ?
Can I get records of every doctors visit?0Hydie2012-07-18 17:44:07
With details of the results from when I was a kid ? I have 21 years. Maybe after 7 years of age. Medical records showing each visit? I had private health insurance if that makes a difference. BlueCross BlueShield.
On average how much is doctors visit with no insurance0Rangoon2012-02-09 07:43:56
On average, the amount that doctors visit uninsured
Neurologist said For me to pay whatever I can fir doctors visit without insurance?1Ava2012-07-10 14:22:02
I told him I was only 75 years, should have said 50? How much do you think the visit would have cost without insurance regularly . ? He looked at my CT scan, no blood tests or anything.
Im pregnant and need my first doctors visit but i dont want my parents to see it on the insurance?0aleena2012-07-16 15:09:02
Im 19 and i dont want to tell my parents yet but if im living under their roof and i go to tje doctors. Will i have to use their health insurance or can i say i dont have one. They have blue cross blue shield and i dont want them getting billed and finding out that way. Or could i say i dont have health insurance and ise medicaid?
Do employers usually fire employees that visit doctors too often (due to the high medical costs )?1Bea2012-05-24 21:55:32
I am originally from Italy and I can not understand how health insurance when it comes to business. When visiting the doctor , not the company you work for also pay for the visit to the doctor and the medical expenses incurred? If so , would not be an employer decides to fire him because of the costs it brings to the company doctor visits , MRIs , MRAs , X-ray , CT scan, etc. .. etc ... ? I'm in my 20s and have recently discovered that I have a couple of pretty serious medical conditions that I have to see doctors for . I am literally afraid that my employer have costly suspect serious medical conditions, and I try to make appointments to avoid suspicion away .... [ Even though I'm supposed to go to doctors now] Do employers generally fire employees who visit doctors too often for fear of medical expenses they will incur ?
Will cigna insurance cover a doctors visit 2 weeks prior to recieving coverage?0eze sleepy2012-06-20 20:27:10
I went to the doctor on day 16 and have not received my CIGNA health insurance until the first. Do you cover again two weeks? It's ridiculous that I'm being charged $ 100 for 5 minutes with the doctor and now I have health insurance, but they said it would not cover that. ¿ I can fight it, or ask them to submit a claim to my insurance now?
At the doctors office they now verify your insurance with your license. Are they suppose to verify every visit?0scrotu 2012-05-28 20:12:46
In the doctors office now verify your insurance with your license. Do they suppose to verify each visit?
How do I turn in a Doctors visit (that doesn't accept insurance) to my insurance?0nesha2012-07-09 10:49:02
I am currently in Suboxone treatment and my clinic does not accept any insurances. Although, they told me that some insurance companies will reimburse the office visit. How do I go about turning this in on my insurance? Should I just contact my insurance company (Blue Cross & Blue Shield) directly?

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