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What are some good legal sites for resolving Insurance Matters?1대답2012-09-24 15:37:02
I'm trying to resolve a matter of an insurance policy that pays for funeral services and what happens to the rest of politics. Politics is irrevolable , are there alternatives?
What are legal steps to resolving an auto insurance claim?1Dominique2012-09-18 08:20:05
Allstate was supposed to compensate me for X amount of damage done to my car by the driver that had insurance up to 5 large . Note that I did not have insurance with Allstate, but because the driver was at fault , and had a coverage of up to $ 5000, Allstate has agreed to pay me a part of that 5 grand. However, the problem is the at-fault driver is not agree with it demands on the loss of part of Allstate. Whereas, although I deserve more damage because the car is worth more than the amount I compenstated for , yet I decided to " settle for less. " Now, because the driver is delaying the decision to accept the remaining amount of 5 grand , this case / claim is not resolved since 2010. Do not send me to see yet , just because the driver has to accept the offer as well. My theory is that if the driver is fair deal, not my problem . I should not have to wait 2 years just because the driver refuses his offer. I get my part at least. Do I have a legal case against the company for taking too long in this regard? What I can do to solve this?
What are legal steps to resolving an auto insurance claim?0Isaac Martin2012-07-10 08:43:03
Allstate was supposed to compensate me for X amount of damage done to my car by the driver who had insurance upto 5 grand. Notice that I did not have insurance with AllState but that because the driver was at fault, and had coverage of upto $5000, AllState has agreed to pay me a portion of that 5 grand. However, the problem is the driver who was at fault is not agreeing to this and demands more in loss from AllState. Whereas, although, I myself deserve more in damage since the car was worth more than the amount I am being compenstated for, I have still decided to "settle for less." Now because the driver is delaying the decision to accept the remaining amount out of 5 grand, this case/claim has not resolved SINCE 2010. They wouldn't send me check yet only because the driver needs to accept the offer also. My theory is that whether or not the driver finds the offer fair, is none of my problem. I shouldn't have to wait for 2 years only because the driver refuses their offer. I should get my share at least. Do I have a legal case against the company for taking too long in this regards ? What can I do to resolve this ?
Car legal matters?0$IntergalaticHussie$ 2012-03-10 10:50:26
over a year ago we had our car because it paid repository of the principles and tried to load all this money is a long story , but we got a phone call about 2 weeks and they said they made ​​a mistake and not to the money in the mean time he sold the car with our sterio in it and also had baby stuff in the car because in moving from one place to another and the car broke down that's how it all started we had to leave a car shop to fix Does anyone have any idea what we can do we can not go through affored legal stuff oh and my husband asked me if where going to give us money for the car and told us that they contact us and we have not .
What are some good dog health insurance sites?0francine2012-07-21 04:21:02
Aspca have not checked that one out . okay. if you have one , what is your take on it ? Give me other sites that have either worked for you or people you know. Im getting my new dog health insurance . I love my new baby , I miss Jack ( another dog, just slight ), but the best way to overcome the age is to bring in the new ^ ^ or so says my mother.
How to protect yourself when resolving a car accident outside of insurance?1Breanna2012-08-23 03:20:02
I had a traffic accident, totally my fault, and the guy I bumped into, had to pay the excess on his insurance to get his car repaired. He is now claiming that money back from my insurance. We have agreed to drop the insurance claim if I pay him the excess. How can I protect myself from being double charged by him and the insurance company?
How should I go about resolving this accident?0Kimmay2012-09-02 15:45:04
I got into an accident. I am a minor, I was driving with insurance and I don't know what to do. I came to a stop sign at an intersection, put on my left turn signal, stopped looked and seen nothing, so I took my left turn. About 2/3 through my turn a car come up over a small hill to my left and hit my driver's side tire area. I was knocked unconscious and my car spun a few times and his car flipped into a telephone pole. It was around 9:00 at night. I was taken to the hospital for a concussion and minor cuts. The other driver was also taken to another hospital after being cut out of his car. We are now out of the hospital and I had no alcohol or drugs in my blood, but he won't release his medical records. He also won't talk to anyone right now and has a lawyer. Both cars were totaled and towed. His speedometer in his car after being wrecked was stopped at 90 mph. I have 3 witnesses, 2 in a car that he passed seconds prior to the accident and they said he passed them while they were driving the speed limit and he never slowed down and just flew over the hill. The other was behind me when I took my turn and they said I took my turn like I should and they said I stopped and looked. I don't know what to do. Was he able to refuse to have his blood tested for alcohol when he went to the hospital? He also took his car back from the towing lot. Is he allowed to destroy the chip in his car that has the recording of how fast he was going prior to the accident? There were no skid marks at all because he never braked. The hill that was to my left, the one he was traveling on, blocked my vision from ever seeing him. The speed limit was 40 mph. If he wasn't speeding there would have never been an accident. I have never been pulled over for speeding let alone has a speeding ticket. I'm not going through easy time with my life and I struggle with depression very bad, this isn't helping at all. I don't know why I came out without any major injuries but I'm starting to just wish I would have died simply like that. I'm finding it hard to go on. I'm finding out how godless this world is and I'm not even 18 yet. I don't have the motivation to continue. I try to be a good person and this happens to me. Adults never stop insulting teens like me saying all we do is drink and do drugs but why can't they see that adults do it just as much and maybe for once a drunk adult hit a sober teen. I'm done.
Know any good sites/companies that provide Life Insurance Leads?0Corrine2012-08-21 18:00:02
I know these types of sites are not generally known to be reliable , but I was curious if any agent out there have had some luck with one? Mainly interested only in leads of Life . Thanks for any input
Does anyone know any good sites for free divorce paperwork?0Wyeth2012-08-25 08:29:19
I read somewhere ... and I quote .... MedlinePlus " Watch out for websites that want to charge for the divorce papers . You do not have to pay for your documents . Courts often have these documents free for use so should not lead to a payline . The only times that a website may charge if you are asking for help to fill out a form . in this case , be careful to get divorce advice from anyone other than a divorce lawyer State Bar- certified. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus so I'm trying to find something online that you can fill . but the problem is that all the sites I've found things to have custody of the child and health insurance and this and that , but I just need a simple divorce jane . no property and no insurance , no money . MedlinePlus Anyone know any good sites ? especially for abandonment divorce (I have not seen my spouse in seven years ) or annulment
Resolving “Not able to send Emails on AOL” issue:0joshepthomas2018-12-05 22:02:05
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Just buying my first home, me and partner need insurances. recommend any good web sites?2Fitzgeral2012-06-28 01:58:05
Just bought my first house , me and partner needs insurance. recommend good websites ?
What matters most to you when buying auto insurance?1׷PsYcHo-PuNk�� 2012-08-04 06:48:02
What matters most when buying auto insurance ?

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