What happens if you are collecting an annuity......when suddenly, this comes true? related questions

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What happens if you are collecting an annuity......when suddenly, this comes true?1juhi2012-09-01 20:03:03
Is someome collecting unemployment cashing in on insurance or collecting welfare?0Alyonka2012-07-13 16:39:03
I've heard lots of people saying that unemployment benefits are tantamount to collecting welfare. Is it really? Unemployment benefits are paid by employers every week as a part of employee wages. Its an insurance program, just like auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance. If the employer weren't paying into this fund, then they could pay the employee that much more in hourly wage. If I pay $500/ year, or whatever, for auto insurance, am I collecting welfare when I have a wreck? How is one welfare and the other not? Please explain.
A relative has a lifetime annuity from an insurance company. Is the annuity safe?0d2012-07-02 17:16:02
The annuity is 20 or older , from a large insurance company . How secure future payments ? Are secured by cash reserves ?
Difference between present value of ordinary annuity and annuity due?0tabby, she-cat, grimalkin2012-06-02 20:00:20
Difference between the present value of ordinary annuity and annuity due ?
Is it true the more you go to chiropractic the more you get in your settlement is that, true?2Loui2012-03-22 22:23:25
I was in an accident was a 20 chiropractic visits im ready to let go cause im ready to purchase my state , I will that mean more than just run with it our , my bill because without health insurance .
A car hit me from behind after I suddenly stopped?4Barlo2012-10-22 05:37:54
It was not a persecutor who was chasing me down a path of about 5 or 6 feet behind my car . I sped down the anger that you get off , but I saw it accelerate. I figured it was going to start tailgating once again went the speed limit , so that jammed on the brakes and I hit the bumper. I'm not sure what to do now, because he says he does not " going to do nothing" and not clearly defined. He says he's been in enough accidents and whatever. I'm thinking he thinks he should not, because I jammed on the brakes of anger. Is it technically guilt and still hit my bumper and should have been able to react in time, or I have nothing because I jammed on the brakes of anger, it was not an emergency stop or something? I'm thinking about making things easier for us , once we get an estimate from my local auto shop , divide the bill by half since that technically should see how I react . If he still refuses to pay, what should I do ?
Why am I suddenly breaking out?!?0grandall2012-09-30 22:15:03
I've had great skin my entire life . Throughout my teenage years , I had the occasional pimple or blackhead but nothing major . A little over a year I started getting a lot of white heads and large painful pimples . I proactively for a while and my skin improved , then much , much worse . Proctive I left at the end of last summer and in the past 3 months I have beaten their lowest point . Now I have cystic acne ! They usually have at least a small cyst and several " normal" pimples . Cysts are absolutely horrible and badly wounded . Last winter I had one on my forehead that came and went pretty quickly and was not too noticeable , but then only had regular grains . It was more of a red bump , these are large, flat, white on top . Very , very remarkable . I've actually picked up and people looking at them! I do not get that. Why am I suddenly burst into the ge of 21 ? ? MedlinePlus The only things that are different from my life now before my teenage years are : MedlinePlus 1. I've been sober for 15 months. Meth and ritalin was my drug of choice , along with alcohol and marijuana . MedlinePlus 2. Only recently ( bout 2 weeks ago ) stopped receiving my chance deprovera . MedlinePlus I know I should see a dermatologist , and if I had good insurance or the money would. Im saving but until you can afford it , does anyone have any answers? MedlinePlus I'm desperate . I feel so bad every time I look in the mirror . I hate my face ) :
Collecting Unemployment Insurance?0Owe2012-05-26 21:31:33
I got fired from my job 2 years ago. I left the country shortly after due to a family emergency. Now I'm back in the United States and need to know if I can qualify for unemployment insurance in California. Not applicable to unemployment checks and I'm not sure if I can do after 2 years of application and not be out of the country. I know these have been 2 years since I left , but I wonder if I can still charge?
Who would you contact about collecting on my gap insurance?1Maale)2012-04-25 09:20:11
Who do I contact about collecting my insurance difference?
Anyone collecting CA Unemployment and going to school?0Sigrid2012-05-13 22:20:06
Hey. I have been unemployed for a while now , I 'm from CA unemployment benefits . I want to finish my degree part time and only online . I am so depressed that I have not found a job, and I think fill the void in my life is going to school part-time, online only to get a job . Has anyone done this ? I'm not looking for a recycling or a vocation. With job postings, I have the experience , but employers want a bachelor's degree and I have that. I have to finish
I'm currently collecting unemployment and want to go to college?0Kiyoshi Kasume(Help?)2012-07-31 18:31:03
I recently moved from Nj to Pa and lost my job that I had over there. I want to become a firefighter, but still need to go to college and take EMS (Emergency Medical Service) training to become paramedic. Now my question is will New Jersey Department of Unemployment Insurance pay for my school and EMS training or I have to pay for those two from my own pocket?
Who would you contact about collecting on my gap insurance?0 - Convicting bra. [Mr `Fly 2011-12-20 10:45:55

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