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Any hope to get rid of my acne?0sassssy2012-07-07 04:15:02
I've spent the last 4 years of my life struggling with acne, and I'm so tired of it. I tried all antibiotics. I was so close to having Accutaine , but then insurance does not cover it . No way I can pay for it .. and my mom did not care enough to try to get to me. I'm so sick of all my scars and all. Is there any way to resolve without Accutane ? :/
Acne/pimples?! whats the difference, and will a doctor treat either, or just acne?1physical change2012-09-10 20:31:02
I have black heads, white heads, etc. Is that acne, or just pimples? It's obviously hormonal due to my age, but I don't want my doctor to look at me, laugh, and say he's seen worse. (my insurance requires my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist if needed, and he's not the kinda doctor that will just refer me..) so what'd ya say? What's he probably going to prescribe or do..? o.o really confused
Okay my acne is getting progressively worse. Acne problems. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Help.?1rayne2012-08-14 10:27:03
Okay so I used to have PERFECT skin that just glowed, with no acne or anything, and as soon as this summer hit my face just went downhill. I don't have insurance, so a dermatologist is a much avoided option for me right now. i've tried using h20+ products (cleanser and moisturizer and an overnight perfecting peel) didn't help anything at all. I started going outside and tanning which started to clear up my face super nice and give it a nice glow, but I live in las vegas and am super sensitive to the heat and now it's 108 degrees out all week, so that's ruled out. But my skin is just absolutely awful and I'm borderline on my way into a salon and asking the aesthetician to fix me lol. I still have a left over product from when i was like 14-15 called derma doctor ain't misbehavin from sephora, that cleared up my acne and some cera ve moisturizer from my dermatologist (when I had insurance). I started using that. My skin is just awful, there is acne everywhere. I may be freaking out, but I do realize that there is a solution and a way to fix it and I want to know and thought why not try this first. I realize it takes time. There's acne all over my chin and forehead and now starting to go all over my cheeks. I'm 18 years old, and also a model and I have to be in a Paul Mitchell hair show this month and i'd rather not worsen it with foundation and concealer, I exercise about 3 times a week, vegetarian, I eat super healthy (only drink water, eat salad, take a multi vitamin, eat cereal, vegetables, drink v8, eat salmon and nuts, grains). So it's just super un natural to me, being super healthy and seeing that is difficult. So if someone could recommend something that would be absolutely awesome! Also my skin type is sensitive, not dry or oily, just normal but sensitive, I do have a lot of allergies. Also I am on doxycycline hyclate right now, because I have epididymitis, a medicine that is used to clear up acne and my acne is getting worse on it. So anything is much appreciated, thanks for reading.
How do you get acne to go away?0zax2012-10-29 06:45:02
I tried a lot of things . But they do not work . What is something that you know will work. Possibly something to get in a pharmacy or home remedy ? ? ? Because I can not go to a doctor or a cause Dermotologist i have no health insurance . : ( So any ideas? ? ?
Had acne for 8 years. I'm 19 why do I still have it?0sachu2012-10-08 20:45:02
I have had severe acne since I was 11 ! I have 19 now and still is extremely serious . Nothing has worked . I used to go to a dermatologist and nothing worked without control prescribed cream or birth . I have no insurance now . I wonder why I had acne all my life pretty much ...
How to get rid of acne at home?0Alayasia2012-10-16 23:29:14
im sick and tired of acne , many wrong with my insurance so I can not go to the dermis , what I can do at home to get rid of acne and scars ?
Acne question please help!!!?0fatma2012-07-09 19:23:03
I Have a SMALL tiny rolling scar on my nose from a pimple that just heald. I have no insurance so i cannot go to a dermatologist. Will it go away? Are there any creams or treatments I can use?"
ACNE question please help!!!?1LOKAA2012-10-11 14:20:02
I have a small rolling small scar on the nose of a grain that only meshes. I have no insurance, so I can not go to a dermatologist. Will it disappear? Are there any creams or treatments that can use? "
What should i buy for my stupid acne!!!!!!!!?0Odell2012-09-30 03:40:03
Hi! I tried so many things I do not want to go to a derm though I have no health insurance . I tried going to the natural, how to drink green tea every day , bought the pills for acne that are rich in vitamin A and other vitamins , I bought scar cream to help with my acne scars ... the thing is that my acne is not cystic acne ! What you see is mostly small red circles and white heads ... is so rare , it's like my skin is inflamed or something .. I've been struggling a bit , has been in therapy , but quit, ibs developed disordered eating habits , and I'm eating more healthy foods most commonly now , I do not drink soda , im using Alba Botanica acnedote and bought the astringent also worked a little bit , now I'm using alba botanica papaya , as a teenager I never had acne my acne problems started when I was 18 I am now 20 and has become worse than ever been I worked outdoors during the summer, so maybe the sun made ​​worse because my skin was not until two months so I do not know what to do : ( ... hmm .. im not on any medication I stopped taking my medication ibs and iron pills that had for anemia those are the only changes ... Should I wait it out ? I have cystic acne their smaller heads and white bumps .. my acne looks like this , but they are not as large in size and
What is the best treatment for hormonal acne?0Sweet1_2luv 2012-08-02 21:11:52
I know that going to a dermatologist would be the ideal answer but I dont have insurance and I can not afford to pay for treatment without insurance. Im 35 and I cant stand the fact that I get these dreadful breakouts just when my face slowly starts to clear up. Its quite embarrassing and it brings my self esteem down. What can I do? Is there any home remedy treatments or any product recommended. I have tried so many and Im at a loss here. Please help!
Adult acne help? Can't take it anymore ?0sha2012-09-28 12:45:03
I have had severe acne most of my life. I was on accurate as a teen and it went away. Now at 27, it's back, and NOTHING will get rid of it. I was on birth control to get rid of it. Bc did nothing. I don't have health insurance. Anyone have advice?
Would anyone help me for the last of my hope?0rashad2012-07-09 20:48:11
Here is how it will first start. Im going to ask 3favors. First favor is to please forgive me for the long story i have to give and what i will ask for. 2nd favor is to give me the time to read this story/problem of mine. When my dad was little not even before he was any older than a middle schooler , 10years old, his mother attemped to murder him 3times. After he became almost a freshman in highschool he was abandoned and grew up on streets by himself. My mother who decided to marry him was cut off from the family blood line of any inheritance. Our family grew very poor. We started small and gone by. 5years ago and before - My family went through many accidents. My dad with kidney stones. My mom with heart problems and my sister sister with heart murmurs. 4years ago, my sister went through a horrible divorce when a guy she thought she loved had been cheating on her being married to a different woman and left her and her only 4yr old son. She remarried Last year. At the same time last year, I got into one of the worst car accident ever- by a tornado wind and rolled over to the side being carried to ER. It was pretty bad. We are a family with no health insurance. This year- my sister was diagnosed with cancer to make it worse. It caused her to get a miscarriage and ruined her chance to make another family with her new husband. It was hard for me to see her when she first told me after the divorce, "Brother.. my husband.. him.. he left me.. i need you to be like a father for him.. he looks up to you.. please.." Seeing a repitition of my sister's pain and tear and my family member over and over again it brought me to be worn down finally.. as i shared my story to people for the first time.. for help they always said the same thing. - I wouldve never known, expected, or guessed that about you. Our family just hit bankruptcy and both my parents got laid off from work. I cant go to college working, babysitting, and financial issue. It brought me to finally ask ppl for help and support on money, but no where to find. No bank no friend had could give the support. I always believed miracle does not come from begging but from hard work and dedication but what if it still does no good..? I never complained or talked about my hardship of life because i dont want to complain for the fact i should not have any room too, there are much many people more misfortunate people outthere struggling way more and suffering.. so i asked what makes me special to ask and get help? answer is im not. Im not deserving or wortthy for help.. so why i ask for help is to survive.. to survive to even get a glimpse of hope and sake of my dream and love for the people around me.. money is not something i need a lot of.. being a millionaire is not what i wish of.. what i want is a a little sum and help to achieve my life and even the smallest hand to reach to pull me out of this.. So here is my last 3rd favor. Will anyone be willing to help me? Financially? I drop my pride and give it a worth of a shot to ask for help. Here like this, when running out of time with 3weeks left of losing completely everything. Any help is i ask or any ideas to make 5 to 12thousand in three week. I ask for that help. Thank you.

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