Is my blood sugar okay?

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Hope most of you lovely people know me by now. I am a 46-year-old male who is trying to assess whether I am having any blood sugar related problem.
I tested myself with accucheck blood glucose meter for consecutive three days just before lunch and 2 hours after lunch and the results are as follows:
Before lunch or baseline blood sugar: 103/100/100 mg/dl (first/second/third days)
2 hours after lunch or post prandial blood sugar: 120/103/111 (first/second/third days with respect to the above order)
I have not taken any supplement or any added sugar and normal food for lunch like brown rice, fish curry and vegetable dry.
Kindly help me whether my results are fine.
I do drink two green teas a day plus use cinnamon powder sprinkled over my meals. However, during the test for the past three days I have not used it to know whether I am okay without the use of these
additional stuff.
Your most valuable comments are most welcome.
The reason why I am approchin the yahoo community is because I live in Dubai and do not have medical insurance and the doctors over here charge exhorbitant fees for these test.

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