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IPhone 4 lock button jammed need help.?0Sara Pleaseee2012-07-08 04:15:01
I have my phone last September I've never fallen, has always taken care of it, but I noticed the usual lock button press down so I can not close it or disable it. I have insurance for your right to give me a new one? And I think my start button is not working because sometimes does not respond to the thrust of an application.
I have an iPhone 4 and my button is going out!?0Sherri2012-07-31 02:43:56
I have an iPhone 4 I don't have insurance on it but the button that brings you back to the home screen is not working correctly. Is there a way I can get this button replaced?
Home button on iphone 4 not working?0Kinnari2012-07-23 09:17:03
yesterday the home button on my iphone 4 stopped working, i took it to the orange shop & they have said i can get it replaced as i have their insurance but i don't really want to change my phone if i don't have to, has anybody else had this problem & resolved it? i was wondering about resetting the phone? the trouble is if i change the phone or reset it i need to keep some of the text messages on there as evidence in my divorce hearing is there anyway i can do this? can anybody help?
Iphone 4 home button problem?0Lynda2012-08-01 20:43:02
i usually have my phone locked, and when i double tap the home button the 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons pop up. but when i try to hit play, nothing happens. Or if a song is playing, and i double tap the home button, it will say that nothing is playing. and it wont allow me to skip a song or replay a song without unlocking my phone and going into the music app. Also if my phone is unlocked, and i double tap the home button, the app selection scroll menu comes up, and those 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons do not work either. Am i having a settings issue here? or is there something wrong with my phone? I do have insurance and a warrante. (The phone is brand new, hasn't been used for more then a month, and the buttons used to work)
Home button not working properly on iPhone 4?0sowmya2012-07-27 18:21:00
Recently the start button on my iPhone did not respond when you click first, always I have to click on it more than once , which is quite annoying. And it's not my fault, I have not been dropped or is near water , so my question is that the apple fix it if they took me to his shop ? It is in the first year warranty + additional insurance that I have opted for . Thank you.
Iphone home button not working from water damage!?!?0edeline2012-10-22 17:57:30
I was watering the plants , the other day and was so surprised by the neighbors dog that part of the pore water for me , in my pocket where my clothes and got into where my phone : | Google Groups MedlinePlus So, long story . My phone in general " seems " well .. but the start button , the most important button on the phone no longer works. I have made an insurance claim , but I do not want to pay
Can a pontiac grandprix fuel cap lock fit a chrysler town and country fuel cap lock?0Alder2012-05-29 19:45:43
Can a Pontiac GrandPrix fuel cap lock fit a Chrysler Town and locking fuel cap country?
Crates fell off truck and struck my car and one got jammed under the wheel.?0 가변명사 2012-10-25 23:45:02
I allowed a coworker to borrow my car ( first mistake , I know) . She was following a truck carrying a load of boxes and packages some of them fell to the road . My friend noticed the boxes were not bound . A couple and one hit my car was stuck under the right front wheel (so badly a person had to pull out as she turned the wheel ) . The truck sped away and was unable to get the license number. Once turned free cash realized baler name on it and proceeded to contact that company. Other than that , my friend does not "know " my car and not a lot of visible damage there took minimal damage . The second I got in and drove away , I knew my front end was damaged [ in my opinion ] ... significantly since the wheel is not flat , it wobbles and seemes to " jump" on bumpy roads , it turns right and streering generally not as "easy " . My car is a kind of performance , front-wheel drive and the front is very sensitive . This car is expensive to repair. I do not really want to report this to my insurance, packing and insurance broker have not decided what they would do or even ask if there were any injuries . I know that the onus but if the incident was reported 1) to secure my first friend , 2) see what kind of offer the rider does, 3) report it to my insurance or 4) , just put in the hands my lawyer? I have full coverage without specific exclusions that I know of , but no idea of covering my friend . Moreover , this would be considered a liability claim for her, if she only covered CA required?
Can anyone tell if I have lock jaw?1tyrane2012-11-05 16:43:02
Three nights ago, I was outside with a friend and tripped over a rusty metal stake in my yard. I have a rather large scrape across the side of my left calf. One of my coworkers told me that I could possibly get lock jaw from it, so I've been freaked out since then. But to make it worse, yesterday I started feeling pain on the right side of my jaw. It has increasingly gotten worse since then, and it is becoming harder to open my mouth and sometimes chew as well. However..... I had two of my wisdom teeth taken out about a year and a half ago on the left side of my mouth, and these same symptoms occurred then as well. So I'm wondering if this is just a coincidence that my other two are bothering me and it isn't lock jaw. I don't have insurance, so I really can't afford going to the doctor to check for sure. I don't feel a whole lot of pain when I check around my teeth themselves, I feel it more in the back of my cheek. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on? I know it's better to go to the doctor, but if anyone can help me out even with some advice, I would be very grateful. Thank you to anyone who responds!
Iphone 3G questions and future of iphone?1ayisha2012-08-04 15:45:02
Do you think Apple will release a new iPhone every summer ? What do you think the next few years will have ? I want the 3G, but for sure ? ¿ I can really use a home insurance in any way? ? I want to buy the iPhone has a better camera next year ... : (
If you have a iPhone 4 and you have insurance on it and it breaks can you get a iPhone 4s ?1Hira2012-09-29 22:22:01
If you have an iPhone 4 and have insurance on it and it breaks you can get an iPhone 4?
I need to get into a "Portable Lock'R"?0Don2012-05-09 06:20:36
I can not find the combination of my safe , I have a friend, because he forgot his code so that if I could see, there are 4 lines up to 9 digits, this is the information printed on the Lock'R Maintain 7300 / Sentry Safe MADE IN USA patents pending Lock'R Portable is a registered trademark of Sentry Group Inc. in Rochester , NY 14625 Please help to get this open, or a way to find the code.

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