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Does anyone know how the hiring process is in a state prison? I applied to be a correctional officer at a state prison. I applied online and got a call just a few days later for an interview, so did my sister who applied the same day as me. We went to our interview and turns out they called 40-YES 40- other people. Only about 12-15 of us showed up. Well they gave us a tour of the prison and explained how its operated. We then filled out another application (the first one I filled out was online). It's not like an application I ever filled out because we had to do an application, fill out a W4, forms for verification of employment, beneficiary papers, and we even filled out papers for Insurance with the job. We were also given a packet about the training academy correctional officers have to attend. We were drug tested then they told us our results. Afterwards, we had our interveiw. I got all my questions correct and the interview went great..I mean the Sgt. that interviewed me literally wrote GREAT! at the top of my packet. I also had to give them bank information (either a Voided check or a letterhead with savings account number and bank routing number) Is this process normal? I swear it felt like we already had the job but I'm worried because I haven't heard anything yet and plan to call tomorrow to check on things.

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