Is it discrimination towards average people to offer smart people rewards like discounts on insurance.....? related questions

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Is it discrimination towards average people to offer smart people rewards like discounts on insurance.....?0April2012-07-09 20:26:02
...... lower interest rates on car loans and even grants to state schools (which are tax- financed) ? After all , it would the average person in most need of education and financing simple?
Does high car insurance for young people count as discrimination?0Huberta2012-09-27 10:15:03
I'm an older driver now , but remember what a nightmare it was to get insurance . Extremely expensive compared to a new driver an older age. I know it is about statistics , but how can you judge what the drivers like before I even started driving on their own. MedlinePlus I wrote this that goes into more detail to highlight the issue. MedlinePlus
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I noticed people are writing in about smart step insurance, I am being charged 20 a month and don't want it.0Adrien2012-08-03 00:01:02
Someone called me on the phone and said it was a supplemental life insurance through bank of america for 20.00 per month. I told them no thanks but they somehow are automatically deducting my account each month.
I need a math answer from all smart people.Help.I need to get home to Mississippi while out on Workman's-comp.2kennesha2017-01-04 23:12:58
I live in Beaumont California and I hurt my work out on workmans - comp.My check will be 60 percent of what I gross more I work at Wal - Mart partime supercenter.I make $ 14.20 an hour in the work when injured . I get 60% of my net earnings -mans comp.I told my insurance mutural Liberty compensate my salary as $ well.The other work 14.20 hours a job pays me every two weeks 40 hours. Wal - mart while I pay $ 10.60 part no more than 28 hours a week and pay bi - weekly.I also not confusing , but someone can give me an estimate of the amount of money you receive from this claim Workmans -Comp . Finnally having two weeks off injured and want to see my family for the first time in 3 years.Help summarize this for me please .
Asking for advice about my personal problems from smart people. Baby / transportation / family / depression?0Debra2012-07-13 03:49:02
I am turning twenty july 4th 2012 and my baby boy is due august 16 2012. I have an apartment that is in a different city then where I work. My truck broke down and I have had to stay with my parents and my mother-in-law to be for a couple of months I was going to get a van from my mother in laws firends I paid a hundred dollars you know they where going to help me out I waited over a month for then to drop it off and it never happend now they have to give me my money back. I got a car gifted to me by my Great uncle Glen the problem with the car is it is a stick shift and I am terrified of them I tryed to learn but the damn thing scares me. I am pregnate and I'v been told stress is not good for baby. That car died on me in the middle of the rode because I can't figure out what the thing wants. I found a lady at work who likes stick shift and might be willing to trade me for an old automatic. And I don't like this car because it has no air conditioning and like I said baby just around the corrner. My mother and father where disapointed in my for giving up on my chance to go home. my man has mental disabilities and had to take an extra year of school, he gets a check every month for 400 and I work full time as an overnight stalker Ian wants to get a job but without a vehicle I can't mannage to get help from DVR and his check would stop comming in the check is supposed to go up to 600 a month but the place to take care of that is far away, closer to where we live, but far from where my parents live and my mom does not not want to take me and honestly I have been putting off stuff because I don't want to put all my problems on my parents. I have medical bills they are not that high but I have a lot. I am also still paying car insurance that I owe 300 on and I have not driven a car in months. I want to go on maternity leave I work hard and hate nights id rather take care of my loves check so that I can just get a part time job. so that I can work till I pop pretty much. Well what this realy long question was for was to get a few smart peoples advice on where to start getting my life back really I do not expect much from this, but I am so despreate I feel I have to turn to complet strangers. That is not all my problems but I think that was enough for now.
How much is the average cost of car insurance for two people.?1 gentle into injury つ -2012-05-18 04:21:10
Newly married couple ages 20 and 19. Only car insurance , cheaper if possible. Need a good estimate.
How much does on average do people pay for health insurance?2mallard2012-07-21 00:52:02
I'm doing a debate on weather or not obese people should pay more for health premium or not, but that is not important , what matters is how much the average pay people for health insurance?
What does California offer for health insurance for people with low income?0shaun2012-09-13 06:45:05
I currently live in maine and get maine care. what would be the equivalent in california? and is it hard to get?
When is the health care reform going to offer insurance to all people.?0youssef2012-09-28 02:21:02
I want to get health insurance , but do not know how to get out of an employer . Does anyone know MedlinePlus when reforming health care offers insurance through private companies ? MedlinePlus Can we start getting the benefits now? or should we look ?
What is the average cost of car insurance people pay annually?1Chick-Fool-a 2012-08-12 14:25:02
It's $ 480 annual payment for car insurance a good deal for a vehicle , the driver only ?

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