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Where to buy sulfur cream for scabies?0mariel2012-07-02 20:02:03
I have no health insurance so I cannot see a Dr and get the prescribed medicated cream. I've read that a sulfur cream can help but I have no idea what a sulfur cream is or where to get it? is it the same stuff I think is for acne on your face?
Scabies for a third time, what do I do?0Wavikz2012-07-16 20:57:03
Ok, so my brother & sister got scabies from their Dad's house and gave it to me when they visited. This is the third time in 8 years this has happened. I have used the cream the doctors give you a couple times already and I thought I remembered something about it could be fatal. So is it safe for me to use again? Plus, I just found out that my insurance ran out and I can't get any. I don't know what to do. I'm pretty sure it's scabies, but I have three different types of bumps/rashes on me right now. I have some that are small hard & itchy, then some that are just flat and red, then some that are raised a bit & red n itchy. I am not sure what's going on. Always seems I catch everything that everyone has. Anyone else had this multiple times & went to doctor? What did they give you after second or third time? Thanks for any help or info.
How can I get rid of my scabies at home?0Pong2012-09-07 00:23:02
I have scabies from a friend and I can not go to the doctor because I have no health insurance . Is there any over the counter treatments to get rid of scabies ? and how much ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus oh , and I know there is a spray that I can use in my car and furniture and stuff to kill scabies also what is called and where I can buy it?
Luxe Bella Cream : Skin Cream Reviews, Side Effects & Cost Where to buy0markeshstark2020-03-04 22:24:00
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Using lice treatment to kill scabies?07th grade2012-09-02 15:45:02
My brother and his girlfriend have a very sick case of mange . It has been going on for a couple of months . She has been to the doctor and got cream , but as not, the infestation continues fair . He does not want to go to the doctor because he has no insurance . What makes this worse is that I'm pregnant with my first child , and I want my brother to be able to relate to his nephew baby when born. So , does anyone know if a lice treatment can be used to kill scabies ? And how go about doing it ?
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Leniva Cream {5 Reasons To Buy These Cream} - More Info Read Here!0JeanMoss2020-03-17 00:13:55
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Raydia Cream : Best Skin Care Cream Ever0migratulaz2020-05-18 02:00:38
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Raydia Skin Cream : Best Skin Care Cream Ever0tanzikular2020-05-19 00:06:36
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Everything You Need To Know About Revita Cream.0colleenbrooks2019-12-27 23:12:54
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Skin Zen Cream0Sharhite2020-04-17 00:56:37
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Where Is The Best Envyus Cream?0skilymills2020-03-09 02:06:48
EnvyUs Cream http://skintone4you.com/envyus-cream-ca/

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